Feeling Burned Out on Freelance Writing? Here’s How to Fix It

Feeling Burned Out on Freelance Writing? Here’s How to Fix It

When you go from 0 to 100 with your clientele (and your invoices), it’s an exciting experience. Profiting from your passion ignites a different kind of fire and motivation in you. Even if freelance writing is your superpower, you know there’s only so many words you can kick out in a day. At some point your mind, creativity or fingers will go into overload and need a reboot.

Those joys and pains are the nature of a service-based business. I remember being strictly a freelance blogger and writer. The feeling of burnout still resonates in my mind too. If creativity is your craft and freelancing is your desire, what do you do? You work smarter, not harder by using one of the strategies below.

Get Rid of Some of Your Clientele

I know, it sounds scary or even crazy even. The thought of bills and business expenses come to mind and you want to cling to every client for dear life. Reducing the amount of clients can actually help you save and make money. Scaling back on clients reduces your volume of work. Decreasing your workload saves time and cuts back on the cost of doing business.

If you’re working your fingers to the bone on writing assignments, you need to find a way to cut back without losing your income. Do this by giving yourself a raise. Not a gas station or utility company price spike kind of raise. That’ll probably put you out of business. Raise your rates gradually.

As you reach milestones where your quality and skill level improve, give yourself an evaluation. Weigh in feedback and reviews from clients. Look at the market rate for the type of writing service you provide. Think about the amount of time, planning and research you devote to your projects. What is the turnaround time in getting assignments back to your clients and do you meet those goals?

Based on these factors, increase your rate per piece or per word.  Choose a timeline such as monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually to merge in those changes. Be reasonable and communicate your changes to current clients in a professional manner. Always communicate rate changes in writing.

Some clients will back off, but not to worry. They’re not the ones who value your hard work anyway. Most often, they’re the ones who annoy you and suck up all your energy. You increasing your worth will fill in the gap for clients that you lose. You will earn more per word, which means less writing and more free time if you choose. Know what else it means? Less burn out.

Start and Monetize a Blog

Most freelance writers are already bloggers, and many started out that way. If you’re not, you should be. A a blog is a convenient and inexpensive way to showcase your best writing skills. Potential clients will most likely ask for a portfolio or writing samples. Publish some of your best work and send those links to prospects.

Your blog will give you a space to keep writing during down time.  It’s also a great way to inspire and teach others, network, and build traffic. The next step is to put your blog to work for you and monetize it. If you’re saying to yourself, “freelance writing is how I monetize my blog”, then it’s time to add in some new revenue streams. These could be products, services, passive income or a mix.

Accept Other Project Types

Not everyone’s destiny is to solely devote themselves to writing. Some of us need to mix it up or at least throw in a change sometimes. Writing isn’t the only remote project available for freelancers. If you run your own blog, you’re already familiar with many of these skills.

You probably know how to build a website, design eye-catching Pinterest pins, manage social media accounts, and much more. Some entrepreneurs are making a profitable living from managing search engine optimization (SEO) for their clients.

Virtual Assistants (VAs) devote themselves to many projects like these. Their objective is to help business owners lighten their load and succeed by managing their online tasks. This could be you! To get started, think of all the skills you have and services you can offer. Put it in writing and start pitching and marketing yourself.

You can also find companies like Appen, iSoftstone, and LionBridge who offer similar short tasks. These will also give you some variety while adding to your earnings.

Feeling Burned Out on Freelance Writing? Here's How to Fix It

Create A Unique Product or Service

You don’t necessarily have to reinvent the wheel since there’s room for everyone, but innovation is happening all around us. Want to go beyond freelance writing? Put on your thinking cap and answer a question or solve a problem with a new product or service. What could a freelancer like yourself use to make your job or life easier?

Apps like Buffer and Tailwind came from solving a problem for bloggers and marketers like us. Businesses like Pinterest VAs came from freelancers putting an innovative twist on a familiar position. With the Pinterest boom, they saw an opportunity knocking and they answered.

Write an E-Book

This is a common way bloggers either monetize their blog or build their money making mailing list. It’s a way to incorporate passive income into your revenue streams. Once you write the first book, you can make money from the same product over and over again. That’s one benefit freelancing doesn’t have.

If you narrowed down your niche properly, you have enough experience to be an expert in your field. The book will solidify that, and you can use a lot of the content and subject matter from your blog.

Of course it still takes work, but the benefits are much sweeter. Put together a high quality book and promote like your life depends on it.

Amazon is a popular option for selling both digital and print books. It’s easy to setup and low in cost on the front end, but you won’t take home all of the selling price. Setting up your own store is another low-cost option. It will take some work and more promotion, but you will keep more of your profits. WooCommerce is a well-known method for setting up your store on your website.

Sell Other Digital Products

Selling other digital products  works the same way as selling e-books. After you have some experience as a blogger, you probably will get your feet wet in the graphic design pool. Selling some of your designs as templates is a way to earn passive income. You can put in work on one design and sell the same template to multiple customers.

Etsy and Zazzle make it convenient to sell these items or you can use a combination of WooCommerce and Canva.

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