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7 Easy Meeting Day Natural Hairstyles to Rock Like a Boss

When you’re working from home or even closed off in your public office, your curls get to do their own thing.

That is until meeting day.

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One of the beauties of self-employment and working from home is freedom to resist conforming to corporate policies. But even while exercising your rights, booking some clients may require you to dress to impress — lioness mane included.

Curly hair doesn’t always cooperate with last minute styling either.

What’s a natural girl to do?

The easiest response to roll off the tongue is a good-old flat ironing, but that takes time. Depending on your meeting frequency — monthly, weekly, a few days a week — you could be working overtime just on your hair.

Plus, who wants to always burn their natural curls into bone-straight submission?

The natural alternative to heat styling curly hair

The good news about naturally curly hair, is that it’s very flexible. You can have a different heart emoji worthy style each week. Sans the fried, dyed and laid to the side look. Have fun playing around with these styles while owning the room on meeting day.

7 Easy Meeting Day Natural Hairstyles to Rock Like a Boss

Meeting Day Natural Hairstyle 1: High bun

This simple style is a regular among those in the natural hair community. It’s suitable for nearly all activities or occasions, even the office.

An added bonus is that the high bun is also a protective style. You can wear it for a few days without having to manipulate your hair over again.

Use a small amount of pomade or gel to smooth down flyaways and have sleek edges. When you’re ready for a new style, wash out products that give a firm hold.


Meeting Day Natural Hairstyle 2: Low bun

Low buns aren’t just for ballerinas. They work well for other bosses too.

This style is just the reverse of the high bun, with the hair gathered closer to the nape of the neck.

Flaunt your high bun when you’re feel like adding some playful spice to your overall business look. Reserve to the low bun on days you want to show that you mean business.

Meeting Day Natural Hairstyle 3: Goddess Braid

Also known as the Crown Braid or the Halo Braid. There are countless versions of this hairstyle and you can put your own twist on it too.

Some like to leave a few loose strands in the front or back. If your hair is thick, you may even want to combine multiple sections of braids.

Either way, the goddess braid is a meeting day natural hairstyle that’s quick and easy to achieve.

Meeting Day Natural Hairstyle 4: Smooth, Loose Curls

7 Easy Meeting Day Natural Hairstyles to Rock Like a Boss

Okay, so all the bundling, pulling-up or tying down may have you feeling like your curls are in bondage. In that case, just rock ‘em.

You can do this with a wash and go or use tools to get more length and longer wear.

Twists outs have been my A-1 for years — almost since the beginning of my natural hair journey. They allow me to wear my curls, but help preserve the moisture, shine and length.

When I wear twist outs, I don’t have to restyle as often as I would with an ordinary wash and go. They still make my curls look amazing and create waves at the crown section with looser curls.

For a modified curly style, you will need to use some form of roller, rod or technique. I’ve gotten the best results from Curlformers, flexirods or Bantu knots. 

I used curlformer to create the rod set in the first image. Feel free to repin it on Pinterest.

Each of these tools also result in stretched styles with your hair in a longer, smoother state. It’s the perfect way to prep your hair for the next natural hair meeting day style.

Meeting Day Natural Hairstyle 5: Updo or Pump (think Janelle Monáe)


Not the pump we used to see women sporting in the early 90s, or at least not exactly. These styles are inspired from that era and those prior. After all, nothing under the sun is new right?

Like the Goddess braid, there are multiple versions of updos and pompadours. You will also find yourself making this style your own. Updos are definitely an office-worthy look, especially with the right accessories.

I have to admit, a lot of the pumps and updos take some skills. These take practice for me to nail them. It’s still a quick style if you are detail oriented and good with your hands

Meeting Day Natural Hairstyle 6: Low Puff

The low puff allows you to strut your natural curls with a tamed look. The hair falls on the lower neck like with a low bun. Add a part on either side to make it less rigid and more stylish.

Work your favorite curl cream through the hair before smoothing it into a band. Gel, pomade and edge control will give the low puff style a more polished appearance.

You can maintain this style by keeping your roots smooth and your curls moisturized. Spritz your curls with water, massage in a dime to quarter-size amount of oil and top it off with a bit more curl cream or moisturizer.

Meeting Day Natural Hairstyle 7: Finger Coils

You might find a natural hair tutorial for this style under comb twists. It depends on the method you want to use. The technique also depends on your end goal for the style.

Some like to wear a finger coil out after a few days.

Get this look by taking the twists down to reveal what looks similar to spiral curls, small rods or straw curls.

I’ve found that using the comb gives you a tighter twist that lasts longer. Using the finger tends to give a looser more rod-like appearance.

From teeny weeny Afro (TWA) to bra strap length hair, nearly any hair type and size can pull off this style. I like the look best on a tapered or layered natural hair. For instance, the Deva cut would really do this style justice.

Live your best business life with these naturally curly hairstyles for the office

These are just the basics of what you can do for your meeting day natural hairstyle. Master a few of the styles on this list. After that, you’ll be excited to explore a few ideas of your own.

Do you have a go-to natural hairstyle for meeting days?

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