About Danielle- Dream Until your Dreams Come True

I’m a flower child, curly girl. A free spirit, if you will. I wear flowers on my clothing, but don’t need a bouquet to feel loved. I’ll take a dozen cupcakes instead. 

I love colors, art, good writing, dream catchers, gummy candy and music.  On any given day, you can find natural oils, soaps and hair products in my collection of essentials. I’m also a foodie who will try the least popular items on the menu. Well, depending on my mood.

Over the last few years, I transformed from work from anywhere freelancer and travel blogger to proud mompreneur. 

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Let’s recap a little further.
I’ve always dreamed of working remotely and having the flexibility to be a highly involved mom and aunt. Don’t get me wrong, my intentions also included preserving some of that time for me. 

Challenging the status quo has always been a part of my DNA. I could never get with asking for permission to do certain things in my life. For instance, taking off work to attend family events, check on my health, or get some me time.

And I never fathomed waiting for retirement to travel.

So what did I do about it? I took the leap. Okay, it didn’t exactly happen in that order but it sounds good and that’s how it went in my mind.

How entrepreneurship really started for me…

My first taste of entrepreneurship came long before I left my 9-5. In fact, it was before I could even get a 9-5. 

When I sold candy at church and school, I was only a child. Later on my journey, I partnered with makeup and fitness lines as a distributor and sold handmade jewelry.The last time I got my feet wet before completely diving in, I worked as a Financial Professional at New York Life. This was the first time I was solely in control of my own schedule and earning potential.

Just before that, I had completed my Master of Business Administration online at the University of Phoenix. Experiencing remote meetings, virtual group projects and flexibility was all I needed. I took the leap into working from home.

It was great to have a flexible schedule and make money while in my pajamas — or in another city if I chose. Soon, I figured out that it still didn’t quite hit the mark. I started to feel like an employee again, and I was working in my business instead of on it. It’s a HUGE difference. 

I wanted more than any other company could offer — my own business, my lifestyle blueprint and my own brand on my terms.

So Dream Work Creatives was born. What I had learned as a food and travel blogger, business blogger, online instructor and social media evaluator prepared me to help entrepreneurs build the business of their dreams.

So enough about me. Let’s talk about you.

Landing on this page was not by chance. It was your destiny. You’re ready to experience your own taste of freedom! 

So, what are you waiting for? Take the next step of transformation from dreamer to doer. Contact me to build your dream business.