Ep. 11 Jacinda Haines Bares All About Stripped Down Naked and Franchising Detour Fitness

Ep. 11 Jacinda Haines Bares All About Stripped Down Naked and Franchising Detour Fitness

In this powerful interview,  Jacinda Haines gives a look into her day-to-day life and business responsibilities. She shares a realistic view of entrepreneurship, including challenges she has faced and overcome. Jacinda will educate you on what it means to be a successful and healthy entrepreneur with balance in every area of your life.


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Jacinda Haines is an entrepreneur, health and wellness coach and motivational speaker. She is owner of the Detour Fitness franchise, a fitness figure competitor, personal trainer, and exec. Producer of the web series Stripped Down Naked.

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Danielle: Welcome back for another episode of Dreamer’s Den Podcast. I’m Danielle Towner your host, and today we have with us Jacinda Haines of Detour Fitness Studios and Healthy Sexy Lively by Jacinda. So, she’s going to tell us all about her entrepreneurial journey and things that are going on in her life that contribute to that.

So, I’m very excited about this because I was kind of around when things first started with Detour Fitness and it was nothing around like that. So, let’s get started and hear from her welcome with us Jacinda

Jacinda: Yes, I am — I’m happy excited elated grateful to be here Danielle. And the statement that you just made saying that you were here when we just got started and there was nothing like that around it means a lot to me because that’s exactly what I was aiming for when I opened Detour. So for you to say that is — it’s beautiful. Words cannot describe that. Thank you. That lets me know that I did my job whatever it was.

Sustaining Longevity in Business

Danielle: Yeah, yeah. So, now you’ve been in business for a while now. Not telling too much of age. I mean I’m not as old as it probably will sound, but I remember attending one of your classes like almost a decade ago

Jacinda: Yeah.

Danielle: And at that time, like I said it was nothing around like it, and you still hold a dominant space in that market especially in the Mobile area. Now what’s been your secret to success and longevity in the business?

Jacinda: Danielle, having a long and wide-sighted view of business. And what that means is not looking at it… I want to say looking at it from 10 year scope. When I opened this business, I looked at it from a 10-year scope.Where did I want to be in 10 years?  What do I need to do today to get there. So, I wasn’t in business moments-to-moment to make money. It was never about the income that was coming in from day-to-day. It was about the vision that I had for the company. The money that came in that sustained it was just a tool to get me to the ten-year mark and the franchise business that we are.

So, having a long and wide view was one of the things that I did, one of the keys to our success. Also, having a vision for the business. I remember probably a year in, maybe a year in, I remember my father told me, he said “you know you have to have a vision”. And I was like, “what is just to have a vision, just to have some stuff on paper is that what you meant?” And you really need a vision. So once I wrote up my vision and said what is it that we’re doing? Who is it that we’re serving? Why are we serving them? And, you know, that let’s– it gives you the direction, that gets you “This is what I do when I get up every day. This is the goal.”  This is the goal for me. This is the goal for the client. This is goal for my staff.

So, that was another key element to success that has driven us, and we have to rewrite that vision sometimes. You know we have to rewrite it a lot. I was never in business to compete against anyone, that was one thing I believe that sustained me, I had a real clear view of what I wanted and what I was here to do, my purpose and my talents. You know, the one thing that made me believe in that– I don’t want to say motto, but believe in that thought process was that I could see a gas station on every corner. When you get off on the exit, there’s a gas station over here, there’s a gas station over there and both of them are sustaining

Danielle: Umm-hmm

Jacinda: I would see a shopping center that had tons of clothing stores. They’re all sustaining. I would see a Waffle House on one side of the exit and the other side of the exit and that let me know that there’s enough to go around. People are going to go where they feel welcomed, where it’s convenient and where they’re drawn to. And so I made sure that I had a place that was welcoming, convenient and a place that people were drawn to. So, I just looked at those things.

And then another part another key to my success was developing a strong corporate culture. I never looked at my business as a small business, although it’s not even a small business. It’s like a micro business, but I developed a corporate culture that was so strong that really if something went wrong, I had a long ways to go downward, if there was a downward spiral until it affected me. Because things were built up so strong like the system’s — you know the efficiency. The way things worked, the communication you know between my employees and myself and things like that.

So, I built a very strong corporate culture that kind of worked for me, so that I didn’t overwork myself and so that I was represented well you know what I’m saying? Just by my corporate culture. Valuing my employees was another thing that I had to learn because as an employee myself, being out there in the work field when I was out there, I liked to be around companies that valued me and developed a culture that I felt like I was a part of and not just coming to a job, you know. And then, I think the last thing that helped me sustain for so long, thank God was just taking risks. Being able to take risks. And being able to take risk was for really two reasons because I really believed in myself and then I had people around me to support me if those risks were a little risky.


Danielle: Right

Jacinda: So those were — I really believe when I look back at those 10 years, those were the things. And then I’m definitely going to give the glory to God.

Danielle: Oh, absolutely!

Jacinda: And the funny thing about that I’m going to say is that it took me a long time to give God the glory honestly. It really did. I didn’t go in it like that, but I came out of it like that and he’s blessing me way more abundantly now as a businesswoman than before. So yeah, so that was probably the last thing but now it’s the, the only thing that keeps me successful from now on as a businesswoman.

Danielle: Well that’s interesting that it all came together. And that’s what planning does for you, because a lot of times we do, we have our dream. We want this thing so bad and then it’s like “okay, it’s here, but what next?” because like you said you didn’t have that scope of where you’re going to be five, 10, 15, 20 years from now. And sometimes your business can grow so fast that you can’t get a handle on it and that can be a reason why you can’t handle it properly you know. All of that is important and that’s a good point that we need startups to understand that you have to have that… like you said if you want to be around, you have to know where you’re going to get there ahead of time.

Jacinda: Right, be prepared for that success and we did go through that a moment of — someone called it something. Because we went through it, but we were not being able to meet the demands of what your business, your output because we grew so fast, but we were able to grab. We were able to manage it.

Danielle: Yeah

Jacinda: So yeah, that can happen yeah.

Dreamer's Den Podcast: Ep. 11 Jacinda Haines Bares All About Stripped Down Naked and Franchising Detour Fitness

Setting yourself Apart With Services like No One Else

Danielle: Now, you spoke briefly about competition and how you didn’t focus on it, but there are there is a lot of competition in the fitness and nutrition industry. So, what are some specifics about how you continue to set yourself apart?

Jacinda: Well you know it’s funny because it’s almost like my vocabulary isn’t on my side right now, but I think it’s amazing, let’s just say amazing. And the secretsnessity — I guess you can say of the fact that Detour. I named that company and our motto is “The fitness alternative”, and that is the whole culture and heartbeat behind this company is to be set apart, so do something different. The fitness alternative. So, everything that I did within the company, I made sure that we did nothing that no one else did.

So, a client can come to us and know for sure that they can’t get this anywhere else. And even if it’s just not the class, you’re not going to get the customer service, you’re not going to get the vibe, you’re not going to get what we have to offer. So I work very,very hard on establishing that and setting myself apart. And so that puts us in our own market so we don’t have to compete. Does Starbucks have to compete? No.

Danielle: Not at all.

Jacinda: They do not have to compete. And I said that my company will be the Starbucks of fitness studios, of pole studios of this area. And I set that apart and what’s in us is what comes out us and I believe it’s just what… that’s who I am. I’ve always been set apart. That’s who God made me and everything that I do has that type of tambour to it in tone to it.

So, I just really never… I never, ever saw competition or felt it, I just had a mind of bird’s-eye view about what I was doing every day when I got up. What was happening in my studio, what made me happy what made me want to go to work every day, what made my staff happy. I was really into my staff being happy because if they’re happy, everyone is happy.

Danielle: Right

Jacinda: And so we just have fun. The biggest thing was just being fun, and if we’re having fun the clients are having fun. And that’s just what it’s about, so I really — the fitness alternative, that resonates with everything that we do. How we do it, why we do it, when we do and what we do. And I believe that’s how I set it up to set myself apart, but when it comes to competition I just don’t believe that God had — I don’t believe that God would set up any business owner, now this is something that is a holistic view, a spiritual view– I don’t believe that if he put something on your heart and he gave you a gift and he gave you an assignment, and he gave you a talent and creativity to do something, I just don’t believe that you’d be set up to go out and play game and compete with people.

Danielle: Right

Jacinda: That’s just not what I believe. If you’re doing what your passion is, you’ll never have to compete. Does that make sense? You are that and God will bless that because you’re serving people.

So, that’s just my holistic view of it but in business if you want to talk to people — talk to other business owners about competition, just make sure that you have your standards. You have your standards that no one can compete with. When someone walks into your business or they do business with you, the experience that they have from the phone call, all the way to the point where they walk into your door has to be unmatched. And that word unmatched means a lot. You can’t match it to anything because I have had people that we’ve done — you know, the customer was definitely right. But the way we handle it, they come back and spend more money with us. And that speaks volumes because of the — you know what I’m saying? It’s because of the unmatched service that we give. So, I just believe it’s how you run your business, your image and how you treat your customers. I just really believe that sets you apart with competition you know and then also, understanding, having a grip on marketing.

Now when we open Detour, I came — I slid in base just before the social media stuff came up and was an issue. I don’t want to say an issue, but played a part in the growth of your business. So, I really you know grassroots marketing, Guerrilla Marketing was my thing. Getting out there with flyers and stuff was kind of how I did it on top of just being great as I can be. And so, I didn’t really have to get into the Facebook and Instagram and I still don’t. I still will not do it. I’m still old school with it.  You know I will not. I can’t. At t 4, I can’t do it. And so, I get on there and I do what I can, but I don’t just focus on followers and all that kind of stuff. I really don’t. I don’t believe that. If you’re telling me that my business relies on my followers, then I don’t have one. You can have it. You can have it, you can run it yourself because no. I’m gonna to find a business that does not rely on that.

Because I just don’t believe that — I believe that people who are put in place to do business, I think more of them than just having followers. I think that you have a place in society. I believe you have a responsibility and a talent that goes far greater than who’s following you. I believe you can have one client that will set your whole business off you know what I’m saying? If you doing the right thing. I talk a lot.


But just setting your business apart, running your business like a big business. When people came into Detour, it threw me off. People would think — I’m 30 years old and I got this business. People would think that I was a part of a franchise. Like, “did you buy into this?” I’m like no. Me and my parents just came here and worked hard.

Danielle: Yeah

Jacinda: The flow of things, the way everything was automated with my body and the apps that we had. The t-shirts that we wore. And I borrowed from other businesses. I lived in LA for a long time and I believe a lot of that has to do with the imaging that I pulled from They do things really well out in LA in New York.

Danielle: Yeah

Jacinda: I kind of pull that stuff because it’s really important that they set themselves apart with their image and customer service. So, I think a lot of that came from that high level of customer service and image came from my experience in LA and New York. So, yeah I think just high level.

Danielle: Yeah, they hustle there. They do. I’ve seen it, so I know what you mean.

Jacinda: Yeah-yeah.

Danielle: And just touch on what you were saying about that you were just — you did what you were created to do and you just acted.. you were yourself basically and I always speak about being transparent and authenticity. And a lot of times, we do — some of us get stuck in that comparison trap and “oh, how are they doing it over here?” and “why are things going this way over there?” but when you do like — it’s so freeing when you do start to just be comfortable in your own skin and do things your own way. And you attract that market that is meant for you.

Jacinda: Yes, absolutely. You got it girl. Again, you answered that question very well. To add to that, yes I do believe just being you. My authentic self during that time was the girl that you would see in Detour. Whoever you saw when you came in Danielle that’s who I was being, and I believe that’s probably why I attracted such energy — you know, the customer base that we did.  And I was just being me to the fullest.

So yes, you’re right. Absolutely, I would definitely have to agree with that being your authentic self and I can say right now I’m moving on to doing different things outside of Detour and there’s a new authentic self that if is coming that I’m representing— that I’m showing right now and it’s not the same girl that started Detour ten years ago. It’s a whole different person. But we’re not here to talk about that, I don’t think. But yeah, you’re right. I love that.

Staying Fit While Balancing Entrepreneurship

Danielle: Yeah, we do grow and evolve, so I get it. Now you are very fit. I’ve always admired that. When I get out of this new baby phase that’s like my dream body [laughter].

Jacinda: Thank you, thank you. Love yourself girl. Embody who you are. I’m just going to say that, but thank you. I’ll take the compliment. I appreciate it.

Danielle: I know it takes discipline and a lot of work to get there and to maintain it. So how do you do that?

Jacinda: Well, it is quite challenging. I’m going to say, when I first opened Detour, I was actually training for fitness competition. I was living in Miami and I was training for fitness competition. I was really into — my fitness was about me. I was able to get up at 5:30, in the morning, hit the gym, hit it again. I had this diet that I was — when I say diet, it was a weight gaining keeping muscle on type of diet that I was doing at the time. And opening Detour kind of took that away from me. I was working sun up sun down, running a company, training people. And it was kind of frustrating because I was like man, I thought I would have more time running a business, but actually I don’t. And so, it really affected my workout and I became a caffeine junkie for a long time, honestly. I was Red Bulling it down and Star Bucking it down for a while.

So, it was definitely challenge, and I had to kind of find a different WHY. So no longer is it about fitness competitions and bodybuilding. So, you can’t be in the gym all the time trying to get a buff body.  And I had to figure out a different why, you know so now why are you working out has to be for health or something because this isn’t it any more. And then, having a baby you know 6 years into Detour was difficult. So I really for the most part 50 percent of the time, probably 60 percent of time of the year, my workout happened while training you guys. So, I would get my workout in just by teaching the classes. That was all I could do, and then here and there, I’d go to the gym for myself. That would last for a few weeks and then I’d stop. So it’s definitely difficult.

So, I believe that for me now, getting it in with my five-year-old now and all that I have going on, I had to find a different motivating factor. And it could it couldn’t be about my body anymore, how I want to look, you know achieving — like being a fitness modeling or anything like that. It had to be about just being healthy. Does that make sense?  

So, now when I get up every day and I think about working out, I just want to be healthy. So, now it doesn’t matter that I go to the gym and try to get a chiseled six-pack or get these arms and stuff. It’s just about getting up, getting in a jog if I can doing something in front of the YouTube —you know in front of my TV. So, my motivating factor had to change and it had to change to just being healthy.

So, that’s how I stick to it. I had to be easy on myself. That’s what I had to do, So, that’s what I — as a wellness coach now, that’s what I teach busy entrepreneurs. How to fit it in, how to clear the clutter, how to change your motivating factor and make it a part of your life. Make it a culture within your life. So, I had to stop being hard on myself. I had to stop saying “Hey, I got to get five days in for an hour and do bi’s and tri’s this day.  Like, you know what? No. Just be healthy and that’s how I get it in more often because I’m not trying to freaking be a supermodel anymore. Just trying to be healthy. That makes it a lot easier and a lot more flexible. So, being more flexible with myself allows me to do it.

Danielle: Got ya.

Jacinda: Yep.

Danielle: Now, switching it up a little bit or changing gears a little, for those out there who are looking to start a business — whether it’s in the fitness industry or elsewhere, and they want to balance good health — I think you kind of touched on that just a little bit, but can you tell them what it’s really like? What is a typical day like for you from start to finish?

Jacinda: You know it’s funny because I’m going to speak to you in in the Detour world because now, like I said, I franchised the company so it’s a little bit easier on me right now. I get up and I’m kind of a house mom right now, housewife [laughter] and I’m building another business right now, so. But with running Detour, a day in the life of that was getting up every day– oh my God –phone calls were on me. I’m answering phones, I’m making sales all day I could be in the middle of lunch, I could be on a flight,  there’s a phone call coming in because I was really in control. I was a control freak when it came to sales, so I never let anyone get the phone until I really trusted them.

So, you know with answering phones all day, it was answering phones while I’m training someone, its staff, payroll. It’s payroll taxes every quarter and taxes every year, and cleaning and making signage and doing marketing and sending — doing what he call those things? Emails and newsletters and doing events all the time and just every single day relentless working. Trying to get a workout in you know, trying to have a beautiful image while you’re doing it. My mom would always say, “honey, you need to put some makeup on before you go out there”. People want to see, you know.


But just trying to do all this stuff and maintain. But I’m going to say that an unhealthy entrepreneur — my motto is as a wellness coach is “how we do one thing is how we do all”. So, health is health. So an unhealthy entrepreneur is going to have some unhealthy entrepreneurial practices. So if you’re all over the place in your —  it just reflects everything. So if I — if you’re not working out as an entrepreneur then you’re probably neglecting some other area a health of health in your business. Like, perhaps you’re not taking care of your employees or perhaps your finances aren’t –you don’t have your accounting together. Or your home life is kind of out of order you see what I’m saying? Like, how you do my thing is how you do all. So, I just believe that because mine reflected, I was so busy that I could not work out. I was too busy. Just everything everywhere.

I was successful when it came to money and the brand and things like that but it was a whole lot going on in every area of my life. And did I want that, would I have wanted that differently? Yes, I would have wanted peace rather than just a whole lot going on and getting whatever I can in. Just like I was getting in a workout when I could. I would — I was fitting in when do I get this when I get these — I don’t want to say taxes, but some type of like a meeting that I had with someone and I was just getting it in when I can.

So, there was there was a time in the business that I just wasn’t — there wasn’t a flow. I was just kind of all over the place. But I was getting it done, but it was just very stressful so how you do one thing is how you do all. You’re not eating at the right time, you know you’re getting in a meal whenever, you’re not spending time with your family, you’re not spending time in the gym like you should, you’re not spending time — you know… just how you do one thing is how you do all.

So, you have to find that balance and I just believe that and that’s what I help entrepreneurs with, like I say, finding that work-life balance because I know how it is. I believe that all entrepreneurs should invest in a health coach. Not a personal trainer, but a health coach A person who can hold them to their highest in every area of their lives to make sure that they’re taking care of their homes, make sure they’re taking care of their businesses, make sure they’re taking care their bodies, their spirituality, their finances, everything. You deserve to have everything at its highest level. Not just your business booming. Everything must be and can be booming in your life. Booming does not mean a lot of money. It means thriving and abundant and happy and joyous. Does that makes sense?

Danielle: Yes. Absolutely.

Jacinda: I just believe that everything can be at that high level. And we often think we’re successful because of making money. Not true, not true. So, I think a successful business owners is a business owner that can come home and have a well-balanced meal cooked by themselves, their partners. Have a strong connection with their children and their extended family. Come home at a decent time and turn the phone off and shut it down and turn off the computer and leave the business when it’s time to leave the business and go to church or wherever it is that you’re spiritual. Get up in the morning and read whatever it is that takes you to your spiritual place you know whether it’s the Bible or whatever I believe that that’s a healthy entrepreneur.

Danielle: Right.

Jacinda: I just believe that, yes.

The Real Risk of Owning a Business

Danielle: Right. So, what is a miss you kind of touched on this two but…

Jacinda: I’m sorry

Danielle: Oh, no. It’s okay this is good stuff, so what is your take on the importance of good nutrition habits and a fitness regimen as an entrepreneur and how do those habits its effect a business owner’s performance?

Jacinda: You know I didn’t — you would think that because I owned a fitness studio that I would have been doing this from day one but I wasn’t. So, it took me 10 years to figure this out. It took me 10 years to figure out that the answer to your question is to step back. Step back.  And see, this is a risk because business — entrepreneurs think the risk is throwing it all in monetarily and timewise. But it’s a risk to step back and do nothing. Because you don’t know what’s about to happen, right?

So, I take the risk to step back and devote myself to self-care and then I go into the word I get spiritual and I stop doing. I stop doing. I was a doer for a very long time and I was having for a very long time, but I never, ever,ever. I got so far away from just being, so far away from that and so now I just focus on just being. And I know that things are going to work out, so I just step back and I just understand that you know what? I’m where I’m supposed to be. I can take myself out of this, go take care of myself, go take care of my family go take care of my health, get in the gym, eat right. Things are hectic right now. I’m going to step back.

I’m going to let this the fall back where it’s going to fall back at and watch it work out that’s a difficult thing for a doer, it’s a difficult thing for entrepreneur, a difficult thing for a person who has to have control all the time. Because most entrepreneurs, that’s why we are because we have to have control for a good or bad reason, but we have to be able to have the control to step back. You know what I’m saying? And understand that we too can lead with faith. We don’t have to lead with doing all the time. We have a creator that can do way more than us, way better than us, and way more purposefully.

And so, that’s what I do. I step back and I’m able to… that’s what I’ve done now and I have been blessed way more than what you’ve seen from Detour. There are things happening in my life and in my business right now that I cannot explain because I stopped doing, Danielle. I stopped and I let God work. It sounds so cliché. “Oh, let God do it”,  but I did and my success has been amazing. It’s things that are happening to my business, in my life right now, that I cannot explain. And it happens on a day-to-day basis. But when I was running things on a day-to-day basis, yes I was successful, but I was successful because I was doing. But that is a very limited place to be. I’m limited as a human. I’m limited as a human.

So, I believe that an obedient entrepreneur is the most successful entrepreneur because in obedience I got– Things would happened, Danielle, to me when I started being obedient to God. I promise you, things that happen to me I thought would take five years happened in [snap] one day. One day and so, I step back and so that’s been my new thing. Once I start trying to do, do, do and go, go, go, I let go and say, “you know what? This is getting stressful. I’m not about that life anymore” and God works it out.  [laughter] He works it out.

Franchising Detour Fitness and Taking on New Ventures

Danielle: Now, you mentioned a little bit about you franchising and that you are now starting a new venture. So, tell us a little bit about that?

Jacinda: Yeah so, we franchised the company last year to one of — an amazing woman named. Jennifer. Jennifer Axsmith. I just have to give her a shout-out, she was a client, came staff member, came owner and I just thought that was just an awesome testimony of Detour.

Danielle: Yeah

Jacinda: So Jennifer, shout out. So yeah, I franchise to her, so I still help her run the day-to-day and we do what’s called a pilot franchise. But that’s allowed me to move into wellness coaching and wellness coaching is basically about habit change and it allows me to work with clients on a deeper level for weight loss and any other transformation — areas in their life where they need transformation.

So, I just kind of really kind of got tired of the revolving door of customers and clients coming through with losing weight and then falling off the bandwagon and coming back and just over and over again. There’s just this loop that we have and I just wanted to make a change. I knew that there was something deeper that I could do. I knew that there was a place farther that clients wanted to go.

So now I’m a health and wellness coach and a life coach, and I’m able to fuse that back in to detour in so many ways. In fact you know our pool parties, I don’t know if you’ve ever been to one of our pool parties, but you know how fun they are.

Danielle: Yeah! [laughter]

Jacinda: Yeah, they’re awesome, so what we do now I’m so happy. God placed it on my heart to to kind of do a flip on that and we do what’s called pole empowerment parties. So what we do is  it’s a technique that I have we use with women and it’s about stripping away limiting belief, so like stripping get it pole stripping.


Danielle: Yeah, got ya. That’s cool!

Jacinda: Yeah got a little flip on it or what I call a reframe on the pole. Because all so often women look at the pole like I want to strip away for a man or for an audience, so I just thought that as stripping away limiting belief that we have about ourselves and use this for ourselves. So, what we do is you know limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are things that hold us back about our ecology, things in our past makes us feel we’re not worthy enough, we’re not this, that enough. And I want women to get rid of that. We are great, we are powerful and limiting beliefs hold us back. And so there might be a business that you might want to start or you might want to get married or you might want to lose weight or you might want to have a baby, you might want to move up in your company. And I want you to be able to use pole fitness to do that.

So, I thought of this really fun, creative way and what we do is we borrow on the woman that you want to be in five to 10 years. And we say “who is she, what does she do, what kind of energy does she surround herself with” and things like that. We talk about that and I allow these women to kind of go through this little booklet and see themselves as higher selves and they’re empowered like “oh my God! This is great.” So, what limiting belief do we need to strip away here?

And so, I have women saying this fear and this doubt I need to let go of it. And then we get on the pole and we just strip it away and have fun. So, that’s something that I’ve been able to kind of bring back to Detour and I just think it’s powerful. And those are the things that I’m saying that God has allowed me to grow my business in ways that I couldn’t have imagined.

So, wellness coaching is what I’m doing since I franchised. I’m able to have the time to grow that and it’s just awesome.

And then also, my web series, Stripped Down Naked kind of relates to all of that. The web series is about that as well, holding women to their highest. So, we have women who come on the show who may have had a tragedy happen to them and we let them tell their story about how they stripped away the limiting belief of how this tragedy did not hold them back. So, they can empower other women to keep going. Or we might find a woman who who’s in a bad situation and we empower her to keep going by helping her strip away her limiting beliefs. So, that’s where a detour is going to, it’s going to empowerment.

Danielle: That’s phenomenal! That’s awesome.

Jacinda: Yay!

Danielle: It sounds like you found the perfect way to merge like your ministry into your entrepreneurship and that’s creative and is phenomenal.

Jacinda: Yay! Thank you.


Danielle: And I remember being in a space like there’s just it’s just so much noise just coming at you and going against you and the things that you want to do. And that’s another thing that’s so freeing when you’re able to just rebuke all that, so.

Jacinda: Yes, it is.

Work With Jacinda

Danielle: Well, that is —  that’s awesome. I can’t wait to see how that journey continues to unfold for you. And so that others can reach you and keep up with everything, share with them how they can get in touch you. How they can best get in touch with you.

Jacinda: Yes! You can go to my website, jacindahaines.com. That has an umbrella of everything that I’m involved in, so jacindahaines.com, J A C I N D A Haines, H A I N E S like the underwear but with an I [laughter]. That will have the link to the Stripped Down Naked Web Series. It also has a link to Detour Fitness Studios. You can hit that, book classes and check out the company, Also has a link to my social media and the cleanses, the wellness coaching that I do. I offer many programs; one-on-one coaching, group coaching, I offer an amazing, wonderful cleanse. So, everything, you can find under jacindahaines.com, but then there’s detourfitness.com as well but jacindahaines.com will lead you right there.


Danielle: Right. Right. Well, that’s awesome and it has been such a pleasure to have you on and it’s just uplifting. I love your spirit

Jacinda: Thank you!

Danielle: I’m glad you came on and I know that the listeners are too. And I hope you guys have found this valuable. And if you have any more questions for Jacinda or for me, there is a voicemail button on this podcast you can click on that and ask your question and we’ll get back to you with an answer. Other than that thank you for listening and as I always say, “dream until your dreams come true.”

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