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10 Work from Home Habits to Keep You Motivated

So, you landed your dream career that allows you to work from home. The excitement of managing your hours and avoiding long commutes still seem fresh. But what happens when the excitement wears off? Are you confident you can stay motivated?

What many people do not realize is working from home is tough. It takes a lot of planning and dedication to be productive and motivated in this type of environment.

Work from Home Habits You Should Follow

Below are ten habits that anyone working from home needs to follow. Once you master these habits, you will learn how to be successful while you work from home.

1. Start Your Day Early

Even though you no longer have a morning commute, you still need to set your alarm and get up early. Also, if your office is down the hall, you still need to be at your desk during regular working hours. By doing this, you are setting yourself up for productivity first thing.

But, before you start work, you need to make sure you have showered, eaten breakfast, and gotten dressed. 

Dr. Karen Pine, a psychology professor, says, “People take on the characteristics of the clothes they wear.” According to this statement, you will be less motivated to work if you stay in your pajamas. You will want to lounge around and not get off the couch. To the contrary, you don’t need to wear a suit.  You can sport jeans and a tee shirt like it’s “casual Friday.”

2. Your Bedroom is not Your Office

A quick way to lose motivation, and promote lazy work-from-home ethic, is to work from your bed. Your bedroom is where you sleep. When you associate your bed with work, you will not want to sleep there. It is possible you may stay up longer and disturb others.

You also need to make sure you have a designated work area. Your home office needs to have at least a desk and a chair. Make it cozy and add items that can motivate you, like a picture.

3. Make a Schedule

To be productive and stay motivated, you need to plan a schedule every day. Your schedule needs to include your deadlines but also other activities. These activities include errands, meals, and the gym.

By making a schedule, you know exactly what you need to do and how much time to do it.

4. Reward Yourself

A luxury of working from home is rewarding yourself. Once you complete a task or deliver a project on time, you need to find a way to praise your hard work. When you are the boss, you need to learn to do this on your own. Reward yourself by catching up on your favorite shows or treat yourself to a manicure/pedicure.

The caveat to rewarding yourself is to make sure you keep it to a minimum. Do not reward yourself every day, or you will choose rewards overworking. 

10 Work from Home Habits to Help Keep you Motivated

5. Avoid Social Media Notifications

A big hurdle to overcome when working from home is social media. When not in an office, you have access to the Internet all day. Distractions from social media will change your motivation from business to pleasure. 

To overcome this, you need to turn off notifications from the sites you follow. Pop-ups and dings will pull you away from work. The best way to handle this is to check social media during scheduled breaks.

6. Break-up Your Time 

Another habit that will keep you motivated is scheduling breaks. It is easy to get wrapped up in your workday and not take breaks.  Since you do not have co-workers nearby to pass the time with, you need to get up and step away.

By taking breaks, you give your eyes a rest and loosen up tense muscles. Keep your mind and body fresh by taking several 10-minute breaks throughout the day.

7. Make Time for Small-Talk

As mentioned earlier, when working from home, you do not have co-workers for interaction. Being inside all day can make anyone stir-crazy. The best approach is to go somewhere and talk to someone. Have lunch at a restaurant or hang out at a coffee shop.

If you want more meaningful interactions, you can create a group for people who work from home. This group could be an avenue for support or to bounce around ideas.  You can schedule meetings in new locations each week to keep it fun.

8. The Outdoors is Calling

No one can stay motivated or productive when cooped up indoors all the time. When it is nice outside, relax on the porch or patio. If you don’t have access to an outdoor area, then take your work with you to a place that does. There are parks and other open spaces for you to enjoy some fresh air.

You can also enjoy the outdoors by going for a walk or run. This way, you are getting fresh air, relieving stress, and getting some exercise. The outdoors is your friend. Visit her often.

9. Get Moving

Exercise is another way to stay motivated in a work-from-home environment. When you live where you work, you have access to work all the time. This availability will get stressful. Do not let this availability cause you to become sedentary. Make sure you stay active.

If there isn’t a gym close by, there are lots of home exercise plans available. You can find online health professionals and trainers who offer inexpensive programs. These are some options to ensure you are sweating out that stress.

10. Find a Hobby 

Last, but not least, is to find a hobby. Having a business that you can do from home is exciting and rewarding. But, as mentioned before, your work can consume you when it is available all the time. By getting a hobby, this gives you something to look forward to when your work day is complete. Learn something new or start a fun project.

As you enjoy your work from home lifestyle, you need to make sure you are staying motivated. Being motivated will create a more positive experience to keep you productive.

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