Features vs. Benefits: How to Make Irresistible Offers Using Both

Features vs. Benefits: How to Make Irresistible Offers Using Both

Clarity in your sales and marketing materials can mean the difference between a “yes” or a “no”.

That’s why it’s most effective when you make it plain for your prospect. 

In this episode, Danielle Towner will break down the steps to make an offer your customers can’t refuse:

• Relate to the problem and your potential client (storytelling).
• Present the product or service (the problem solver).
• Discuss the benefits (what’s in it for them?)
• Share some of the features (what the product or service has and does).
• Close with a call-to-action (how can they buy).

Use this strategy for email sales sequences, landing pages, product descriptions and more!

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Danielle Towner | Entrepreneur + Creative Marketing

Danielle Towner (0s): “Get closer than ever to your customers, so close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” This profound quote from Steve Jobs sums up exactly what I’ll be discussing today about that marketing and sales process where you win over your customer, that sales funnel. Today, I’m specifically talking about that mid-to-end part of the sales funnel, where you present your opportunity to your potential customer and you begin to wow them and win them over.

(1m 13s): Now, that takes building a relationship of course, and nurturing that relationship and going through that process. It also takes properly presenting that opportunity and mainly using benefits and features, so you have to know the difference. That’s what I’ll be talking about today. 

I’ll be clarifying what to include in your sales and marketing material to seal the deal and clearing up the difference between benefits and features, and how to use them to your advantage to create an irresistible offer for your clients. This is definitely a show that you want to tune into because you’ll have a lot to take away from it. 

Welcome back for another episode of Dreamer’s Den Podcast. I am your host, Danielle Towner. If you haven’t met me before, I am the owner of Dream Work Creatives. I help entrepreneurs through creative marketing and helping them get an online web presence and build their brand awareness. Now, I’ve been working with clients lately to migrate them to online businesses, to monetize their existing websites, and also to upgrade other functions on their websites. 

(2m 29s): That ranges from setting up online stores, landing pages, sales pages, different things like that, product descriptions on their website. All those things are very important. There are other pieces too that are very important like the copy and the search engine optimization, of course. 

One of the really important things is making it plain for your customers; putting the offer in simple language that they understand and that lets the customer know why they should purchase these items, or why they should work with you on this service. T

hat’s what I want to talk about today, and setting these things up, whether you’re working with a marketing person or a business consultant to get these set up or whether you’re doing it yourself. You want to make sure that it’s clear what to include in your sales and marketing material to seal the deal, to close these sales, to convert spectators and prospects to long term repeat clients.

(3m 59s): Now, this is the middle to the bottom level of your sales funnel. Depending on how long your sales sequence is and the process you’re taking, what avenue you’re pulling prospective clients from, this would be around day five or seven of your sales sequence or a combination of those days in your sales sequence. 

Make sure that it’s after building and nurturing the relationship on social media, on your blog, in video, in your DMs, in all those different routes that you use to communicate with your target market and communicate with your audience. Make sure that you get time to nurture that relationship, and that you’re using those avenues to properly target them. Make sure that you’re doing your research ahead of time. That’s the first step. 

You don’t want to shove what you’re selling down their throats from the jump or just shout it from the rooftop that that’s your objective because your objective is to help as many people as you can with what you’re passionate about. You have to do it with a strategic sales and marketing plan. Here are the steps that you will use to seal the deal.

(5m 14s): You want to identify with the prospect and their problem. Like I said, after you’ve done your research on your target market, you’ve identified where they are, what they do, what they like, how you can help them, and what are the problems that you’re trying to solve. There are different ways that you can do this that I have previously discussed.

 An easy way to start is on social media and using your search feature in these groups. Using your search feature on Pinterest, using Google AdWords or just the search engine, using different forums and different communities to look at the questions that they’re asking, the comments that they’re making. Look at your own social media audience to see what questions and comments they have.

(6m 2s): I’ve gone into this in detail. That is where you want to start in. The first step in your sales process is to identify with the prospect and their problem. You want to introduce your solutions, which is your product or service, present the benefits first, and then share some of the features. 

When I say identify with the prospect an their problem, you want to communicate with them in a way that you’re showing empathy or that you’re sharing a story that relates to where they all are, or the problem that they’re having, or the question that they have, whatever it is that you’re trying to solve. 

Share a story or a circumstance that helps you relate to them and let’s them know that you’ve been there, and that’s how you came up with this solution, and that’s why you’re presenting it to them. You want to help people to not be in the same position where you were. 

Next, you would want to introduce your solution, which is your product or service. Like I said, going into you’ve been there, but this thing is what helped to change my situation, to solve my problem, and now I’m sharing this thing with you.

(6m 44s): An example from me would be, when I was first getting into online business and blogging, I had several experiences with website designers and website developers and I was never completely satisfied. 

They would hit the mark or it will be a lot of back and forth, or I would be left in a situation where I couldn’t really necessarily manage the website the way that I wanted to. They would leave me dependent on them, which is fine. Partially, that’s a part of their hustle or how they make their money or how they get repeat clients. 

(7m 26s): I knew that I needed, especially at that time with very little resources and making very little money from my blog, I knew that I needed to be in a position to be able to manage that more so myself. I started paying attention. I started from trial and error, but I learned how to build websites on my own. 

Identifying with a problem with somebody who is in that same area where they have a desire or need to DIY their website, I can offer solutions to walk them through step by step how to build their own website or present to them my course where I teach you how to build a website from scratch. 

(8m 15s): That’s an example of a story where you can relate to their problem. And you can introduce your solution. 

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Now, next would be to present the benefits. Now, this is where some people get crossed up or they don’t distinguish the benefits from the features. 

Let’s talk about the benefits. I like to call it ‘The Benefits Wow Factor’ because you want to start to wow your client or your prospect. You want them to feel like this is something that they need. This is something that will add value to their life, will shorten the time that they have to spend on something, will make their life easier. 

You need to present it to them in a way that lets them know what’s in it for them. Have you ever presented an opportunity to somebody or seen somebody present an opportunity, whether it’s in a movie, whether it’s in real life, you’ve seen bad guy movies whether it’s a good situation or a bad situation, when you’re trying to convince everybody to go all in with it, they present their opportunity and it’s like, “Yeah, I hear all that, but what’s in it for me?” 

Basically, that’s what your client or your prospect is going to say. “I hear what you’re saying, but what’s in it for me?” Now, you’ve warmed them up from the beginning with step one, with identifying with them, “I’ve had this problem.

(11m 9s): I know where you’re coming from. This is what I did.” But you need to take it further with answering what’s in it for me, by presenting those benefits. The benefits are, what it’s going to do for your prospect or your potential client. 

(12m 5s): What will this thing do for them? Here’s some examples of benefits. 

(12m 45s): “You’ll get your laundry done in half the time.” “This satin pillowcase helps you have flawless skin and retains moisture in your hair.” “If you use this lip gloss, you’ll never have to reapply mid-day again.” Some of the people that are in the same industry as me, one of the funny things that they like to say is, “You can get off the struggle bus.” A benefit using struggle bus would be, “You can get off the struggle bus once I show you how to make sales in your business.” Everybody wants to get off the struggle bus, right? 

Next, you would share the features. You want to share the benefits first. You want to wow them first. You want to tell them what’s in it for me, before they check out and say, “Okay. I heard this and I’m not interested.” Wow them first and then go back and share some of the features with them. The features would basically be what this thing does and how it does it. Basically, how is it going to provide these benefits for me? Why is it set up to do so? How do I know it’s going to do what you say it’s going to do? 

(13m 26s): Features would be how the washer is manufactured. How is it going to do a shorter yet more rigorous wash load so that I can do my laundry in half the time? What does it have that allows it to do that? The fabric of the satin pillowcase would be a feature. The pigmentation and the ingredients in this lip color that’s going to help it last longer and last all day, that would be a feature for that. 

What you’ll get as part of your coaching package, “With this session where I’m going to teach you how to make sales and get off this struggle bus, here’s what comes with that.” Those are the features and you would give that last to say, “Here’s what you’ll get.” 

Then you go in for the close. You tell them how they can get it. “Click this link in my bio.” “Click this link here to go to this product. ” “Click this link here to book your time with me.” Wherever it is, “Add it to Your Cart Now,” “Buy Now.”, You go in for the close after that.

(14m 40s): I wanted to go through this process because, as I said, there are a lot of people are setting up to present their products and their services and I want you to be able to have higher conversion rates because you have a clear marketing and sales strategy. 

You present it to your customer in a simple way, in a clear way, that lets them know what they’re getting, why they should get it, how it solves their problem, and what the features are. That you have an understanding of the features versus the benefits so that going forward you’ll be able to present that in the most effective way. 

That is all I have for you today. Use this, like I said, to make that irresistible offer. If you need more one-on-one, help, feel free to go to danielletowner.com/dream-biz-tree, and you can look at more of my marketing tutorials or you can book a private consultation with me. We’ll get you all set up and where you need to be to market, to target and to convert prospects to buyers. 

If you have any questions for me and you’re listening to this from the Anchor platform, feel free to press the record button and ask your question.

(15m 26s): If you’re listening from my website, leave a question in the comments. For more daily tips like these, you can follow me on instagram.com/dreamworkcreatives. Thank you, guys, for listening. As I always say, dream until your dream comes true.

How to Make Irresistible Offers Using Features and Benefits

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