10 Flexible Side Hustles to Work from Home While Building your Business

10 Flexible Side Hustles to Work from Home While Building your Business

In today’s economic landscape, side hustles are becoming the norm. 57 million Americans operate a side business to supplement their main income. Even those who plan to make their side business the main one stay on their jobs a little longer these days. Many who took the alternate route recommend staying on your 9-5 until your business is stable.

Afterall, you don’t want to be cash poor before you business has a fighting chance.

But what if you want to have the best of both worlds? To build your business and bank account without stepping foot in a traditional workplace. The flourishing digital space has made it possible.

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Why you need a Work from Home Side Hustle While Building your Business

Besides the obvious fact that you need to pay the bills, you can also do a lot more with a flexible schedule. On a traditional 9-5, you will spend countless hours on someone else’s clock. Even if you have free time, it’s unlikely you’ll have permission to work on your goals.

Working from home or on your own schedule will help generate income while you start and grow your business. You will also have freedom to arrange your schedule the way you need to. A work from home job is the first small taste of entrepreneurship. When you are ready to fully spread your entrepreneurial wings, you will have discipline to stay on track with responsibilities.

10 Flexible Side Hustles to Work from Home While Building your Business

Best Work From Home Jobs to Have While Building your Business

I’ve been in the position of needing cash flow during business planning and growth phases. From that experience, I learned what jobs worked best and which ones didn’t. I can tell you which ones aren’t worth the time or pay and which side hustles are worth the experience.

Phone jobs weren’t my thing, and they’re also less flexible with scheduling. Choose one of the following job types for the best work-from-home experience while nurturing your business:                                          

1. Freelance Writing/Blogging

Freelance writing is one of the most flexible work from home side hustles. Lots of companies need blogging or web content, so there is always work to do. The variety of industries and niches keeps things interesting and help you learn new things. Barriers to entry are low, but that doesn’t mean you will start off making a ton of money. Good writing skills will help you pay the bills.

You have several options to start your writing career. Marketing companies contract with writers to create content for their clients. Freelance platforms give you a forum to work with clients looking for writers. There’s also the option to find and work directly with your own clients. Contracting with a marketing company or content platform is the quickest, easiest route.

The more lucrative, but lengthier way is to build your own clientele. No matter which path you choose to freelance, start your own blog to build a writing portfolio. It will help you improve your writing skills and get more contracts. You will also need those writing skills as part of your ultimate goal to promote your business. Consider your end goal and write for your life.

2. Social Media or Web Search Evaluator

If you use social media or search engines frequently, you can put that experience to use and make a profit. People actually get paid to analyze activity on social media platforms and search engines. Specific details about the position are confidential, but it’s not hard to catch on if you’re familiar with Facebook and Google.

Most of these positions are part time, which will free up time in your day to work on your grand plan. You can get your side hustle hours done at any time during the day. After that, you’re free to care for family and build your business. This type of work has its pros and cons. One thing to keep in mind is that the contract could end at any time. It depends on the client’s needs.

3. Transcriptionist

Companies seek transcripts for several reasons. The most common demand for transcriptionists are in the medical and legal fields. The podcast boom boosted the need for transcription services too. There are rules for how to transcribe, and it could vary by company. The most important skill you should have is the ability to listen carefully and accurately document what you hear.

The rest is a matter of learning the rules and remembering them over time. Most companies pay by the minute. So. speed and the quality of the recording can determine if the job is worthwhile. Also, remember even though this isn’t a phone job, you may not have a good experience with kids around.

4. Online Tutor

The largest pool of online tutoring jobs are for teaching English as a Second Language (ESL). There’s a high demand to learn the language. So, you will have enough work to keep you busy and pay the bills. Skill level needs for tutoring English depends on the company. Some do not require certifications or teaching experience. Others may request either of these things.

Many students just want to have informal conversation to practice, which doesn’t require any type of training on your end. Age and background of students will vary by company. It’s interesting to speak with them and learn about their culture and lifestyle, so this makes it feel less like work.

Most companies offer a decent hourly or per lesson rate.Common rates fall between $10 and $30 per hour to tutor English students. Some let you set your own rate. If you work with one of these platforms, they will take a percentage of your revenue for helping you gain clients.

5. Chat or Email Customer Service

Many people prefer to do a quick chat to solve problems or get answers to questions. That’s why more companies of all sizes have enabled this feature for customer service. You will do well at chat or email if you enjoy helping people and have good written communication skills. A customer service job like this works with multiple sessions at once. Strong multi-tasking skills will be a plus.

This is a great way to fit in time to work on your business idea. You can research or handle online tasks between helping customers. Making personal phone calls will also be easier since you aren’t doing customer service by phone.

6. Community Moderator

This job is much like the email customer service where you interact with people by text. Most companies need this service for their social media platforms or information forums on their websites. Community moderators monitor, approve and decline posts. They make sure posts are not inappropriate and report activity as necessary. Moderators may also be responsible for answering questions and replying to comments.

To be successful at moderation, you will need to pay attention to detail. This will challenge your flexibility, but it will help you later in your business.

7. Multi-Level Marketing (AKA Network Marketing)

Network marketing isn’t my thing, but many have found success with it. Some even make it into their full time business. The industry has come a long way since plastic storage containers, knives and makeup. Companies offer a wider variety of beauty products, health supplements, jewelry and even shoes. Those items are just a few of the ways to break into multi-level marketing (MLM). There’s also the old, trusty independent insurance agent contract.

If you’re using this work from home side hustle as a means to an end, choose a product or service you enjoy. It will be easier to sell something you like and use. In this business, you’re in control of your schedule.

Flexible Side Hustles to Control your Own Schedule

The next few  aren’t exactly work from home side hustles, but they are flexible. You can set your own schedule and work as much or as little as you want. These gigs have taken off over the last few years and can yield a substantial profit.

8. Driving Service

Use your vehicle to make a profit and work when you want as a driver. With Uber and Lyft rolling out, you don’t have to handle the logistics. All you need to focus on is getting people where they need to go. An app makes it easy to track your rides, use directions and get paid via direct deposit. You can turn your availability on and off as you see fit.

9. Food or Grocery Delivery

If you prefer to deliver food instead of people, you can do that using your vehicle too. This option also gives you control of your schedule and income potential. Some of the same companies offer food delivery. The most important part is that you can manage this in between building your empire. Being a driver will fill in the gaps until business takes off.

10. Data Collection

This has been around for a while, but increasing demand for work from home made it more noticeable. Some data collection is strictly online. Most of it requires visiting a location or store. On this job, you will collect information and pricing from different merchandise.

With some companies, you are an employee instead of an independent contractor. These places will still let you decide when to do your work. You will have a set amount of hours and location to collect data. You can still benefit from arranging your schedule as you need it each week.

Think you’re ready for a work from home lifestyle? Or do you need a side hustle to maintain while growing your business?

Take a look at the list of companies in the link and start applying!

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