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How to Easily Sell Digital Products With ConvertKit Commerce

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ConvertKit Commerce has been giving digital creators life through their email marketing platform. Now ConvertKit Commerce is helping us go even higher by selling all digital products in the same place. It’s another form of proof that you can still make money online with or without a website.

Digital products are goods or media that can be distributed online without the need to manage physical inventory. These products are often delivered in downloadable or streamable formats, such as PDFs, MP3s, videos, software, or templates.

But, creating digital products can take a lot of time and effort to create.  It would be disappointing and frustrating to have wasted all that effort on something that won’t sell, right?  E-mail is the simplest, cheapest marketing tool you have and the most direct way of reaching potential customers. But, how do you make it give more of an impact and convince your customers to buy your products?

8 Simple Steps to Sell Digital Products from ConvertKit


ConvertKit Commerce has got you!  ConvertKit Commerce allows you to offer and sell digital products and services with hosted landing pages. So, you don’t need a website.  You can sell anything that can be delivered as a digital download, including courses, books, and subscriptions.  ConvertKit Commerce makes it easy for you to get paid for the work you do, and earn a living online without needing a complicated e-commerce website.  This digital product platform is free to use whether you have a paid or a free plan. Try ConvertKit Commerce!


Most e-commerce platforms don’t come with email marketing features and vice versa. But, ConvertKit combines the two into a single platform.  It’s fast, hassle-free, simple, and easy to use, and has all the tools you’ll need in setting up your digital products.  You can sell directly through your existing ConvertKit account. All you need to do is create a product and set up payments to start selling.
ConverKit Commerce Digital Product Kiss your Health 90-Day Fitness & Nutrition Program

Dream Work Creatives’ client, Ashley Lockett of At Home Fitness Health and Wellness, LLC was able to start making sales immediately after launching her digital fitness program on ConvertKit Commerce along with my custom sales page design.


It’s not rocket science.  Here are 8 simple steps to set up your digital product, service, or subscription in ConvertKit:

1. Make sure you have the details ready such as photos or graphics, copy, color codes, discount codes, email content, etc

Having all your things lined up and prepared upfront helps the process go smoother. Placing your text, copy, or notes in one document or on boards, and images in one folder help organize your elements.

2. Log on to ConvertKit and click the Products button on the top navigation

Create a ConvertKit account by answering a few questions, then click on “Products” to start your ConvertKit Commerce journey.

3. Click the reddish-orange New Product button to the right

Pretty much self-explanatory. Go ahead and click on the button.

4. Follow the steps to add your product or service

You’ll be asked to fill out several details about your product.  Give your product a name. Then you can select whether the cost of this product is a single fee or a recurring charge. Finally, set this product’s price, then select your product type.

Screenshot of ConvertKit Digital Product Setup

Upload the file in the space provided.  Set your product’s domain name, which will be the direct link to the product. If you don’t want your product downloaded on this site, you can choose to send it as an attachment to an automated email. If you have Google Docs or Dropbox, that’s an alternative domain where your customers can get their purchased product.Screenshot of convertkit custom domain setup for digital product

Once you hit “create product”, you’ll see your Home Page.  You’ll be using a general template layout, but customizable.  You can change or add images, design elements, place in copy, adjust the text and change the color scheme. The Checkout Page is customizable too.

screenshot of convertkit digital product setup

6. Go to Settings to add or change any of the pricing, discount, fulfillment, or domain details

Review everything before you click publish.  You can change any of the details you set on the Settings page. This is also where you can add coupon codes and share them in emails later.

Automations are sort of like a map for subscribers to begin their journey through a series of different actions.  Set up your automation and create a Sequence a.k.a. autoresponders.  This is where a series of emails will automatically be sent in order.  The send times and delays can be set and adjusted.  Adding subscribers can be done manually or connected to automation, which you can customize to your preferences. 

screen shot of convertkit automated email sequence setup

When you’re happy with all of the details you put in, hit the save button, and that’s it!  Your product has been created and you’re ready to sell.  Yay!

You can embed the direct link of your product onto your website or copy and share the link to your mailing list.  You also have the option to send out discount code links.

8. Set up your confirmation email if needed

Creating a confirmation email message, acknowledging that you received their order, gives it a personal touch.  Let them know any details regarding the transaction and expect additional instructions in getting their product, if there is. 
screenshot of convertkit commerce digital product thank you page

It Makes Life So Much Simpler

Happy ConvertKit users and converts have raved about how easy it’s made it to reach their target audience and earn.  Here are a few reasons why you should try it yourself:

  • One product means fewer distractions for customers.  Transferring from one platform to another is less distracting and confusing.
  • Simple checkout and payment process.  Something complicated will turn off your customers from ordering or coming back.  Keeping it simple, keeps your customers.
  • Easy to set up.  Template-based with easy instructions, make it simple and efficient.
  • Receipt and confirmation email templates included.  Just a few tweaks of the copy, and you’ve sent an acknowledgment receipt to your customer with a personal touch.
  • Connected to ConvertKit email marketing. ConvertKit helps create autoresponders and helps you stay out of your customer’s spam folder with its high delivery rate, and a healthy reputation with email providers.
  • No website is needed.  You can do the selling of your digital products right on the ConvertKit site.

Start Selling!

Now that you’ve created your digital product to sell, don’t forget to set up your Stripe payments to bring in the cash.  This is a prerequisite for publishing your product.  Once you’re done, you’re on your way.  So, get on ConvertKit Commerce and start selling those products!  Cha-ching!

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