You are currently viewing Ep. 14: Creating the Ultimate Brand Experience with Narcisse Burchell of Coffee x Hustle

Ep. 14: Creating the Ultimate Brand Experience with Narcisse Burchell of Coffee x Hustle

With such high energy and a flaming spirit, you’d never know all she’s gone through and overcome. Narcisse Burchell sat down in the Dreamer’s Den to reveal how she makes magic breathing new life into brands at Coffee x Hustle. But not before she has a heartfelt discussion about her experience with depression. She boldly shares what many have been reluctant to talk about and how she was able to rise from a dark place. 

Join in on this episode to learn how Narcisse Burchell creates the ultimate brand experience and how you can do the same. 


Danielle: Welcome back for another episode of dreamer’s Den podcast. I’m Danielle Towner and today we have with us Narcisse Burchell and she is a millennial publicist and she is killing it right now. So I had to get her on to talk to her about how she got started and her journey along the way and her secret sauce to success right now. So welcome Narcisse.

Narcisse: Thanks for having me and thanks for pronouncing my name correctly.

Danielle: I know, I know yay! I got it.

Narcisse: It’s always hard for people all the time.

Danielle: Right. I have a tough first name to so I just kinda gave up and just started going by my middle name, girl.

Narcisse: And see my middle name is a little complicated too so I just don’t even bother.

Leaving your 9 to 5 to Start your Dream Business

Danielle: Well, so let’s get into it. So many young entrepreneurs are challenging the way things have always been done, they are making their own paths and I’m loving it. And you’re no exception to it. You left your 9-5 to start your dream business and I want to know what would you tell aspiring business owners who are thinking of taking that leap?

Narcisse: Oh my gosh, so I get asked this question a lot and my answer always changes I think based on my current situation if that makes sense.

Danielle: Mmm

Narcisse: Because I am always learning something new that I wish I would have known then.

Danielle: Right

Narcisse: And I beat myself up for it all the time but the main thing would definitely be if you can stay at your 9-5 stay there. And I know it’s kinda crazy hearing that from me but my 9-5 kinda was interfering with my health. I started having panic attacks and the whole 9. So, I had no choice but to leave or I felt like I was going to kill myself.

Danielle: Oh wow

Narcisse: So I would say if you can stay, if it’s not interfering with your health or well being, stay put and stack your bread and then you can bust. But before then just try to get your game plan together. Because when I left I did not have anything figured out. I did not have any money in my bank account. So, it was just a hard start.

Danielle: Yeah. Yeah.

Narcisse: So definitely just stay put until you’re able to move if you can. If not, I’m the first person to understand.

Danielle: Yeah, I’ve heard other guests say the same thing that it’s nothing wrong with building your business while staying on your 9-5 and I can understand that too because I was in the same position. I was having the migraines traveled from my head to my back, just stressful and I did the same thing, I left with my dollar and my dream. So, I can understand but it worked out to where my plans did work but I definitely understand giving the advice to stay if you can and have a smoother transition.

Narcisse: Yeah

Overcoming Depression to Live your Best Life

Danielle: Now, you kinda touched on it already that you had some things going on but you’re very open about suffering from depression in the past and that’s one thing that’s changed. Like a lot of people haven’t previously been open about it. So how are you able to heal from it? Did entrepreneurship contribute to your healing or what helped you recover from dealing with depression?

Narcisse: I think honestly it was a strong, strong wake-up call. Ok, I was having these panic attacks like I said, I was pregnant while I was dealing with it and all those emotions on top of it. I was still trying to work, but of course, I was still working at the post office so it was me walking rain, hail, sleet, or snow trying to deal with that too. So, it was so much going on and it got to the point I wasn’t talking to my mom, I wasn’t talking to my friends, even my husband now, but my then fiance’. I wasn’t talking to him, I was shutting everybody out and so I was like something has to change right? Something. I don’t know how I gonna have the strength to do it, but something has to change.

Danielle: Mhmm. Mhmm.

Narcisse: So out of no more resources, couldn’t think of what I was gonna do, not wanting to reach out to my family or friends I called the suicide hotline. And it wasn’t that I was contemplating suicide per se. It just was I felt that I was that stressed, you know. Not to the point of killing myself, but just to that point of I don’t know what else to do, right?

Danielle: Right

Narcisse: I needed someone outside with no…Cause you know your family and friends are gonna be “oh we’re here for you.” And when you’re in that state, that’s not what you wanna hear.

Danielle: Right

Narcisse: You know you want somebody who doesn’t know anything about your situation to kinda give you some advice or just talk to you and listen.

Danielle: Right

Narcisse: So I called the suicide hotline and they told me that if it wasn’t like serious danger or I wasn’t to the point of killing myself that someone would have to call me back.

Danielle: Wow

Narcisse: Because they were extremely busy and that kinda just…You know I was kind of infuriated at that point like “how dare you?” You know.?

Danielle: Right

Narcisse: “How dare you tell me that you’ll call me back?” So, at that point it was just like nobody’s going to really help you out of this. Nobody’s going to help you but you. So you have to make this decision to get out of this. You have to get out of the bed, you have a child on the way, you already have a child, so you have the find it in yourself to get up right? And so, I just started praying. I was praying and praying constantly. I got into affirmations. I see that’s kind of a buzz word now but I really started believing. And it was really like faith over fear.

Danielle: Yeah. mhmm

Narcisse: A lot was changing in my life. I had just got into a new relationship. I had just started working at the post office with real serious hours, and I was trying to transition into entrepreneurship. So, I think the whole depression came about with not having anything constant in my life. You know with everything changing, what was I holding on to? What was going to stay normal? So yeah, I would say find it in yourself. You have to just get quiet, get that strength upon yourself and realize that you’re the only person that can really pull yourself out of that slump.

Danielle: Right. Well, I really appreciate you sharing that and I’ve been in similar situations. I appreciate your transparency because some people are afraid to speak up and everytime we do speak up it helps them. And it helps to break that stigma that, oh it’s a crazy thing to deal with that or its unnormal.

Narcisse: It got to the point honestly, I put it out there that I called the suicide hotline and then my experience and I even put myself in the position to tell people “Hey, if you need somebody to talk to like an outside unbiased opinion you can call me”.  And I have just put my number out there like call me, I won’t tell you to call me back.

Creating the Ultimate Brand Experience with Narcisse Burchell of Coffee x Hustle

How to Boost your Business Revenue by Finding your Target Market

Danielle: Right. Right, that’s awesome. That is awesome. Now as I just said, I appreciate your transparency and I think that’s a quality that everybody appreciates about you. And you’re even straight up about the significant increase in your revenue compared to the previous year. How did finding your target audience contribute to that?

Narcisse: Find my target audience really saved my business. When I first quit my job — That’s why I tell people that they need that cushion. They need to stack before they leave because when I left, I didn’t have any money. My bank account was in the negative and I really didn’t know what I was doing when I left. I just was like I can’t do this anymore and I’m gone figure it out. It has no choice but to work. I’m going to figure it out. So I jump in head first. Not afriad of sharks or anything. Just jump and it did not work out at all. At all. I think looking back now I quit my job in October, on my birthday. And October, November, December, those are holiday months. Those are slow months and I didn’t think about that when I left. You know,  people aren’t looking for marketing, branding, any of the services I had to offer at that point. They’re wrapping up the year, right.

Danielle: Right

Narcisse: So around January, maybe we can talk but I quit my job around the slowest time of the year and it showed. Didn’t know my target audience, didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do I just knew I was creative and felt that I could get paid to be creative. So when I finally had to sit down and say “Hey, either you’re gonna get another job or you’re gonna make this work”. So I sat down, started researching, started learning more about a target audience and just started being like you said, transparent with my audience. I started talking more about myself and putting myself into my business. Allowing people to see behind the scenes, how I’m feeling that day. Just being more personable. And that really helped my numbers skyrocket because people was able to see the person behind the brand. I was humanizing my brand.

Danielle: Right

Narcisse: Instead of just giving them a service and stamping a price tag on it like “Hey, go buy this”.

Danielle: Right. Yes, that’s one thing that’s working right now is personal branding. That’s something I’ve struggled with in the past. I’m still breaking out of it. I started a whole business and my face and nothing about me was anywhere. People still probably don’t know that it was my business. And the same thing happened, it didn’t work so.

Narcisse: People like hearing from people. That’s what it is. That’s what it breaks down to.

Danielle: Yeah. They want to know. Well, as Elaine Rau of Lady Boss Blogger put it, they want to know the who behind the what. So.

Narcisse: Exactly. She said it perfectly. Yes.

Danielle: So, now speaking of branding and marketing. The terms marketing and branding come up in business, but we don’t hear a lot about communications strategy. How does this document contribute to a business’s growth? Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Narcisse: I think it’s not mentioned as often as we hear the others. And that’s because it’s the overarching theme, I guess you would say. Those terms kind of fall into your communications strategy. So it’s your target audience, it’s your goals and objectives that you have, the messages that you wanna communicate, It’s the tactical plan. When are you gonna do it? How are you gonna do it? All of those things and also it’s the measurement of all of those goals and objectives and the plan you put into place. Like how did it work out? Was it successful? Was it not? What needs to be changed? It’s really everything that goes into connecting to your target audience. So even as far as creatives, your social media. All of those things go into your strategy. So you can say that more than anything your creative strategy, your communications strategy has to be on point if you expect any sign of growth in your business.

Danielle: Gotcha. That makes sense, that’s your connection to your target audience.

Narcisse: Mhmm. And it can’t just be like any message that you want to put out. It has to be something that will really resonate with your audience. Because you really have to take their needs into consideration. Because I think a lot of times in business, entrepreneurs always feel that their business is about them. When the crazy thing is, it’s actually not. It’s all about who you’re targeting. It’s about what they want. What’s going to encourage them and motivate them to buy.

Danielle: Right

Narcisse: So, if you take the you out of your business, that’s how you’re gonna win.

Creating the Ultimate Brand Experience with Narcisse Burchell of Coffee x Hustle

Creating the Ultimate Branding Experience

Danielle: Awesome! I love that. Now Coffee x Hustle sets the standard  of the ultimate brand experience. How did you do it and how do you help other entrepreneurs create the ultimate brand experience?

Narcisse: You’re going to get tired of me saying this but, it always starts with a target audience. Like it’s always about them. You really have to stalk these people. If you feel like they’re in your target and those are the people that you want to work with, stalk them. Find out where they shop at. Find out where they hang out online. Find out what colors they really resonate with. All of these things are gonna help you create that experience for them. You’ll know where to pass out your marketing materials. You’ll know what event you can do a pop up at and they’ll be there to support you. So it’s like everything you do in your business directly relates back to your target. And that experience that you create is all about, I guess a dreamy vision for them.

Danielle: Right. It’s a couple of things that you say that came to mind when you talk about this. Like how you said to be the “Be the Chick-fil-A of customer service”, and also when you say basically to do what a side chick would do. Slide in their DMs and give them everything that they’re not currently getting with their service provider.

Narcisse: Exactly. You make me sound like a celebrity, I like this. You know my quotes, ok.

Danielle: Yeah

Narcisse: Those are things I really like to teach my audience. Because I like to relate things to what you’re currently dealing with in life or currently know about. Because I feel like that’s the best way to grab your attention and make you pay attention to something for a learning experience. A learning opportunity because if I just put it out there somebody might pass it up. If I just say something like marketing is blah blah blah, they might pass it up. But if I say  “Hey, be a side chick in your business”, they’ll be like wait what she said, she want me to do what.

Danielle: Yeah I love it. It’s dope. It is.

Narcisse Well, thank you.

Work with Narcise James of Coffee x Hustle

Danielle: So, last thing, so if anyone wants to learn from you about how to provider the ultimate branding experience for their client, how can they reach out to you?

Narcisse: They can reach out to me via email at They can reach out to me on Facebook. Narcisse Burchell or Coffee x Hustle. And that’s @narrcisseburchell or @coffeexhustle on Instagram as well.

And their in luck because I just added a new service to and it’s the ultimate experience really. You get to come out to New Orleans and we do a brand intensive for six hours. So we dive into everything in your brand so that you can create the ultimate customer experience.

Danielle: Awesome. Awesome. Well thank you so much so much for coming on. And this has been amazing. I learned some things and I know that what you’ve provided is very valuable. I appreciate you coming on and anyone else that has any questions for me or Narcisse, there will be a voicemail button on this podcast. Just press that button, Ask your question and we’ll get back to you. And as I always say, “ Dream until your dream comes true”.

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