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10 Productivity Tips Every Mompreneur Needs to Get More Done

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10 Steps to Being More Productive as a Mompreneur

Most work from home mompreneurs have two things in common. They need tips for work-life balance and productivity.

Running a business from home with a baby or multiple kids can have you spread thin without a strategy.

But with patience, planning, and these productivity tips, mompreneurship will become an easier and more enjoyable journey.

Use these 10 steps to be more productive as a mompreneur.

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Danielle Towner | Entrepreneur + Digital Creative Resources

0 (4s): Dreams are lovely, but they are just dreams, fleeting, femoral, pretty, but dreams do not come true just because you dream them. It’s hard work that makes things happen. It’s hard work that creates change. Shonda Rhimes was right on point about making your dreams reality by putting in the hard work. But what if your work is misdirected? Oftentimes as entrepreneurs, we think that just because we’re busy that we’re operating business. But that busy-ness has to translate in doing business and converting sales.

0 (47s): I want to save you some time. I know how it is to be running around like a chicken with your head cut off. Because naturally as a mom, my life is busy, but I have reshaped my life after learning the proper way to do things, after taking courses, and after redefining things and becoming laser focused. I have learned a way to be more productive and to get more done as a momprenuer and operate business and not just being busy. I want to show you 10 steps to being more productive as a momprenuer and I want to break down the myth about what it really means to do the work.

0 (1m 30s): Everybody talks about. You have to do the work, you have to do the work, but I want to talk about what that really means. Right now a lot of people are into manifesting, manifesting, and affirming and doing your routines. And I’m all for that. I’m all in support of that because it’s proven to be beneficial in the way that you start your day, the way that your day goes, the results you get for goals that you have. And just the overall part of your life, there’s even biblical background. The word talks about how life and death is in the power of your tongue and the words that you speak. And that you openly speak, so I’m in support of manifesting.

0 (2m 12s): But the way that it’s presented, sometimes some people will have you thinking that you can just sit here and speak about things and it just falls into your lap. Like you’re speaking and talking to a genie in a bottle, and they’re giving you all these things, but that’s not the case. So don’t make the mistake. Don’t believe that you can just manifest clients and money into yourself without doing the work. There’s a difference between someone telling you that you don’t have to work at all. And someone telling you that it’s unnecessary or unproductive to work your fingers to the bone. Now, this is one topic that we discuss often in a Bible study group that I’m in.

0 (2m 54s): Jacinda Haines, she used to be the owner of detour fitness. She has a new mission going on. But layered into that, she has a Bible study group. I’m a part of that. And she often talks about how you shouldn’t work yourself crazy and how it goes against the will of God to work your fingers to the bone. Of course, everything that you do should be for the glory of God. And it should be about love and helping people and coming from a loving place. And so of course you should work to bring glory to God’s name and everything that you do should be a part of that. But she doesn’t mean like don’t work and let everything fall into place, but she means that there’s a proper place in time to do everything.

0 (3m 41s): And that we shouldn’t just zone in on work and not give your body rest. Not give everybody the proper self-care time, not give your family the proper time and attention. So that is the perfect example of what it doesn’t mean when we say do the work. And she also talks about probably organizing your life and aligning yourself spiritually so that you don’t constantly have to be on the go and experience that burnout. But we’ve all, I’m sure we’ve all experienced burnout at one time, but I know I have. And during that time where I was telling you that I was busy instead of operating business.

0 (4m 23s): That’s one of the problems that I had was I kept going, going and going and then I experienced burnout and crashed. I wouldn’t even be interested in some of the things that lit up my soul. And some of the things as a creative that I love to do, but here is what the work is. And here are those 10 steps to being more productive as a mompreneur. So number one is recognizing that the work is not running yourself ragged. You need to focus on allocating time and being more productive with the time that you have versus trying to consume every hour of the day and running at lightning speed.

0 (5m 6s): Like you’re racing against everybody else in the world, or like you’re racing against yourself. It’s not a race. So recognizing that you don’t run yourself ragged and that everything takes its time. That’s number one. Number two is need to know what you want, know what you need and know whom you want to serve. That’s a part of narrowing down your focus and identifying those things. So you may have to take a step back if you’re already knee deep in your business, or if you’ve already been operating in business. This happened with me too. I had to take a step back and really think about what are the things that I’m doing that makes me happy.

0 (5m 46s): That helped makes me get excited about helping people. I’m one of those people that some people categorize now, as multi-passionate. I enjoy doing a lot of things. I know how to do a lot of things I learned and catch onto things easily, but that doesn’t mean that we’re supposed to be doing it all. And that doesn’t mean that we’re going to enjoy doing it all all the time. So you may have to take a step back and refocus and think about what it is you really want to do. Also what you need, and that’s what you need from the business side. It could be financial. It could be with the capacity that you have or the time. You could be needing to satisfy those things are you could be at a point where you need something that you’re not able to provide where your clients, and then also what you need for your unique family and your unique role as a mom for that structure.

0 (6m 40s): It could be looking at what you need and shaping your business around that. Because we have to remember where the priorities lie. It’s God, first family second, and career or business, third or last. Some people say last. I mean, that’s how you have to structure your life. And if you’re doing that properly, then God will take care of things and he will provide, he will amplify the efforts that you have. And whom you want to serve. You can’t serve everybody. And if you’re trying to serve everybody, that’s another ingredient for the recipe of burnout. Because you only have so much capacity, even with help in a stand staff.

0 (7m 25s): You only have so much that you can do in a day that doesn’t narrow down your marketing efforts if you’re trying to serve everybody. Most of the time you end up doing what you call the work and actually serving no one, because you’re not concentrating on that specific group of people and speaking directly to them. Just identify, really thinking about that, really looking at who you serve best, and if that fits their needs and wants for your family and for your business. Number three is researching, taking the time to do your research versus going and trying things and trying to wing it.

0 (8m 8s): Now, there is a time and place for testing. And sometime that comes after the research, just to make sure things are going the way they should or if you just want to try something new and see, “I wonder what will happen with this”. But in most things, in most businesses, in most industries, people have already done what you’re trying to do. There’s no reason to try to reinvent it or restructure it, just doing your research on some of the things that I just talked about, what need, who you’re trying to serve, products and services you’re trying to develop. Even content that you’re trying to create. If you take a few minutes, take a day to research it, then that will save you a whole bunch of time, a whole bunch of trouble.

0 (8m 52s): It can save you even redoing are having to refine some things because you did it right the first time. You know, taking that little bit of time, it will help you to be more productive and get more done in less time. Number four is taking a course or getting help from a coach or consultant. Same thing. From the same standpoint of research, but actually working one-on-one or in a group with someone leading you who has already been where you’re trying to go and who has already done what you’re trying to do. So like I said, that’ll shorten some steps for you. That’ll shorten some of the trial and error for you, and that’ll help you to get going and meet your business and financial goals sooner than you would have.

0 (9m 38s): If you had to just test it out for yourself and fail forward. You know how they say fail, and then learn from that mistake and try something else again. You know, just letting somebody who has already done it, walk you through it. It saves time, it saves money and it helps you to operate business productively. And Lord knows, I know all moms and mompreneurs know we could use all the time we can get out of this. So yeah, just investing in yourself and working with someone who’s already done it. Number five would be planning.

0 (10m 18s): And planning, part of the planning is research. But planning, once you’ve got the information in front of you. Once you know what you want, taking time to plan it out yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, by the day. So that’s one of the things that I did at the beginning of the year, taking time to write out my plans for product and service development each month, taking time to write out my sales and marketing plans, taking time each week to write out a list of activities so that when I wake up, I know exactly what I’m supposed to do that day and what needs to get done.

0 (11m 10s): And it may not get done in exact order or at all the right times every day. Every day is not going to go perfectly, especially not when you have family and children to take care of. But you have that plan to go back to, you know, what needs to get done. And if you need to rearrange it within that same week, if you need to put something back, you have everything in front of you have that go-to. And you’re not missing anything. You’re not forgetting things. And it’s a way to remain productive because you have it right there and you can just go down the list versus trying to wing it.

0 (11m 53s): And just saying, “Oh, this is what I need to do today. This is what I used to do today” and getting off track with your goals. When you look at it, your daily activities are just a breakdown of your weekly goals, which are a breakdown of your monthly and a breakdown of your yearly. So that’s all you’re doing is taking those small bite-size steps to get to your overall goal for your business. So planning. Number six is doing. And first of all, we’re talking about the difference between what doing and work really means, but this is the doing part, the doing is going beyond the thinking about or going beyond those distractions feel like you’re doing and you’re not actually doing.

0 (12m 45s): I have been avoiding my personal Facebook, because every time I log on there, I end up getting off track and getting in conversations and seeing ads for things that I like. And that’s cool to do on my downtime. But during business time, that’s not doing. That’s not being productive and working towards the goals that you have. So you need to be actually doing and avoiding those distractions. That’s another reason I keep my notifications off, but the doing is actually getting down to your creating, staying focused on your marketing, building those relationships, telling your story and asking for the sale.

0 (13m 39s): That is the doing. And those are the things that are going to push you closer to your business and financial goals as a mompreneur. If you’re creating, you’re creating your products or your content, or you’re creating by doing the services that you contracted with your clients to do, that’s creating the marketing is actively putting yourself in front of your target market, in front of the right people. The people that you are specifically speaking to and bringing awareness to them and letting them know who you are, what you do and how you can help them solve their problem.

0 (14m 19s): That’s the marketing piece to sum it up. Building relationships is networking again with the right people, not just going on there to small talking, telling jokes. I mean, of course you want to make business fun, but stuff that’s not related to business that you should be doing on your down time. Building relationships, that could be in person or on social media. But again, with the right people who you can connect with and you guys can help each other to reach your goals and who can help you with positioning each other to get in front of the right people who you’re directly speaking to who you can help with the products and services that you offer, building those relationships, telling your story, sharing things that people can relate to and connect to and empathize and sympathize with you on, laugh and be entertained or educated from just telling those stories.

0 (15m 30s): That’s a part of doing the work. It’s a part of the marketing. It’s a part of the building relationships, but telling your story and who you are and why you do what you do. And that helps them to know how they can help because you understand where they are and where they’re coming from and the problem that they may have. And of course, don’t forget to ask for the sale. You got to ask for the sale. Calls to action in unique ways are always a part of your strategy and doing the work, especially in online business. And that’s a part of money generating activity.

0 (16m 11s): And so it’s productive. Number seven, tracking your results. And that is so important, at least on a weekly basis. A lot of people do it. I mean, in different ways, you’ll be doing it every day anyway, but an overall view of all of your analytics, your performance on your ads and your sales and just how all of this is connected. And even your performance on the goals that you have for yourself in the task that you grow down to do every day, tracking your results, that’s productive because that’s where you’re going to see what went good, what went right, what went wrong, and what you’re going to change to improve those results.

0 (16m 58s): Number eight, make adjustments as needed. So that’s just basically recapping what I just said about evaluating your results. Not just saying, “Oh, I didn’t make this goal. Or these numbers don’t look as well as they could have her as well as I wanted them to.” But what are you gonna do? Like, what is your doing? What is you’re doing? What is your plan to do about the results? Whether you’re satisfied with them or not. Are you going to double up and try to do even better than the goal that you have for yourself? Are you going to make those adjustments or change something in your ad or add or take away some of the calls to action.

0 (17m 45s): What are you going to do to make the adjustments to your performance and make it better. Number nine is the work is doing it again. Taking all of these steps one through eight and doing them all over again. Because once you find a system that works, keep doing it until it doesn’t work. So the work doesn’t stop with “Oh, I made it, I met this goal this month, or I met this goal for the quarter or even for the year. ” It continues with doing all these things over again. And lastly, number 10. This is common, but it’s a biggie, especially for mompreneurs.

0 (18m 28s): The work is asking for help. I know we’re so used to taking on the weight of the world as a mom, but in the entrepreneurship world, in order for you to reach your goals, that’s not how it works. That’s not how it’s gonna work. Even solopreneurs, even a single solopreneur, they have help on the backend. Because you’re not the expert at everything, even as a multi-passionate person. And even me as a person who can pretty much learn anything that I want to learn and do it, I have help.

0 (19m 9s): Because it’s not meant for you, like the quickest way to run yourself ragged and work your fingers to the bone and experience burnout is trying to do everything on your own. So it’s things that I really enjoy doing, and I know how to do. And I had to pry my fingers off of it and pass it on to my team on the backend to help me because you just can’t get it all done. And because there are times that my son needs me. There’s times that other people in my family need me. And there’s times that I want to spend doing nothing, or I want to spend with myself.

0 (19m 51s): And if you’re trying to do everything, you won’t have that time and you won’t even have the time to do the things that you can do or you need to do or to just run the operations of your business, because you’ll be trying to do everything and finishing nothing. So as a momprenuer or just anybody but definitely, as a momprenuer, asking for help is definitely the work. So those are the 10. Let’s do a quick recap. The 10 steps to being more productive as a mompreneur, number one is recognizing that the work isn’t running yourself ragged and identifying what work really is.

0 (20m 34s): Number two is knowing what you want, what you need and whom you want to serve. Number three is researching. Number four is taking a course or getting help from consultant or a coach. Number five is planning. I’m an avid, I’m always talking about planning. I’m a planning, fanatic. A plan should come before everything, every activity. Number six is doing, and specifically creating, marketing, building relationships, telling your story and asking for the sale. Number seven is tracking your results. Number eight is making adjustments as needed.

0 (21m 17s): Number nine is doing it again. And number 10 is asking for help. I hope that these 10 steps to being more productive as a mompreneur have been helpful for you. Let me know if you have any questions about these, either in the comments on YouTube, by pressing the record button on Anchor or scrolling down below the transcription on my website and placing them in the comments below that. Also, if you have not had a chance to grab my free digital planner from moms, it’s a Trello version and also a printable version. Or a version that you can just pull up, a PDF version.

0 (21m 57s): If you haven’t had grabbed that, it will help you to break down those activities daily, as I talked to you about earlier in the video. But you can click the link in my bio and you can get that under free stuff on my tree. Thank you guys so much for watching. Thank you for listening. And as I always say, Dream Until your Dreams Come True.

10 Productivity Tips for Mompreneurs to Get Things Done

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