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How to Get 14,000 Monthly Web Visits With Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest marketing is hands down, the best platform to drive clicks and traffic to your shop, online business, or blog. 

Bloggers, professionals, and businesses of all types have gained a whole new stream of income from their Pinterest strategies. And you can too!

My special guest and business bestie is here today to tell you all about the best way to start reaping the benefits of Pinterest for Business.

Shiboyn Beharry of ShevyDigital has launched and grown not one, but two online companies. Her first was a fashion and beauty blog and her second was a digital marketing company.

Pinterest marketing was instrumental in Shevy’s growth and now drives 14,000 visitors to her website each month (and counting…). She’s stepping into Dreamer’s Den to talk about it in her own hilarious way.

Get ready to hear:

  • How Shevy got her start in business.
  • How Pinterest marketing has contributed to her success.
  • How Dream Work Creatives became a client for Pinterest marketing.
  • Her best Pinterest marketing tips for beginners to flourish

These are the marketing tutorials I mentioned to learn all things Pinterest:

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Danielle Towner | Entrepreneur + Digital Creative Resources

Danielle Towner (0s): The headlines are not meant to inform. They are meant to sell. that genius quote from online marketer, Chad Underwood hits the nail on the head of what is the foundation of what to take away from today’s episode. Makes sure that you are on point with your headlines and with your titles. Now today’s episode, is still continuing with the Profiting from your Pinterest Marketing series. And today, we have a special guest. That’s part of the core advice that she gives of what you should know as a new Pinterest Marketer and what you should always continue to practice, make sure your headlines and your title are on point.

0 (46s): Now that’s the only one of several nuggets that she gives us during this episode. Today our special guest is Shiboyn Beharry ShevyDigital, also known as my time saver and my Pinterest manager. She has a thing or two to tell you about Pinterest marketing and how to build a following, how to get traffic and how to get sales from your website. So keep on listening as we have a fun discussion about how Shevy and I got acquainted and how she became my Pinterest manager.

0 (1m 25s): And what you can learn from her about Pinterest marketing and if you want to become a Pinterest manager for yourself. So keep listening for more.

1 (1m 40s): <music>

0 (1m 46s): Welcome back for another episode of Dreamer Den podcast. I’m your host, Danielle Towner. And if you’re joining us for the first time, I am so happy to have you. Today we are having a special guest. We’re continuing with our profiting from your Pinterest marketing series. And so I was telling you guys, I’ve been telling you that I’m all about delegate and automate. And so I have been delegating some of my tasks. And recently one of those tasks has been my Pinterest marketing or my Pinterest managements. So I’ve delegated that task and I wanted to have my Pinterest manager join me to give some insight and some of her tips on Pinterest marketing And that goes along with all the things that we’ve been going over in the past few weeks.

0 (2m 40s): So I mentioned to you guys that she’d becoming on, but let’s talk about a little background. Let me give you a little bit of background on us. So a few years ago, I think it may have been around, it had to be around 2016. I was running a travel blog. It was a travel and food review website, and she was a travel blogger too. So we came across each other. I believe it was in a Facebook group. Lady Boss blogger, Elaine Rau, she has a very large Facebook group of women who have online businesses and blogs and they network.

0 (3m 28s): And so back in the day they had these things called Instagram pods. They may still do it, but we along with the group of ladies, we decided to get together and do an Instagram part so that we can help to boost each other’s engagement, comments, and exposure. Things like that. So that’s how we got acquainted. And then I ended up taking a little break and I had a baby. But then we got reconnected once I launched my marketing company.

0 (4m 11s): And so we’ve been like business besties since then. We talk, we vent, we, we share advice and we help keep each other motivated because entrepreneurship is hard. It’s hard. It’s rewarding and it’s hard at the same time. But we became business besties and she reached out to me a while back. And she was like, well, she knew that I was looking for a Pinterest manager. I needed some help. I need you to get some things off of my plate. Full time mom trying to grow the business, all of that. So she reached out and said, “have you thought about me doing your Pinterest management?”

0 (4m 56s): And I was like, “wow”. I had never thought about it, but I knew how capable she was. I saw the things that she had been doing with her business and her account. And so that was perfect. I trusted her, I knew her, and of course I like her. So that was perfect. So enough ranting from me, but I want to introduce you to Shiboyn Beharry of ShevyDigital and Travel Beauty Blog. Thanks for joining us.

Shiboyn Beharry (5m 31s): Thank you for having me on Danielle and for those wonderful words. I did remember that time when we met back in 20, that was actually the year I started my blog. I started in late November of 2016, and it would have been through a Facebook group as you rightly said that we met. But before I go in a rant about how we met, let me just introduce myself. My name is Shiboyn Beharry. You can call me Shevy. I am the owner of a content marketing and consulting agency. And I started at this agency actually at the beginning of 2020.

2 (6m 10s): with the hope that I can quit my nine to five very soon in the near future. So I can work from home and be able to spend more time with my daughter. So back about how we actually met. It was really, really weird how are we connected, but I’m super grateful that we did it on that day and we have always kept in contact. But what is funny though, is that I too had a baby. I also took a break from blogging. I went on, I had a baby. So around the time when you came back to, well, after you had finished with the travel blog and you get back to your marketing business, that is the time when I came back after having a baby.

2 (6m 59s): Which is around the time I decided to start my agency, actually. I did a couple of online courses as well, which were very helpful. And yeah, that’s how I got started with my own agency.

Danielle (7m 14s): Yeah. And I thought that it was so crazy that we both kind of had the same experience. And then, we came back in and just started rebuilding and it just gives you a new focus when you have that type of responsibility.

Shiboyn (7m 29s): Exactly. Because even when I started, I started doing the travel blogging as you rightly said. But I have always had a passion for fashion and beauty, things like that. So after about a year into the travel blogging, I decided to change the whole concept of my blog and it became fully about fashion and beauty. Which is really my true passions. I mean, yes, I love to travel and stuff like that. But because of my job, I was not able to keep up with traveling. And with being a travel blogger, you have to travel. So, I was like, “okay, you know what?” People used to always asks me, “are you a model, are you a model?”

2 (8m 9s): So I think I took that literally. I decided, hey, I already love so much. People are always ask me whether I’m a model or not. So I think that part of that lead to “okay, yes, you can really do this beauty and fashion blogging as opposed to the travel blogging and not being able to literally travel as much as I would like.

Danielle (8m 34s): Awesome. So you gave a lot of insight into like how you got started, but what made you want to start the blog in the first place. And then kind of tell us how that led you to start a marketing company?

Shiboyn (8m 49s): Well the funny thing about it is when I started blogging in 2016, that was just hobby to escape the corporate world. I had just moved Panama because of my travel. And I had a lot of free time on my hands. So I started doing research and I started learning and more about this blogging thing. And it was like, “hey, maybe I should just start a blog or for fun.” And literally, that is how it started. At the time, I had no idea that it was even as a feasible way to make money or that some people even did that as well as a full time job. So I was like, okay.

2 (9m 28s): Years later into this thing, I realized I can actually do this and make money. So why not? So, it’s sad to say that I didn’t start with the plan of making this my full time job, but along the way I realized, hey, this is something that I really want to do. So about maybe early, at the at the beginning of 2019, is when I really took my blog serious. I really started looking at it as a blog and also as a business. So I started, focusing more into the marketing and affiliate marketing monetizing strategies.

2 (10m 8s): And I was like, okay I just can’t be just throwing affiliate links all over hoping that people will buy. I actually took it seriously. I decided, hey I want to make money. I want to make this full time as possible. And yeah, that’s how I decided to turn this thing into an actual as opposed to a hobby. But really and truly, it started as a hobby.

Danielle (10m 32s): Well and I think that’s the beauty of it as a creative, like how you start with the passion and then you are not so focused on money, money, money. You are giving it all of that you have. And then it kind of evolves into that.

Shiboyn (10m 47s): But sometimes, it did feel like a disadvantage. Because at the time when I started, I did not know all of these things. And its like during in the blogging journey, I’ve started reading income reports about oh, this person’s made so much money and so much money. I was like, I’ve been blogging for like two years and I have not even made a dollar. So I was like, in a way I felt cheated, but what I always come back to is like, listen, when I started this thing, it was not for the money. It was honestly a hobby. So that kind of made me find a balance between, looking at what people said they were making as opposed to what I – I mean I was not making any money.

Shiboyn (11m 32s): But I was like okay, these people when they started, they had a plan. They knew they were going to do this for a living.

2 (11m 38s): And maybe that is why they took them seriously. And they were able to make money to during that time. But honestly, like sometimes even today I feel like looking back, I was like two or three years in. I now started making money with my blog. Like I feel sort of ashamed to say that. <laughter>

Danielle (11m 51s): But you know, people never talk about the struggle. They always talk about when they made it and what they made at that point. But everybody has their struggle.

Shiboyn (12m 8s): Yeah and the thing is, blogging is really hard. And its really hard to make money. Regardless of what you might think people are, okay, I need this amount of money and two months and the first six months. No, it’s not like that for every, for every blogger. Actually, most people don’t make money from their blogs. And it’s very hard, and a lot of new bloggers and not telling people this. They are not telling people, hey, it’s really tough to be a blogger.

2 (12m 36s): They always giving you this false hope that you can make six figures in a year at a time. No, it’s not always like that for everybody.

Danielle (12m 43s): Right. Well, you were able to turn it around. And I want to know how Pinterest contributed to that and what has that done to help the performance of your business?

Shiboyn (12m 58s): Well, speaking about blogging and business, so like even after I took my blog more seriously as a business, I even took it further by starting my content marketing agency and this is where I decided to offer Pinterest management as one of my services.

2 (13m 18s): It was actually a new service that I started offering recently. So I don’t have like too much background information to give you in terms of like what my clients are experiencing right now. But I’ve had not major success as some of the more popular bloggers. But I’ve had success with Pinterest and now Pinterest brings me like 14,000 monthly page views. Wow. But again, with Pinterest, you have to be consistent. You have to be pinning every single day. Every single day. Even if you are not seeing results right away, you just have to continue being consistent.

Danielle (13m 57s): Right.

Sponsorship (13m 58s): Alright. I want to share a little secret with you guys. When I was first getting started with Dreamers Den podcast I had some research to answer a lot of questions. Like how do I record an episode? How do I get my show into all the apps that people liked to listen to? And of course, how do I make money from my podcast? The answer to every one of these questions is a simple, Anchor. Anchor is a one stop shop for recording, hosting, and distributing your podcast. And the best thing of all is that its 100% free and ridiculously easy to use. And now Anchor can match you with great sponsors who want to advertise on your podcast.

3 (14m 40s): That means you can get paid to podcast right away. And one thing that I also liked about it is that it kind of reduced the work flow so that you didn’t have to do a lot of the leg work. And I could focus on getting guests and started interviewing and recording immediately. So if you’ve always wanted to start a podcast and make money doing it, go to to join me and a diverse community of podcasters already using Anchor. That’s And I can’t wait to hear your podcast.

Danielle (15m 21s): So what are some of the things and even like looking at when you took over my account, I can tell that from where I took it. Because I had the travel blog and I had the Pinterest there. And you know, things were booming with that. They were taking off with the Pinterest with that, but then to start over and rules are constantly changing on all the platforms, Pinterest included. But to start over, you know, it took a little more work to build that. And then when I handed it over to you, you took what I did and you like amplified it.

0 (16m 4s): And you did it in a short amount of time, so can you share some of the things that you’ve done to improve your clients traffic and sales? Or what are some of the gaps that you notice that you filled in?

Shiboyn (16m 20s): Okay. Some of the gaps that I realized is pin design. That is a major, major one. A lot of people make this mistake by just, when I say this I’m not referring to your account. But what I see people, when I open my account and I look at some of the things that people create, I can tell it’s not going to drive any clicks or sales or anything like that. Because it’s just poor design. And another thing as well that made a big difference is Pinterest SEO. Pinterest SEO does, that does wonders.

Shiboyn (16m 60s): Once you have an idea what you’re doing, then you incorporate proper pin design. And the thing with Pinterest is you have to keep testing different strategies until you find one that works and then you stick with that.

2 (17m 14s): So what I was doing with your account when I first took over, I was pinning at random times, different times during the day to see what time would be best. Playing around with different designs and colors to see which pins designs were getting the best clicks and sales. But the two main things I would say is the Pinterest as SEO and pin design.

Danielle (17m 41s): Absolutely. I think that it’s a visual platform. People go, like you say, they go searching. They go searching for something first and foremost. And then it’s visual. It’s what they see and that’s what they first come across. And so that’s, that’s one thing that I agree with them. One of the things that I’ve said also.

Shiboyn (18m 4s): and the thing with Pinterest, you have to test to see what works with your account and your niche. Because I also see some people post a lot of, like fashion bloggers, they just post they’re images without any text If you are trying to drive clicks to your website, it was always good to have some sorts of text overlay on your images. Because what happens when you don’t use text overlay is that people would faster save it for later date. They would save it for inspiration though. They probably might see an outfit that they like, Hey, I like this. So they may save it. But if your pin is not telling the user what benefit they are going to get when they click over to your website, they are not going to click.

Shiboyn (18m 47s): They may just save it to board and they may or may not come back to it later on.

2 (18m 52s): But I also know of some people who have had success with doing just that. Not sharing any texts overlay and their account has taken off. But it will not work for everybody, so you definitely have to test to see what does and what doesn’t work for your audience.

Danielle (19m 7s): Right. And that reminds me of a Twitter post that I saw yesterday, it was from a guy named Chad Underwood. And he said, headlines are not meant to inform. They are meant to sell. And so that was like the perfect, profound tweet that lets you know how important it is with SEO and also with copywriting. And so your headline, that’s a part of the copywriting. Those power words in those emotional words that get people to click on it.

2 (19m 42s): Yes. Because the first thing we would see when we are scrolling on the feed is pin design. So when we click to have a closer look, then we may look at what exactly the pin is saying. Like what benefit they would get out of clicking over to your website. And that would let them know whether or not to click on over to your website, But the Pinterest SEO aspect, is really for Pinterest and for them to know where to show your pins and stuff like that. Because to be honest, most of us don’t read those a little pin descriptions like that.

Danielle (20m 14s): Right.

Shiboyn (20m 14s): We just see the pin design. We may look at the texts and say, okay, this looks like something that I might be interested in. And only, so then we may click over. But really and truly, that little pin description box there, we hardly have ever read that. That is just there for Pinterest.

Danielle (20m 31s): Right. Right. It’s like, keep it moving. Okay. So what would you say is the most important thing for newbies? Like people who are new to Pinterest? Because, believe it or not, there are still so many people who don’t realize or just having taken time to know about Pinterest marketing and how extraordinary it is. So what would you say for a new person who is trying to learn Pinterest? Like, what’s the most important thing for them to take into consideration?

Shiboyn (21m 7s): The first thing I would say is to learn Pinterest SEO. Learn Pinterest SEO and also you need to learn proper pin designs. When I started using Pinterest like seriously, which was in 2019, which is when I realized you can actually drive like thousands and thousand of traffic to your blog every month. That’s when I realized, Hey, I need to improve on my pin designs because looking back now, I cringe. I cringe when I see those pins that I created. But it definitely takes practice.

2 (21m 48s): So what I would say is try your best, just learn Pinterest SEO, and keep practicing different pin design. Practicing pin design. Look at what is already performing on Pinterest and see if you can mimic that. And you also need to understand as a new Pinterest VA, that Pinterest is a long-term game. It’s not like before where you would see results within three months to six months, even. No, it’s even now it’s like six months plus to a year. Pinterest themself is even telling you that now it’s a term thing. But in order to see results, tangible results, you have to be consistent and patient.

2 (22m 30s): And just keeping it consistently. And you also have to pick up the content that people want to read about. This is not about, like sometimes I would look through my feed and I saw this one this week, “50 Reasons Why I love My Husband.” I am not clicking on that pin because one, I don’t have a husband. Two, I don’t want to know why you love your husband. What benefit am I going to get from clicking on a pin that says, “50 Reasons Why I love My Husband?” So when you’re doing SEO and you’re doing your pin design, you have to think about what’s in it for me.

2 (23m 12s): Okay, yes you can tell people 50 reasons why your love your husband, but maybe there needs to be a lesson as well. You know, how can they benefit from reading this post? Are you going to teach them how they can be a better wife? So we have to be careful with our copy on pins as well.

Danielle (23m 34s): Yes. I totally agree with that. The first part of what you said with like how you cringe when you see your pin designs. I’m the process of that now. Revamping some things on my website and even the artwork when I first started off with the podcast is different from how it is now. And then I look back and I’m like, what the heck was I thinking?

Shiboyn (24m 2s): And another thing I would say to new Pinterest Virtual Assistants is to find success with your own account first before taking over someone else accounts. Because I’m in a couple of Pinterest VA groups, and I see one of the biggest mistakes I see a lot of them are doing is that they are new to Pinterest all entirely. They haven’t really built any credibility for themselves and they are taking on clients. So when now they are in a position where Pinterest is having all these algorithm changes, they are getting frustrated. They don’t know how to communicate with their clients. They don’t want to feel like they are letting down their clients. So the thing is, I would say is to have some success with your own account first before taking over anyone else’s account.

2 (24m 46s): And when you do, you need to be able to communicate with potential clients apart from the importance of having a Pinterest marketing strategy, but you also need to communicate as well and let them know how to grow their business. Because some people on the stage honestly, they don’t have a clue about how Pinterest can be beneficial to the business.

Danielle (25m 5s): Right. Absolutely. Those are some good points. And I remember when the rules changed and I was looking at my engagement and my performance had dropped and that’s when I started looking and trying to see what’s different. And I even reached out to you and I’m like, what is going on? And so, you’re right about that. Because that’s the first thing that a client is going to do is they are going to blame you. So you have to be able to have those answers and explain to them and, like you said, even to explain to them that it’s a long-term game.

Shiboyn (25m 46s): Yes. It’s a long term game. It’s definitely a long-term game. And I’m super happy with the results that we have been seeing with your account thus far and yeah. Because I can see your clicks, your website clicks are increasing. And also, I would say don’t pay too much attention to Pinterest impressions because that’s is a vanity metric. And it doesn’t really tell you how much traffic that person is driving to their traffic on a monthly basis. And it is something that goes up and down all the time. So what I normally do is try to focus on link clicks. As my client account growing, they’ll be getting more clicks over to their website at the end of the month. 2 (26m 30s): I honestly, I don’t pay attention to Pinterest monthly views anymore. I just focus on saves and clicks.

Danielle (26m 38s): Right. They’ll gas you up and get you all excited about that. And it’s like okay, but what about this website?

Shiboyn (26m 46s): Too many people get stuck into that Pinterest vanity metric. And its like every time they see it goes down today, it goes down tomorrow, it goes back up next week, they keep getting frustrated over that. So one of the things I always say is just pay attention to website clicks as opposed to impressions.

Danielle (27m 5s): Right. So this has been very informative and I’m glad that I was able to bring you on because I had been plugging you here and there in some of the earlier podcasts and talking about the things that we’ve been working on. So I am so glad that you were able to come on. If you don’t mind, could you tell us about some of the, well all of the services that your team is able to handle and how my audience can get in touch with you if they want to work with you or get a consultation.

Shiboyn (27m 37s): Okay. At ShevyDigital, we offer services such as web design, which includes landing pages, sales pages. We do content marketing, including a blog posts writing, email marketing. As well as the search engine optimization SEO services, which includes audits and monthly done for you SEO. And we also offer a one-on-one consultation and done for you strategy sessions.

Danielle (28m 7s): Awesome. So how can they reach out to you?

Shiboyn 2 (28m 12s): Our website is and that’s S H E V Y D I G I T A ShevyDigital and you can reach us by email,

Danielle (28m 27s): Perfect. Is there anything else, any final remarks you want to leave for us?

Shiboyn Beharry (28m 30s): No, but thank you for having me. And it was a pleasure being able to share my Pinterest experience with you and your audience.

Danielle 0 (28m 40s): Awesome. And it was a pleasure having you on, thank you. And you guys, you heard her information, ShevyDigital. And if you want to work with her or schedule a consultation, please reach out to her. Thank you guys for listening. If you have any questions for either one of us and you’re listening from the Anchor platform, you can press the record button and you could ask your question. Or if you’re listening from my website,, you can scroll to the comment section and you can leave your question or your remarks there. And if you haven’t already check out the YouTube videos, there is a series of tutorials that are going along with this Profiting from your Pinterest Marketing podcast series.

0 (29m 30s): And I will post a link to that in the show notes. So thank you guys for listening. And as I always say, Dream Until your Dreams Come True.

1 (29m 40s): <music>.

How to Get Thousands of Monthly Website Visits with Pinterest Marketing

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