Get to Know Danielle Towner of Dream Work Creatives

Get to Know Danielle Towner of Dream Work Creatives

No need for a pen and paper during this all pleasure, no business podcast episode. Just grab your favorite drink and get ready for storytime. I’ll be sharing a few fun facts about me to help us get acquainted.

If you find we have something in common or just want to say hello, drop me a message. I’ll leave the form of communication up to you!

Danielle Towner | Entrepreneur + Digital Creative Resources

Danielle Towner (0s): “Dream until your dreams come true.” That’s the quote that I always end my episode with, but I’m starting with that quote today because it’s one of my favorites. Although it’s discussing a dream and, of course, you know that it takes more than just a dream to make your dreams come true, there’s something in between that dream and that until, and it’s called work. I know that you have to do the work to make your dreams come true. I’m just naturally a dreamer and I believe that those things are attainable.

Danielle Towner (33s): The reason why I started that quote, that comes from a song called Dream On from Aerosmith is because today’s episode is going to be all about us getting acquainted. I wanted to do something more relaxed and do a chill episode, a chill podcast where I take a moment to share more about me. In the past, I’ve been a pretty private person. I started off afraid to even post pictures of myself on my websites and on my social media platforms.

Danielle Towner (1m 38s): I’ve come a long way and I feel really free and really great about it. Today, I want to shed some of those walls and start shedding some of those layers and get more acquainted with you guys; help you get to know me because I want us to feel like family. I want to get to know you guys too. Keep on listening to learn more about me and reply back. Give me some feedback and tell me some things about you too.

Danielle Towner (2m 28s): Welcome back for another episode of Dreamer’s Den Podcast. If this is your first time listening, I’m Danielle Towner of Dream Work Creatives. I help entrepreneurs build their brand awareness and online presence through website design, content marketing, and digital products. If this is your first time, I’m so happy to have yo. This is the perfect time to come on this podcast because, as I have talked about before, this episode is all about getting to know more about me. I say it’s perfect because that’s where it starts. You’ll be able to figure out if my personality fits with what you’re looking for. Then we’ll pick up with more business training and more things to help you build and grow your online business. After this episode, I will be throwing in the mix some more relaxed, more laid-back episodes, still tied in or relating to business. It could be just talks about current events or teachable moments within things that are going on in the world or in the community. Just things that I’ve seen or feedback that I’ve seen, or things that you guys may want to talk about or hear about. I’m looking forward to throwing in, sprinkling in this new content and I hope you guys are too.

Danielle Towner (3m 47s): About me: let’s start with the simple things that people start with. I was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. I am a mother of one and he’s completely changed my life. I’m a mother of a two-year-old son. Right now, we’re going through potty training and he’s giving me a run for my money. So, any advice that you guys have, if any of you are momprenuers out there or moms and you’ve been through this, you’re going through it, and you’ve got some tips for me, I’m open for it. He’s a busy, energetic boy but I’m enjoying it. He’s keeping me busy, young, and motivated. That consumes a lot of my day and my time besides entrepreneurship right now, especially with things being the way that they are in our environment and just trying to keep us home and safe.

Danielle Towner (4m 48s): When I’m not doing business, I like to spend my time doing a couple of things. Pre-COVID, I loved to travel, whether it’s playing, doing a road trip. I like seeing and trying new things. I also like catching a good movie, whether it’s going to the movies or doing something at home. I know a lot of people enjoy watching movies, but me being a creative, I look really deep into it. I like to see or observe how it was put together. I just like seeing things unfold, that started from scratch or started from nothing and turned into this huge, amazing thing.

Danielle Towner (5m 46s): That’s part of why I like movies; to look at how it was written, how it was produced, how it was put together, the set of it, the acting, all of it. I enjoy that. That’s a way that I also can take my mind off work and off of responsibilities for a moment and just enjoy the moment. Movies are one of my things. The type of movies; a lot of different ones. Sometimes action, sometimes romantic comedies, I love comedies; a mix of those things. One type of movie that I don’t like is horror films or anything like that. I don’t like some of those moments that have my heart beating or my adrenaline rushing. Sometimes I like that, but not in the form of something that is going to have me scared long after the movie. That’s one of the things I like.

Danielle Towner (7m 12s): People who know me already know I like snacks and I like sweets. If I’m getting out of hand in the weight area, I know exactly what I need to cut back on. You got to know it’s more about diet than exercise. It’s activity and your diet. We’ve learned that it’s a higher percentage about how you eat and eating well. I do like eating well, but I always find myself wanting to have something sweet. Some of those are like gummy, candy, or my favorite dessert. I’m torn between cupcakes because I love a good cupcake. I tend to have cupcakes in every location that I travel to. I also love strawberry shortcake. If there’s a way to mix the two, that is the best thing ever to me if you got me that. I used to read quite a bit. I don’t know read as much as I used to and that’s something that I want to get back into. I fell off with that after the pregnancy phase and taking care of a little human. I fell off with reading books. That’s something that I used to enjoy. If you all have some good recommendations for me, some good books that you’re reading, share them in the comments like how to jump back with reading, what do you think a good book would be?

Danielle Towner (8m 14s): The last book I read was The Lemon Spirit and that was written by Shamek’o A Barren. I posted about that on Instagram. It was basically a book about coping with anxiety and depression. It was a really good read. It was an easy read. It wasn’t a dry book and it wasn’t a dark book. It had humor mixed into it. It wasn’t making light of the situation, but it made it easier to read. It was a really good book, an informative book, and it gave insight into things that you really could practice on a daily basis to help you live and cope with anxiety and depression.

Danielle Towner (9m 9s): Some people are dealing with anxiety who have never experienced that before in light of recent events with social issues, with health things that are going on with COVID, with protests because of unfair and unjust treatment in the Black community. Some people are dealing with anxiety that haven’t had to experience that. I think that is a good book to help with that. It made me feel like it’s okay to reach out for help and to not feel like there is something wrong with you or feel ostracized because you’re reaching out for help. I got long-winded on that, but that was one of the last books that I read. I love colors and art and I like good writing. If I’m not reading a book, I may be reading something on Medium or reading something from another blogger because I like good writing.

Danielle Towner (10m 9s): I like natural products: natural hair products, natural oils and soap, anything like that. I prefer to stick to things that are natural and less harsh on myself or on the world, the environment. I’m kind of a foodie. I’ve always had online businesses. Even though I have an MBA and I have a business background and I know how to start and run a physical business, I’ve always had online businesses and I’ve always wanted it to be that way. Actually, I planned out boutiques and bridal consignments and ideas like that, and I’ve helped other people execute the events and things, but my first shot at business was online business.

Danielle Towner (10m 53s): One of those was a blog. It was a travel blog called The Taste Team. I’m a foodie so that’s how I started it. It was doing reviews on different restaurants. It was more than just the food. It was just the overall experience. Different restaurants, different lodging and hotel locations, attractions and things like that. It was fun and it helped me to learn. That was quite a learning experience for me. It helped me to learn what worked and what doesn’t. It helped me to learn about website design and what’s successful with that and what’s not and website monetization.

Danielle Towner (11m 34s): I have since retired that to focus more on helping others build their online business, but I enjoyed that experience. It was just something that I got to the point to where it’s like I know that I’m trying to open myself up more, but I don’t want to have to start recording and take pictures every time I go somewhere or write about that experience every time I go. I want that to be a part of my downtime and just relaxing. I wanted to separate business from that, if that makes sense. I was tired of it but I had no regrets there.

Danielle Towner (12m 8s): What else about me? I said I was going to tell maybe some funny stories or embarrassing stories. Okay. I have a story about childhood. Like I said, I was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. My parents were married up until I was about 13. Before that time, I spent a lot of time with my father because he worked until he had an accident at work. That was when I was in either preschool or kindergarten. He had an accident at work. Before that time, my mom worked sometimes and sometimes she would be a stay at home mom. After that, they switched things up where my dad was at home more and my mom was working. I spent a lot more time with my dad from the age of probably nine going on up. After the divorce, I spent a lot of time with my dad.

Danielle Towner (12m 40s): I was probably mainly raised by a male.

Danielle Towner (13m 13s): Leading up to what I was talking about, when I was about 11, I was in the sixth grade, my best friend, we both attended the same middle school, and we both signed up for swimming lessons at one of the local high schools. We were taking swimming lessons all weekend. She was killing it. She was amazing and I was the goofy one. I was catching on, but I was no swan. I wasn’t killing it like she was.

Danielle Towner (14m 42s): I was catching on and I finally got it, but on the last day, we had to dive off the diving board into the deep end and swim all the way to the shallow end. We took turns doing that. It’s my turn and I get fairly far. I struggled a little bit, but I got all the way across to the shallow end and then everybody had to go in, try it again or do it again. Well, I get out of the pool and I’m sprinting my way all the way around the swimming pool. I get all the way around to the line, to the diving board. One of the girls that we were getting acquainted with, that was in the class, she goes, “Oh my God.” She’s frantic. I’m like, “What is wrong? What’s going on with her?” She pointed down at my swimsuit and I had on a bikini and the top was balled up over my chest, up to my neck. I had to try to hurry up and fix that and get myself together. After that, it was funny. It wasn’t funny in that moment, but it was funny after that.

Danielle Towner (15m 30s): I have a couple of more stories, other embarrassing moments because I used to be bad at tripping, spilling things, and stuff like that but I’m better now. I think I’m better now. That’s a funny or a crazy thing about me. I don’t dance that well, but I’ve gotten to the point that I don’t care. I dance how I dance, to my rhythm or whatever. One of my biggest fears, I would say that I’m primarily not really fearful of things, but I would say that I became more reserved when I became a mom. Things that I used to, even with travel, I’m like, “Yeah, I want to go sky diving. I want to try this; I want to try that.” For a while after that, it made me think about, “I have to do my best to make it home to my son so I can’t even try all this stuff.” I think that you go through different phases when you become a mom. It opens up another part of your mind that was never open before. So you have to learn how to deal with that and to chill out.

Danielle Towner (16m 0s): At first, it’s like your mind is just trying to adjust to this and it’s having so many thoughts all over the place. Now, as far as certain things, I may not be as much as a risk taker, but in business or in certain areas, I don’t feel like I’m fearful of anything. Other than that, I try to be wise about my decisions, but not live in fear and just be prayerful and trust God. I think that is it for now.

Danielle Towner (16m 34s): Those are some of the fun facts about me. I could go on and on, but I just want to share a few things to help you get to know me. I throw in little bits and pieces and stories into other podcasts and I’ll continue to do that. We may do another one of these episodes at another time. I have to tell you exactly what episode it was, I posted in the comments. There’s another episode that tells more about my business stories.

Danielle Towner (17m 35s): You can listen to that and also The Welcome and Introduction to Dreamer’s Den Podcast to learn what the podcast is all about. I am happy to be sharing with you guys and to help you to get to know me and I hope to get to know you guys more too. Like I said, if you have any questions, if you want to share anything with me, if you could relate to anything that we talked about, post it in the comments if you are listening to it from my website If you are listening from the Anchor platform, you can actually press a record button and leave a voicemail of your feedback and any comments you want to make. You can also always reach me on my social media at Dream Work Creatives. That’s where I am on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, and I’m getting ready to close. As I always end and as I opened today, dream until your dreams come true.

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