You are currently viewing Dreamer’s Den Podcast Ep. 4: Leaving your Full-Time Job to Pursue your Business Dreams

Dreamer’s Den Podcast Ep. 4: Leaving your Full-Time Job to Pursue your Business Dreams

When Tiffany M. Burns was ready to start her dream business, she described the feeling as being “full of emotions”. No knowing what to expect can stir that up in us. In this episode, you will find out what she did to leave her 8 to 5 behind even in the midst of her fears. Find out about the defining moment when Tiffany’s Finest Cleaning Service LLC was born.

Guest Introduction: Tiffany of Tiffany’s Finest Cleaning Service LLC • On Tiffany’s high quality cleaning standards [1:41] • How to walk away from your full time job to pursue your dream business [3:50] • Top business tools to gain clients at Tiffany’s Finest [9:04] • Advice and inspiration for those wanting to start a cleaning service [12:31] • Tiffany’s Finest Cleaning Service is fulfilling your needs along the Gulf Coast [21:57]

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Guest Introduction: Tiffany of Tiffany’s Finest Cleaning Service LLC

Danielle: Welcome to Dreamer’s Den. Welcome back to everyone who’s here for the second or third week. I’m your host, Danielle Towner. And today, we have some juicy information for those of you who have been itching to leave your 9 to 5, your 8 to 5, your 20 hour a week— whatever it is that’s been an anchor on you to get you started with your business. We have some information about how to get started and how to move forward and just let that go and dive completely into your dream and the business that you have in mind and in your heart.

So, we have a special guest, Tiffany Harris Burns of Tiffany’s Finest Cleaning Service LLC. And she’s taken on a couple of projects in the entrepreneurial realm.  But recently, she left her 8 to 5 to pursue her business of owning a cleaning service. She does residential and commercial cleaning and we’ll get more into that as we get into this interview. And you can check out all of her information and her complete story on her website. but we’re gonna get right to it so that you can get down to the nitty gritty right now with how she did all this.

So welcome Tiffany.

Tiffany: Hi! Thank you.

Danielle: [laughter] And thank you for stepping into Dreamer’s Den. We appreciate you stopping by.  

Tiffany: Thank you. I’m excited.


Dreamer’s Den Podcast Ep. 4: Leaving your Full-Time Job to Pursue your Business Dreams

On Tiffany’s high quality cleaning standards

Danielle: Me to. So. getting right into it. The name of your business is Tiffany’s Finest Cleaning Service, LLC, so what makes Tiffany’s Finest Cleaning Service— what makes your cleaning service the finest?

Tiffany: Well, I would definitely have to say it’s our company’s standards. They’re equal to my personal values and beliefs that I’ve learned in life. You know that old saying where it goes you want to treat others how you want to be treated? Well, I clean each business, each house, as if it was my own. I’m in the process of building the reputation of the business. What people know Tiffany’s Finest as. I want them to know what quality means more to me than quantity. And what I mean by that is I’m more concerned with the quality of cleaning opposed to the number of houses you clean in a day or how quick you can do it. Which you sometimes hear some cleaners talk about that. But I feel like once you learn the measures that it takes to show that Finest quality, speed will come with experience. And I want our clients to be willing to refer Tiffany’s Finest to their family and friends and associates.

Danielle: Excellent. Excellent because I always hear— and that’s one of the things I say myself in regard to many different areas of life, including business, that no one is going to care about your things or your— anything that’s yours, nobody’s going to care about it like you do.

Tiffany: That is so true.

Danielle: And so that’s a perfect thing to— that’s a perfect mantra to have in your business is to treat it how you want it to be done and to clean people’s houses and businesses like how you would do your own. So that’s excellent.


How to walk away from your full time job to pursue your dream business

Now, you recently walked away from your 8 to 5 to pursue your dream business. So, we want to know or I want to know— I’m sure everybody wants to know—


How did you do it and what made you decide like now is the time, like “I have to do this now”?

Tiffany: Okay, I’m going to be totally honest with you, I took a leap of faith. Okay. I was full of emotions, I was terrified, I was unsure. I didn’t know what to expect or what to do first. I was just full of emotions.

There were many factors that helped me decide it was time, per say. But they all led to me not being happy. I was not happy at my— at that current job. Okay. I want to make sure that I mention that there was one particular factor, which was money. Money did not play a role in that unhappiness because to be honest with you, I was actually pretty satisfied with my salary at that time.

So the only reason that I mention that is because that was one of the biggest life lessons learned at that job was that money doesn’t equal happiness. Okay. I had other people tell me that; my mom, my aunt, family members and friends told me that. But I had to personally be in that experience. I was very satisfied with what I was making, so that kind of made me want to stay at whatever job I was at because of that.

Danielle: Right.

Tiffany: But once I got to the fact that— then I realized that I was just not happy and that it was  time, I just took that leap of faith.

Now, how did I do it? The only way I was able to do this was because of the overflow of support that I received from like my family, my friends and even strangers. They inspired me to become an entrepreneur. I have a Master’s Degree in business, so I always knew that I wanted to be a business owner, but I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do. But that overflow of support is what really helped me.

Now, my husband, he was and still is very supportive of my business and the transition that took place. He actually might be a little bit more excited than I am about the business to be honest with you.


Danielle: Well, that’s a good thing. That doesn’t always happen.

Tiffany: So I want to definitely point that out. That— that was very encouraging for me and it inspired me. For my other relatives, my parents, I had some cousins that actually sat down and talked to me about it. I had some friends who talked to me about it and inspired me and supported me. So I definitely want to take the [inaudible] thank you. But that support is definitely what pushed me to go on. It pushed me to want to become that business owner. And the factors that I didn’t mention earlier that caused me to be unhappy, they actually pushed me to want to be a business owner. And for that I want to say thank you to those factors. Without those factors, there would be no Tiffany’s Finest.

Danielle: Right. Excellent. And one thing that you pointed out— that’s a good point about money because a lot of people use that as a key factor to want to start a business is I want to— and it’s nothing wrong with that wanting to make more money or to better your life. But that shouldn’t be a driving factor. It should be something that you’re passionate about, and it should be something that supports your reasons. Whatever ever your reason is, more flexibility, for your children, for your spouse. Whatever your reason is, it should be— that would be the driving factor for your business. And we’re not saying just dive out there unplanned.

Tiffany: No, no, no, no.

Danielle: I know that it took some planning. Right, right.


Danielle: We know that it takes some planning, but a lot of people just— they get these degrees and they get a job with a big, fancy title or a big paycheck and they live these years unhappy because it’s not really what they want to do. So if you’re in that space, then take that time to plan it and help it to go inline with your reasons. And do something that impacts the community. And just dive out there and pursue your dream.

Tiffany: Exactly

Danielle: So, thank you for that.  

Tiffany: You’re welcome.



Top business tools to gain clients at Tiffany’s Finest

Danielle: Now with you being in your first year as a full-time entrepreneur, what tools do you use to promote your business and gain clients?

Tiffany: I would have to say that word-of-mouth is the number one tool that I’m using to gain clients. My current clients— I call them Tiffany’s Finest family because we’re all like family. My current clients— the word-of-mouth, them recommending the company—  the business to their family and friends. That’s one of the number one reasons the business is growing like it is. I’m a member of a couple of networking groups here in Mobile as well. It’s very powerful to network with other business owners. You’ll be amazed on what you can actually learn.

Some other tools that I use is, we have an Instagram page. You can follow us at tiffanysfinestcs_. We also have a Facebook page where you can like us on Facebook at TiffanysFinestCSLLC. And we also have a website. It was created by yours truly, Danielle Towner.


Tiffany: Let me mention that. You can find us at That is our website. And I want to just say right now that  if anyone is looking for a website to be created or a logo to be created, I mean, Danielle Towner. She did mine. I’ll be the first to say that she did an excellent job. I just told her what I wanted and she made it happen. And I’ve told her before thank you, and I will continue to tell her thank you.

Danielle: [laughter]

Tiffany: So, I just wanted to make sure that if you were unsure about that, I’m the one to tell you that she did a great job.

Danielle: Well thank you so much. Thank you. I enjoyed that. I love using that part of my imagination.


Tiffany: Well you did a great job.

Danielle: Well, that’s awesome and word-of-mouth, that is— that’s very powerful and anybody will tell you that. It’s nothing like getting that information and that referral from the source itself. And I’ve taken a look at some of your testimonials, especially on social media and— I mean that right there, it made me wanna be like “man, let me check it out”.


Danielle: They wrote a blog on your services, so like you said that word-of-mouth is power— like that right there was a deal— that sold me right there so.

Tiffany: Well, thank you.



Advice and inspiration for those wanting to start a cleaning service

Danielle: Okay, so moving on to like people who are looking to get into the business or just shadow or anything like that. if you were mentoring someone who wanted to start a cleaning service, what would you tell them. Like what advice would you have to give them?

Tiffany: I would probably start by sharing my own personal quote that I tell myself all the time. And it states that you’re the only person that can stop your dream from becoming reality. It’s yours, go get it.

I tell myself this all the time because I mean, you need to hear it. You need to hear yourself or someone telling you or supporting you to move forward. I would make sure I tell them that there will be a lot of distractions. A lot of distractions. A lot of distractions that will discourage them.

Danielle. Oh yeah.

Tiffany: A lot of distractions that will discourage them from proceeding to their dreams, but you have to find what inspires you and keep pushing for success. I’d also make sure I tell them that you gotta be willing to invest time. Not only money, but time into your business.

Danielle: Yeah

Tiffany: And also for me personally, some don’t feel this way, but you have to be willing to get your hands dirty. That’s my opinion. I feel like a great business owner or manager should have that personal hands-on experience with the responsibility that it is to expect that you’re going to train those employees. You should have that experience.

Danielle: That– 100% agree with that. And that was one of the things that frustrated me in the corporate world was a lot of people. I guess it wasn’t such a big factor with them not having the same level of education, but just the experience. They’re asking you questions about something and asking you to do something within that same area and it’s like—

Tiffany: Yeah but— and they have no experience. You can’t even relate to them. They just— they know they’re supposed to tell you to do it, but don’t understand why.

Danielle: Right

Tiffany: So that’s one thing— that’s another lesson that I learned is that it’s best to have that experience and don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. That’s just how I feel.

Danielle: Right, and I feel like they are more willing to do it if they see you alongside them and willing to when they need you.

Tiffany: Exactly.

Danielle: Okay. And you may have already answered this next question that I had for you with the quote that you already gave, but it was what is your favorite inspirational quote. So that sounds like your favorite. I’m not sure.


Tiffany: That is my favorite one that I came up with. Now, I also have another quote that I used to see on Facebook and on the internet all the time. And it was by I think Farrah Gray, I think so but

Danielle: I like him.

Tiffany: It says. It goes that you should “Build your own dreams or someone else will hire you to build theirs. And if that does not inspire you to go after whatever you’re dreaming about, I don’t know what will.


Danielle: Right

“Build your own dreams or someone else will hire you to build theirs._ Dr. Farrah Gray

Tiffany: When I was in that stage where I was trying to see “what do I want to do?”. “Tiffany, do you want to move forward with this business idea?” This quote just seemed to pop up on everything. You know how you look for something like a purse or something and then when you’re on Facebook it’s on your—the ads are here and the ads are there? So, when I was learning about my business and what I wanted to do, I used to always see this quote pop up somewhere. And I’m like “build your own dreams or someone else will hire you to build theirs.

I was like what? Tiffany, I gotta go out there— you gotta go out there and you gotta get it. Because I prefer to know the outcome of a dream or a goal because I went after it. Whether the outcome ends up being positive, negative, whatever you want to say— pass or fail, good or bad, I know the facts opposed to wondering what could have happened.

Danielle: Right.

Tiffany: What could have happened if I would have done that. So I feel a lot better having no regrets. No regrets.

Danielle: And that’s so funny. I came across that quote today, actually. And it’s just like a punch in the face because even now sometimes I feel like, “is this silly or…”. You have those doubts even when you’re in it. Even when you’ve taken that leap, you have those doubts. And it’s like a punch in the face. It’s like “Okay. Snap out of it. Get back to it. Keep moving forward. Stay consistent”.


So that’s crazy.

Tiffany: And you have to do that. I think you’re going to actually have to keep telling yourself that throughout the process. Because like I said, they’re going to be different people, different obstacles that come your way that are going to distract you and try to lead you another way. But you just have to keep pushing. If that’s your dream, you go after it. Like I said, it’s yours go get it. Nobody is going to give it to you.

Danielle: Right. And with that— in saying that, not everyone is your client. Not everyone is your client, not everyone is in your market. So, just because that person says no or they are the distraction, that doesn’t mean that this dream business is not for you. That doesn’t mean that.

Tiffany: Yeah, exactly. It all goes back to that leap of faith— that leap of faith that I discussed earlier. Oh, let me tell you about this interesting fact. About Tiffany’s Finest that I didn’t mention.

Danielle: Okay

Tiffany: But as far as the business name, it’s Tiffany’s Finest Cleaning Service LLC. Tiffany’s, alright that’s kind of self explanatory, that’s me Tiffany.


Tiffany: Finest, it has a personal meaning to me other than just the quality of cleaning that the company will provide. Finest was my grandpa’s first name, okay. So he was one of my first best friends, okay.

Danielle: Oh, wow!

Tiffany: He died in 2003. So when it was time for me to come up with a business name, finest had a lot of personal— it meant something to me. It helped me to leap out on faith, one thing because I started to— it made me not feel alone. It made me feel like I was leaping off and leaping out on faith with my grandpa’s wings around me, so it made me feel secure. It made me feel secure. It made me feel like I can go out there and do it and, to be honest, that’s what helped create Tiffany’s Finest— was the name.

Danielle: Wow, that’s awesome and that’s something that you can always think of whenever you’re— whatever season or stage you are in the business so that’s really cool. I’ve never— that’s a unique name first of all.


Tiffany: Thank you so much. Sometime I share that with others because sometimes people just assume what you would normally think. Tiffany’s Finest, “okay, that’s Tiffany. That’s her name. Finest must be the quality or whatever she’s going to provide.” But there’s a personal meaning to it for me, so I just like to share that with others.

Danielle: That’s good. And I recently lost my last grandparent, my grandmother and I—

Tiffany: I’m sorry to hear that.

Danielle: Oh, well she lived a full life. Thank you so much. So lived a full life and I definitely will miss her, but she was a great example of how to live your life so—

Tiffany: Same with mine.

Danielle. Yeah, yeah. That motivates me— both of my grandmothers. One was a stay at home mother and grandmother. The other worked, but they both taught me different lessons that I can take with me and—

Tiffany: That you’ll always remember.

Danielle: Right, and that’s a great motivational— that’s great motivation just to think of them and the way that they carried their households and their work ethic. So I can relate to that.

Tiffany: Yeah.


Tiffany’s Finest Cleaning Service is fulfilling your needs along the Gulf Coast

Danielle: Now, okay. This has been awesome and fantastic and I just want you to share with the listeners, how can someone schedule a cleaner for their business or home with Tiffany’s Finest Cleaning Service LLC?

Tiffany: Okay. I can be reached on my personal business cell phone. That’s at 251-214-1575. If you get my voicemail, please leave a message because I am often cleaning. I like to get my hands dirty, as I mentioned. So there are times when you may call and I may be unavailable to answer. And you can always email me at

Danielle: Awesome. Okay! Well, like I said again, I appreciate you stopping by. And to everyone, you have the information. If you have any more questions for me or for Tiffany, you can use the record (voicemail) button that will be on this podcast and simply record your question and I will get back to you.

Other than that, thank you for stopping by Dreamer’s Den. And as I always say, “Dream Until your Dreams Come True”.

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