Dreamer’s Den Podcast Ep 1: Series & Host Introduction

Dreamer’s Den Podcast Ep 1: Series & Host Introduction

Get to know the host, Danielle Towner and what Dreamer’s Den is all about. She discusses her background, life as an entrepreneur and balancing her changing family dynamic with business. Plus, you’ll get a few details about the next episode!

Audio Transcription

Danielle: I started Dreamer’s Den for creative entrepreneurs or for people who just dream of starting a business, writing a book and who are just trying to find out information or get inspiration for that.

I’ll be interviewing different startups, entrepreneurs, business owners each week and allowing them to share their story and to share a little bit about their journey, and how things are going for them and how they got to where they are. Any upcoming projects that they have, their challenges, their triumphs and how they are making their dreams come true.

So about me; I’ve been in the digital marketing and digital business world for about eight years now. I started off doing this while I was still a Financial Professional with a New York Life, so I was independent then. I was on my own schedule, but I wanted to take more control of my business and my career and becoming an entrepreneur and breaking those ceilings. Because even though there were no limits on what I could do and the money that I made, I didn’t have creative control and so that’s one of the things that I wanted and I started off with a couple of websites. One of them being a travel and food review website. And that’s where I got most of my experience and my testing and refining and just learning about everything and making those mistakes.

And now I’m taking what I learned and doing all the things that I said I would do differently this next time around. I’ve completely revamped everything. I have a brand new website and a brand new blog. I offer digital marketing services, creating websites, content, copy, blogging and design. Anything within those realms, and I also pour my knowledge and experience into fellow entrepreneurs and aspiring ones so that they can eliminate some of those roadblocks and some of the working out of the kinks that I’ve already done and they can just get straight to it and to their goals and dreams. That website is danielletowner.com. It’s my name. It’s my brand.

We’ll get into brands and all of that in later podcasts, but I just wanted to share with you a little bit about me and some of the questions that I’ll be asking my guests, my fellow creatives. Everything will be different. It’s not a scripted, one-page list of questions that I ask every guest the same. Things will be different. Some questions may be the same. Some of them may be general questions, but everything will be unique to each guest’s personal business. I really want to get to it and give you some useful resources that you can apply to your business or your dream or to wherever you’re starting your plans. Wherever you are on your journey.

One question that I probably will ask everyone and that I’m going to share with you also is about your favorite inspirational or motivational quote. Because I see this all the time on social media and on the internet in general. And just in life and just with some of the things that people share with you. And it’s very helpful to keep that in mind during challenging times and during those moments where you just need something to help you get up and go.

Entreprenuers, dreamers and doers will find out what Dreamer's Den Podcast has in store for you on this very first episode!

And so this being Dreamer’s Den, of course, it’s only fitting that my favorite quote— and it really is my favorite quote on the wall in my son’s room. And it says “Dream until your dreams come true”. And that is what I keep in mind during challenging times where I may feel like “oh this is— I’m such a big dreamer. This is just a dream.” And even some people who are close to you may not understand or be supportive of it, but you just have to keep those dreams alive and realize that every step… No matter how big or small it is, every step you take is getting you closer to making your dreams come true.

Yes. I did mention that I have a son. He’ll be one coming up in March of 2019. So that is an addition to my life and fulfilling my life and also an addition to the balancing act that I have with so many different components to life and business. And sometimes they merge together, whether intentional or unintentional.

But that’s another thing that I’ll be sharing with you on the blog and on this podcast is about life and business management and how can you do it. How can you get it all done and be a mom and be an entrepreneur and, be the head of your business, be a devoted mother, and attentive mother while doing all this. And it’s so many people who are doing, and they’re doing it very well. So, they’ll be sharing their stories and I’ll be sharing little tips. I’m a newbie. I’m not a vet in the mompreneur club or industry, but I learn tips along the way whether from others or just from hits and misses. Or just from personal experiences. I will be sharing those tips with you guys also.

But I am so excited about this journey. I’m so excited to be launching this new podcast and to be connecting with so many people that I have opportunities to connect with being a dreamer, and a doer, and a creative. I’m excited to share with you guys.

Our first interview that we have coming up is with Little Angels, Inc, a non-profit organization. So, if you’ve ever thought about or been interested in establishing a non-profit or if you have a sector that is near and dear to your heart, you don’t want to miss this. It will be a treat. Tammy Ruffin of Little Angels, Inc will be sharing her experience with starting a non-profit with you and what made it so special to her. And she’ll give some in-depth information about what things that you need to focus on.

So just keep tuning in. I promise you guys it will get better and better. I’m not ashamed or I’m not afraid to say that this is new for me. And that’s a part of being an entrepreneur. It’s taking those risks and stepping out there, stepping out on faith—  planned faith. Sometimes extemporaneously, but stepping out on faith and following those dreams until they come true.

We’ll have some interesting experiences as we learn together. And I’m looking forward to it as I hope you are too. Come back next week for our first interview. And as always “dream until your dreams come true”.

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As owner of Dream Work Creatives, LLC, Danielle has the opportunity to use her gifts of business development and creative expression. She has a passion for helping solo entrepreneurs and small businesses make their dreams work through marketing and creative strategy. Danielle’s digital marketing services have helped countless businesses build their brand awareness and online presence using social media marketing, website design and content marketing. Her blog features business and lifestyle growth tips and “Dreamer’s Den Podcast: Entrepreneurs Making the Dream Work”. During her free time, she enjoys travel, movies, books and the endless joy of her little one.