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7 Simple Reasons your Email Marketing Isn’t Making you Money

It’s no secret that email marketing is one of the top ways to make money from your online business. Email sales not only have a 38% return on investment, but they also have a higher conversion rate than using any combination of social media platforms. 

And one of the reasons for this is because no almighty algorithm is there to hold back your exposure for a fee. All you have to do is make sure your readers add you to their contacts so you don’t land in spam land, never to be seen again.

So needless to say, email marketing is an easy way to grow your following, increase exposure, and gain clients that will support you over and over again. 

But there’s a method to getting email outreach right. 

If you have a growing email list, it’s because you’ve put in work. You’re adding value through content that teaches or entertains, you created a lead magnet that your audience can’t wait to get their hands on, and you have taken the steps to build a landing page that converts.

What a waste it would be to have your audience never open your email or even worse. What’s worse? Sending them high tailing it to the unsubscribe button because you didn’t use the right email formula to keep them. 

So, if this sounds like your struggle, keep reading so we can get you off that bus and onto the money train. 

Here are seven reasons you don’t have an engaged email audience who’s ready to buy:

1. You’re Only Sending Product And Service Promotions

If you approach your email list with a “buy from me” mentality, the opposite of that is exactly what you’ll get. Even an e-commerce business shouldn’t just pump out sales content.

I’ve said it once or twice and I’ll say it again. People want to work with those they know, like and trust. And that kind of relationship takes more than a discount, my friend. 

Do this instead: 

Your non-promotional content should take up a larger percentage than sales content — unless you find a magical way to work in a call-to-action without being salesy. A healthy mix of email content will be a variety of engaging, informative, inspirational, motivational and promotional.

This episode of Dreamer’s Den Podcast will tell you what to talk about in your emails to build those relationships and make sales. 

2. You’re Using the Wrong Email Subject Lines

You’re not the only one fighting  your audience’s attention. You’re probably one in at least a thousand. I’ve actually had jaw dropping moments from seeing the number on the envelope of my friends’ home screens. I couldn’t believe they could let their emails pile up to triple digits. But now I’m fighting every day not to join the club.

I said that to say this; you have to work smart to get those emails open. Which means you better make your subject good. Don’t be stuffy, but don’t be spammy.

Most people decide whether they will open an email (now or later) or trash it just by looking at the subject. And that’s after spam filters have decided whether or not your email is worthy of their review. It’s like getting a physical piece of mail and looking in that little window to decide if it’s junk, a bill, a good sale or some surprise cash from your favorite auntie. 

Do you want to make it through the email screening?

Do this instead:

Create catchy, spam free titles that make readers want to know more about what you’re talking about. You can make your email subject lines in the form of a question, personalize them, or use emojis and trendy phrases. Be clear in what they can expect to find, but make it exciting and create anticipation. 

For example, when I launched an apparel line for entrepreneurs on my birthday, I gave a discount code to my subscribers. The subject line wasn’t just about my t-shirts. It was: “Here’s a Gift for My Birthday”.

Nailing your subject line could take some trial and error, but there are tools for that. The Coschedule Subject Line Tester will let you know how strong your subject line is. And you can also use your email platform’s A/B test to try two different subject lines and see which performs best.

3. You’re Not Being Consistent with Email Marketing

I can tell you inconsistency is a problem because it’s something I’ve had to work on with my email. Part of building that trust factor that we discussed above is showing up. 

When you show up and give it your all, people will start to look forward to you showing up.When you don’t, people won’t trust you enough to look any further and they may even forget all about you. Don’t let your subscribers down.

Do this instead:

It can be incredibly hard to be consistent in the early stages if you’re a solopreneur. But a consistent email marketing schedule is possible with the right tools and systems. 

Use planning tools to schedule your email content for the week, month or year. Then use automations for sequences and try batching emails for a specific period and schedule them to post on the best day and time for your audience. 

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4. You Aren’t Being Clear on Why your Audience is Receiving Emails from You

If there’s a disconnect between the landing page and getting on your email list, your audience won’t stick around. They’ll either get their freebie and scram or wonder why in the world you’re reaching out to them and how you got their info.

Do this instead:

First, make sure you’re thorough and clear in identifying the problem and how you can help.To be on the safe side, make sure your confirmation restates what they signed up for. And  then, tell your subscriber to add your email to their contacts, so their goodies don’t get lost in spam. 

Next, give your readers a good first impression in the form of a Welcome Email. A good welcome message will do these things:

  • Remind email readers how and why they’re on your email list in the first place.
  • Give them an idea of what’s to come.
  • Serve a small dose of your amazing personality.
  • Make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

After the welcome email, follow up sooner than later with regular emails. These can be daily, weekly or somewhere in between. Just make it happen without waiting too long. 

If you wait weeks or even months to contact your list, their amnesia will kick in. Subscribers will forget who you are and why you’re contacting them. And in the trash/spam/unsubscribe pile your email goes.

5. Your Audience Doesn’t Feel Connected to You

Here we talk about the know part of the know, like, and trust factor. The reason your audience may still feel cold is because you haven’t warmed up to them. Translation, they don’t know you like that. They can’t get to know you if you’re still talking on the surface. You gotta dig a little deeper.

Do this to connect:

Share some of yourself. Tell your story and give your audience something they may have in common with you. Tell a funny story about yourself. Give them a special name, like my Dream Catchers. Invite readers to talk back to you by asking how things are going or for their opinion. All of those little gestures help create big connections and an extended family of supporters. 

6. You’re Asking for More than you Give

The giving doesn’t stop at the lead magnet. That’s only the beginning, my love. And if they signed up because you impressed them with your website or blog, then you need to keep the wow factor going. Don’t have your audience asking themselves (or you) what’s in it for them. They should already have a confident answer. 

So in other words, don’t just give them a one time discount, checklist or content upgrade, then fill their lives with empty emails and promises. 

Do this instead:

Give them as much as you can, then make an upgraded offer. The giving can be a combination of problem-solving tips and free stuff. Give a list of tips they can start using right away. Share details about your upcoming events that would help them. 

Any free lead magnet you create should go to existing tribe members too. And keep the discount codes coming. Also, don’t forget to tell them thank you. Sometimes appreciation is all it takes to motivate a willing spirit.

7. Your Emails are Boring

Yeah, I said. Yes I did. Nobody wants to read a boring, stuffy email. They get enough of those at work. And if not, they can always reach down in their spam folder and find plenty. Don’t blend in with a crowd of bland emails.

Do this instead:

Talk to your email readers like you’re talking to a friend or family, whichever one is closer to you. They’re your tribe. Use your own natural language and lingo. When they read the email, they should hear your voice. It should “sound” as if they’re listening to you speak. 

Add pieces of your story to make email topics relatable. Be real, be raw and be uniquely you. Those who like you will stick around for more and that’s how you’ll know who your tribe is.

Here’s your Email Marketing Homework

Go back through your old emails, look at titles and content and review your welcome message. Then take a second look at this blog and make notes of areas where you can step up your game. Start plugging those titles in the Coschedule Subject Line Analyzer and sprucing up your email body with magical words and true stories. Last but not least, get in the spirit of giving. 

So, now I’m curious to hear from you. Have you found these tips helpful for creating open-worthy emails for your audience? 

What other questions do you have? Let me know in the comments below or schedule a consultation to talk about creating a custom email plan.

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