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Building a Virtual Team to Build your Online Business

Expansion is an entrepreneur’s dream. It’s that indication that you’re making money, maxing out your capacity, and doing some things right on your journey.  To pull it all off, you need the right people in place. Because no thriving business owner can do it alone – not even those who use the overrated term, self-made.
Every success happens with a team, but building a solid team is easier said than done. Especially, if you don’t have a plan. And that’s why having a thriving online business depends on planning to build a team from day one.
This episode kicks off by exploring the topic of why “self made” doesn’t exist. Then jumps right in to give you the Do’s and Don’ts of team building.
Listen as the host, Danielle Towner walks you through the steps of building and retaining your virtual dream team. And if you stick around until 14:10, you’ll receive a special gift to help you get started!
  • Two “Self-Made” Entrepreneurs who Made it Big
  • How Delegation and Automation Helps you Run your Business Better
  • How to Create a Recruiting And Hiring System
  • How to Build your Virtual Dream Team

Building a Virtual Team to Build your Online Business


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