You are currently viewing 5 Self-Care Tips to Empower Busy Mom Entrepreneurs

5 Self-Care Tips to Empower Busy Mom Entrepreneurs

Balancing business and family life goes hand-in-hand with self-care. In order for either area to flourish and prosper, moms must take time for themselves.

A memorable guest from episode 33 returns to share self-care tips just for mompreneurs. And this time, we have a special collaboration in the works!

Chassity Parrish and I are on a mission to help moms build a balanced business and monetize their superpowers.

Listen to this podcast episode to start building a self-care regimen into your schedule.

And don’t forget to grab your Self-Care Checklist and Momz Let’s Reclaim It booklet

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Danielle Towner | Entrepreneur + Digital Creative Resources

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Danielle Towner (12s): Welcome back for another episode of Dreamers Den podcast. And if you’re joining us again, if this isn’t your first time, thank you for coming back. And if you’re here for the first time, I am Danielle Towner of Dream Work Creatives, and I help entrepreneurs build their brand awareness and online presence through content marketing, web consulting, and digital products. And I have a special guest with us today, Chassity Parrish of Roadmap2Balance4momz. She does life coaching and she helps moms to regain their resilience and she helps them to put balance and self care into their everyday regimen.

1 (55s): And we teamed up to help mompreneurs to build a balanced business and monetize their superpowers. So we’ve been working hard on this all month and we’ve been doing a free training on Instagram, a free live training. So if you’re a mom who wants to get in business, or if you’re already a mom entrepreneur, come check us out and learn and let’s learn and grow together. But today our topic of discussion is self-care. Because that’s one of the things that is, it’s a buzz word around, but it’s not one of the things that you really mentioned when we talk about planning for business.

1 (1m 36s): But a lot of us who are starting are growing our businesses, we’re doing it beginning with just us. And so you’re, your businesses most important asset, especially if you’re providing a service and you’re a service-based business or you’re actually hands on with products or services in your business. You’re an important asset. So you have to take care of yourself, but self care goes even deeper than , what the word says. The word self-care is self explanatory, but it’s even deeper than that. So I wanted to bring Chassity on to talk about her experiences with self care, some of the things that she teaches or some of the important tips and also giving a more in depth explanation of self-care.

1 (2m 28s): So thanks for joining us Chassity.

Chassity Parrish (2m 31s): Thank you for having me. I’m so excited to be on. I’m so excited to be a guest, and I’m so excited that we are collaborating together. You have been great to work with, and I’m so excited that I’ve been able to even use, you know, use some of your services. And so, yeah.

Danielle (2m 48s): I was just gonna say, I feel the same way about it. I’m excited about what we put together and also where it’s going beyond that.

Chassity (2m 57s): Yes. Yes. I’m very excited. And so I, you know, for self-care self-care is really personable for me. And this kind of helped me with launching my business. It’s something personable and it kinda started with just me losing myself. When I got married and started having children. Although I had a child before I got married, but when I got married, I had more children. And so I kind of lost myself and I wasn’t taking care of myself mentally, physically, spiritually, psychologically. And it just kind of took a toll on my body. It took a toll on my relationship with my friends,

2 (3m 39s): It took a toll on my relationship with my children, and it took the toll on relationship with my spouse. And just everything in general and I just wasn’t doing anything. I didn’t want to hang out with my friends hardly. I just really didn’t want to do anything. And so when I realized that it was affecting my health and everything I just was like I need to start taking care of myself. I need to start getting myself back on track. And it really just started with, with a spiritual thing. I started praying, I started like spending time with God. And that kind of helped me to realize that, hey, I got to start taking care of myself. I’ve got to start putting myself first. And so with that being said, fast forward a little bit.

2 (4m 19s): I want to define self care. For me, I think self care is really just like listening to your body, becoming one with yourself, taking care of your mental physical, spiritual, psychological. And you want to really get something out of it, like enjoying something. It has to be something joyful, something that brings you joy, something that makes you feel good about yourself. And just being able to recognize when your body needs self care itself. You know, we can always, get our hair done, get our nails done, get our feet done, pamper ourselves and different things like that. But to me, that’s something, that’s an instant gratification method, which is okay to do, because I do it too.

2 (5m 1s): I get my hair done. I don’t get my nails done because I used to do that. But I get my feet done and different things like that. But that’s just, that’s an outward thing. But I think you want to take care of the inward first and then move outward, right? Because we want to love ourselves within. We want to know our self-worth. We just want to know that we matter. You get what I’m saying? And so taking care of your inward self, it’ll reflect on the outside. And so a lot of times when people are not taking care of their inner self, it’ll it’ll show. It’ll definitely show, cause it’ll show on the outside. You can cover it and facade it by putting on makeup and different things like that. But eventually it’ll all come out cause it’ll start showing.

Danielle (5m 41s): Right

Chassity (5m 41s): It’ll it’ll show through what you eat, show through your pores. It’ll show in how you dress. It’ll just come out. It’ll show one way or the other. And so, , it’s just personal personable for me. And it birthed me wanting to coach moms, and wanting to mentor moms on taking care of themselves and put self-care first and even coaching young girls and coaching my daughters on self-care. So, I even, I coached them. I talk to them about self-care. They’re doing self care now, so that when they do become moms, young adults, going to college, different things like that, they’ll already have that boundary in place where they’re putting themselves first.

1 (6m 20s): Right. That’s awesome. So what would you say self-care has meant to you as a mompreneur?

2 (6m 30s): Okay. So for that, I really think self care has really has meant everything for me and my family and my business. It has meant everything. I’m much more calmer. I can focus more. I’m more in the moment. I mean, when I’m working on a particular project for my business or whether I’m spending time with my family, I’m able to forgive myself for not completing the task for that particular day. I don’t get like so upset if I don’t get that task done, I can just be like, “okay, well I’ll move it to the next day. It’s no big deal.” And I’ve also learned to set boundaries, like not saying yes to something that does not match up with my purpose or with my business. Or that, I’m not so open to shiny objects, like shiny things on Instagram.

2 (7m 17s): So if I see something that somebody else is doing, and then they have a lot of followers or something like that, and I’m like, “Oh, I need to do what they’re doing.” It doesn’t mean nothing to me because I’m like, it’s about quality, not quantity. It’s really not about that. And then I have a supporting network of family and friends that means a lot to me. And they believe in my vision, they believe in my purpose. And then it also means, you know, delegating, automating and allowing others to help you and not being afraid to ask for help. I used to be so afraid to ask for help. Cause I felt like it meant that I was a weak or like I wasn’t a good mom or anything like that. But I had to get over the mom guilt.

2 (7m 58s): I had to let go of that mom cape and say, “you know what? It’s okay to ask for help.” It’s okay for me to say, “you know what, Danielle, I need you to help me with this” and be like, you know, “I need help. I need help. I don’t know how to do it. Like, that’s not my, that’s not my specialty. That’s not my expertise, Danielle. I need you to help me.” I had to learn it.

1 (8m 19s): You brought up some really great points, especially like what you said about not feeling guilty about when you don’t complete something or not taking on something that you know you’re not passionate about. Cause as entrepreneurs, we’re naturally wired to want to help people. If that’s not there, then you’re probably not going to be successful as an entrepreneur. And so sometimes, we may feel guilty about wanting to tell somebody no,. But we, like you said, you know you’re not passionate about it or you know, that you just don’t want to do it or you just can’t.

1 (9m 2s): You can’t do it. You physically don’t have the time or the energy to do it. And so that’s important that through the self-care strategies that you have, that you’re able to recognize that. All of the things that you just said, I’ve had experience with that too. Even the shiny object syndrome and seeing, “okay, oh they’ve made no gazillions of sales doing it this way. So maybe I should try it this way. And then you jump off ship of what you’re already doing when you’re on track to win if you just keep going.

Chassity (9m 35s): Yeah.

Danielle (9m 35s): So I think all of those are important. And when you think about the word self-care and the results from it and how it helps you, you don’t really think about those things. But those are some really important points.

Chassity (9m 53s): I totally agree.

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1 (11m 17s): So how can other business moms, how would you say, what would be some of the steps to helping them add a self-care regimen to their schedule?

2 (11m 31s): That’s a great question. I would say first, they would need to define what makes them happy or centered. Like they would need to define, for example like I know for me, I like to garden. That’s just something I love to do. And I know that’s something you probably, you really can’t do year round because gardening is kind of like, depending on season, depending on what you’re trying to plant or grow, what you can do. So it just kind of depends. So I like the garden or it could be journaling. I know, I like to journal. I like to listen to worship music. That kind of helps me feel centered. So you gotta really figure out for you, what makes you feel centered?

2 (12m 11s): What makes you feel happy? And that’s one of the first things I would say. And then you want to determine how to add those things into your schedule. So for example, I like to journal. So for me, I started out, in the beginning I started out journaling like maybe once a week for five minutes. So you gotta break it down like that. You want to break it down really small. Because if you set yourself up to say, “okay, I’m going to journal every single day for 30 minutes a day.” That’s impossible. You’re setting yourself up to fail. It’s not a win-win because you’re setting your standards too high. You want to set small goals.

2 (12m 51s): So that way you’ll get to where you want to be. So then, that was my third point, set small goals, set mini goals. And then, keep it on your schedule. Keep it on your schedule. Keep it on your schedule. Because if you keep it on your schedule, it’ll become a habit. It’ll be consistent, it’ll become a habit, and then it will become a lifestyle. And then, if it’s not working out. Like if it’s something that is not working for you, switch it up. Switch it up, but keep it going and keep it on your schedule. And then soon, eventually, it’ll become a habit. And then, it’ll become a lifestyle. So, like I said, you want to find something that works for you that makes you happy, makes you feel centered.

2 (13m 32s): Add it to your schedule, and can make it something small that you can stick to. And then eventually, increase it if it’s working for you. And then, keep it going. And then, it’ll become a habit and then a lifestyle.

Danielle (13m 49s): So is it possible to do self care activities with others? Or is that something that you should do alone? How does that work?

2 (14m 3s): I honestly, I think it all depends on what you’re looking for. However, personally, I think it’s important to take time for yourself because you need the time to rejuvenate. In my opinion, you cannot serve others on an empty tank. You cannot give what you don’t have. I mean, and personally, I always take time alone. I need it. I have to do it. because I realized that whenever I was serving my family, my friends, my extended family. I totally forgot to take care of myself. And I crashed. I really crashed.

2 (14m 44s): I honestly crashed. My body just like gave out on me.

Danielle (14m 47s): Like I can’t do anymore.

Chassity (14m 49s): Yeah, yeah. And you don’t want to do that. So, it’s best for you to take time for yourself. And the only time that I didn’t take time to myself is whenever I would take a trip with my girlfriends. Or if me and my husband were taking a trip together. Or if we were taking like family vacations, different things like that. But other than that, you definitely want to take some time to yourself.

Danielle (15m 10s): Okay.

Chassity (15m 11s): That’s just my recommendation.

Danielle (15m 13s): Gotcha. So what would you say is your top self-care tip that you would give to a mom who is, she may just be a mom now, but she’s going in the direction of becoming an entrepreneur. That’s something that maybe she’s in the planning phases of it. So what would you say would be your top self-care tip for someone like that?

2 (15m 41s): You know, I will say because of my experience, I would say the top self-care tip that I could give to a mom is to develop your self care routine now. So that it becomes a habit and your habit could becomes turns into a lifestyle. Because then you’re fully committed to becoming the best version of yourself. Because if you’re thinking about becoming a mompreneur, an entrepreneur or whatever. And you already have your self care routine in place, so whenever you do start to become a mompreneur or entrepreneur, you already have that self-care regimen in place. And so it’s going to be, easy to maneuver into that business lifestyle because you’re already taking care of yourself.

2 (16m 27s): So you’re really not gonna, like, you’re gonna feel the business side piece come in, but you’re not gonna lose out on the self care piece because it’ll already be there. You may have to maneuver some things. You may not be able to work out for that two hours that you was already doing. You may have to make it smaller and say, “okay, I’m gonna work out for like 30 minutes, three times a week versus working out for two hours three times a week.” That makes sense? So you may have to dial that back a little bit, but you will already have that consistency and you already will have that, it’ll be a pattern.

Danielle (17m 3s): Yeah. I think that’s important. My mind kind of went like opposite. Like I was the entrepreneur first. So I guess in that time I had ways of balancing and I just did it anyway because I didn’t, like I was telling you before, I didn’t have a daily schedule. So I just did things how I wanted when I wanted it. So I had my self-care time and then I worked on the business. And then the baby came and everything just got scattered all together and self care went out the window at that time.

Danielle (17m 44s): So I think it’s important

1 (17m 45s): what you’re saying, if you have the opportunity to already a habit of that. Then, it works out better because it’s like, you can make your plans and then plug in the certain things in certain areas with business activity and self care. Versus getting burn out and then saying, “okay, you know what? I need to take here myself.”

Chassity (18m 15s): Perfect. Totally agree.

Danielle (18m 16s): Yeah. So if you have an opportunity, which you do if you’re just starting, it is important to go ahead and have that in mind when you’re making out your schedule of activities.

1 (18m 32s): So what services, tell us about your life coaching and the services that you provide to help moms with their self care regimen?

Chassity (18m 46s): Yes, definitely. So I provide life coaching services to moms where I coach moms. I empower them and I assist them to dig deep within themselves to develop an individual roadmap, where they can develop and define balance within themselves, and where they find self care, and they make self care as a priority. So basically, you’ll be coming up with the individual plan for yourself to where you’re creating a self care plan. And so that’s what we’ll work on. Cause I think that every mom will have a different plan. Nobody will have the same plan because your household size is different.

2 (19m 30s): Your family structure is different. And you may be a single parent. You may be a blended family. You may be a family size where you may have an adopted family. You may be a family size where you’re taking care of your parents. Your parents may be elderly care. It could be all types of sorts of different types of family structures, where you are looking for self care. I mean, it’s different moms that I’ve had that I’ve come in contact with, that I’ve been talking to and they have all different types of family structures. And they’re working on self care and they’re struggling with trying to find self care.

2 (20m 15s): We’re going through that consistently, consistently. Because they’re working on it and then they may fall off. And that’s okay, because that’s a part of it. You may fall off, but it’s about recognizing it and being able to get back on board. Because it’s never going to be perfect. But when you recognize it and say, “hey, I’m falling off. I need to get back on.” That’s the part of it. And that’s where I failed at. I didn’t even recognize it. I just fell. I like literally fell. My body did. My body fell. You know what I mean? So like, when you can recognize it, that’s huge.

2 (20m 56s): That’s brave. So, yeah. And then I also provide mentoring to moms. I help moms develop mental, physical, and spiritual stamina through guidance and motivation, emotional support. We identify resources to help them evolve and transform their habits into healthy habits. And so, my mission is just to encourage, teach and empower moms to become the very best version of themselves. And that’s really what it is because we go through all different types of situations in life. And I just really have a passion for moms in regards to self care and different things that we go through, different struggles that we go through.

2 (21m 40s): And I just really want to help moms. Cause I’ve been through a lot of different situations, a lot of different scenarios. And I feel like I have a lot to offer. I have my education that I have and I have the actual experience, the practical experience too. So I have both. So, yeah.

Danielle (22m 2s): Awesome. Well, if you want to work with Chassity, You can go to her website it’s Roadmap2Balance4Momz, and I’ll let her spell that out for you.

Chassity (22m 15s): Yes. It’s road map for moms. The four is the number 4 momz. Roadmap 2 Balance. I’m sorry, let me say that again. Road map to balance the number two balance for the number four moms with a Z and you can reach me there and you can also reach me on Instagram and Facebook at roadmap2balance4momz. So everything is roadmap2balance4momz. You can see it right there too.

Danielle (22m 47s): Yeah. Awesome.

Chassity (22m 48s): So you can reach me there. It’s dot com and Instagram and Facebook as well. And then you can also email me.

Danielle (22m 55s): I love that picture back there too.

Chassity (22m 58s): Thank you. Yeah. That’s, that’s really how it is. You’re breathing through. You know, you’re breathing through daily challenges and it’s what it is. We’re pivoting every day. Yeah. Danielle

(23m 15s): And also Chassity has a free self-care checklist. So if you’re looking to get some basic ideas of where to get started with your self-care, you can grab her self-care checklist and stimulate some of those ideas. And she also has a Momz, Let’s Reclaim It booklet that goes along with that. And I will put a link in the comments so that you can get that. It’s free and that’ll get you started. So if you have any questions for either one of us, you can post those in the comments. If you are listening from my website or from YouTube, you can post that in the comments. Or if you’re listening from Anchor, you can press the record button and you can record those questions, and then we will get those and get back to you.

1 (24m 5s): But other than that, thank you so much for listening and for going along with us on this journey. Check us out on Instagram, come to one of the live streams and we will talk to you guys again soon. And as I always say, Dream Until your Dreams Come True. 0

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5 Self-Care Tips to Empower Mom Entrepreneurs

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