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How to Grow an Insanely Profitable Business with Pinterest Marketing

Using a Pinterest marketing funnel isn’t the only way to monetize your online business with the hidden gem.

There are several more ways to build an insanely profitable online business using Pinterest marketing.

And if you listen to this episode, you’ll discover a few more of the best ways to use the hidden gem and create a cash-generating system.

I’ll also share how one decision helped me save tons of time on Pinterest marketing.

Danielle Towner | Entrepreneur + Digital Creative Resources

0 (0s): Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules and build a life of you’re proud to live. That quote from Anne Sweeney is similar to the mantra that I live by and I also suggest, but one thing that I would also include is build a business that you’re proud of.

Now, we all know that a huge part of building a business is monetizing your business because if its not making money, then it’s not a business, is it really? So today, in conjunction with this Pinterest series that I have been doing, I want to talk about how you make money with Pinterest marketing. Basically how you monetize your online business or how you just monetize your Pinterest marketing depending on the route that you choose.

0 (46s): I have a couple of options here that I want to go over with you. Some will apply to you if you already have a business, whether it’s online or a brick-and-mortar business. And then, others may apply for those who are looking for avenues to make money from Pinterest marketing, make money online, or make money from a blog. So we’re going to go over all of these, and hopefully you’ll find one that works for you and the strategies that you’re trying to create with Pinterest marketing. So hang on tight for one minute and I’ll be back to talk about this.

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0 (1m 31s): Welcome back for another episode of Dreamer Den podcast. If you’re joining us for the first time, thank you so much for coming to listen. And if you’re back again, thank you for joining me again. I’m Danielle Towner of Dream Work Creatives and I help entrepreneurs build their brand awareness and online presence through content marketing, website design and digital products. 

So today we’re talking about the money. We’re talking about how to make the money online specifically using Pinterest marketing. As I told you before, there are a couple of different avenues that you can take with this. The first one that I’m going to talk about it’s if you already have a business in place, or if you’re already have your own online business, how you can use Pinterest marketing to bring more money into your business.

0 (2m 22s): The first thing that you would do, if you have a product-based business, whether that’s digital or physical products is you would set up your shop on Pinterest. If you set up your Pinterest account, if you’ve gone through some of the steps that I gave you and started putting together your strategy, hopefully you set up a business account because you’ll need a business account, but you can set up your shop. To do this, you will need to sync your products in your online store with Pinterest. Because is not a thing where you go on Pinterest and set up an actual shop. It’s basically sinking the products that you already have in an online store.

0 (3m 5s): So if you have a Shopify store, if you have a WooCommerce at a store (which is one of the popular ones for WordPress platforms), if you have Big Commerce or some of the other major ones. You can search Pinterest for business and you will be able to find a list of the one’s that they support, but that would be the easiest way to connect your shop, like I set up your shop in Pinterest. There is a layout where you actually download this spreadsheet, then you complete a full spreadsheet and uploaded it. And that is how all of the products and the categories and the options for your products are connected to Pinterest.

0 (3m 46s): But I took the easy way to do this because I didn’t have time for that. You can do this yourself and its going to be time-consuming or you could pay a virtual assistant to do this. And it could be a little bit costly, but I chose to pay $60. I built my website on the WordPress platform and I used WooCommerce for my shop. So they had a $60 extension for Pinterest. 

This extension for Facebook is free, but for some reason it costs for Pinterest. So I just pay the $60 for the extension and the set up was a few clicks and it was automatic. That would be the easiest route to take versus taking the time to fill out a spreadsheet.

0 (4m 29s): I’m a mompreneur. I don’t have time for that. And it was way more affordable than paying an assistant. That’s what I did and it set up the shop. You can actually upload pins to your products once you set up that extension so that it can automatically pin product pins for you and they’ll be the right dimensions. 

Now Pinterest does not support services. They only support physical and digital products. So if this is a service or are your description or even makes it sound like a service, they are going to reject that part. But once you get that set up, you will have a shop button or a shop tab within your profile and it will show all of your products and services on these pins.

0 (5m 17s): They can actually click and go to those products. That also makes it easier for you to promote the products. If you use ads, which is something that I’m probably going to go over by vides so you can have a visual of it, that makes it easy for you to promote different products. 

You can have products that are featured. And then you can set up ads and target specific people that would be interested in those products or services or target your target audience. They have a tag where it tracks the people who are visiting certain pages have of your website and tracks the people who are visiting certain products on your own website, so you can re-target them.

0 (5m 59s): It’s similar to the setup of Facebook ads, but it’s simpler. It’s easier. That is how you would monetize or bring more money into your product business using Pinterest. The same way if you’re a service-based business. Since you can not put services in the shop is you and just use Pinterest to bring awareness to your website and to the services. 

And you would do that by using the tips for the strategy that I’ve already gone over and using the tips for creating a sales funnel that I’ve already gone over, but that is how you can still bring more money into your business. Because you’re bringing more traffic and you’re bringing more awareness.

0 (6m 41s): And you’re using SEO to target the right people for the right things, for what they are looking for. So you’re creating a positive user experience. If you set up your funnel right, and if you set up your Pinterest right then that will lead to you bringing more money into your business. 

This can work for all types of businesses and also for physical businesses, because now they even asked the users. When they go to Pinterest, they will ask if you want to allow your location. And so when they are searching for a certain things, if they allow their location, then it will use that information to put more localized content or more localized pins in front of them.

0 (7m 28s): So that’s a good thing. If you have a physical business that has certain geographic locations for it. All right. I want to share a little secret with you guys. When I was first getting started with Dreamers Den Podcast. I had to research to answer a lot of questions. Like how do I record an episode? How do I get my show into all the apps that people liked to listen to? And of course, how do I make money from my podcast?

The answer to every one of these questions is simple. Anchor. Anchor is a one-stop-shop for recording, hosting, and distributing your podcast. And the best thing of all is that it’s 100% free and ridiculously easy to use.

0 (8m 10s): And now Anchor can match you with great sponsors who want to advertise on your podcast. So that means you can get paid to podcasts right away. And one thing that I also liked about it is that it kind of just reduced the workflow so that you didn’t have to do a lot of the leg work. And I could focus on getting guests and started interviewing and recording immediately. So if you’ve always wanted to start a podcast and make money doing it, go to to join me and a diverse community of podcasters already using Anchor. That’s

0 (8m 52s): And I can wait to hear your podcast. Now let’s talk about some other tips to make money using Pinterest marketing. You can use affiliate marketing. And that’s something that we talked about before, where you’re basically promoting other people’s products or services. 

And if the user or your audience makes a purchase, then you receive a commission off of this purchase. The percentage varies by the company, but you receive a commission for this. There used to be that Pinterest would not allow affiliate links on their pins, but they ended up changing the rules.

0 (9m 31s): So that is an option for you to do that, but it works out better when you link to relevant high quality content. It is possible to mix in affiliate links pins, but you want to be careful about what you’re linking to and take a look at it and then make sure it’s something that is high quality or something that you support. 

But it will work out better for you if you link to something that is high value, and then you post those affiliate links within that piece of content. And make helpful recommendations and plug in those affiliate links that way.

0 (10m 11s): Other platforms that work out well with that, and they even have ads on Pinterest. Some of them even have ads to boost the content creators content within there. Bluehost, Tailwind, some people promote Canva, and even Milotree. 

Those are some of the things that you can promote as an affiliate link. And it works out well with that type of platform because there are a lot of creators or a lot of people looking for marketing information or marketers on that platform. That’s a way or a couple of ways to use an affiliate marketing or the last suggestion that I have is to be a Pinterest manager or a Pinterest virtual assistant, and as a way to directly make money or make a business out of Pinterest marketing.

0 (11m 5s): So once you learn and master Pinterest marketing. You have a good grasp on it, you see your account growing and successful, you can duplicate that and help other people do the same thing. A Pinterest manager basically manages that person’s account. They optimize the boards. 

If they see that the boards need a better or a different title or description, they do that. If the boards need covers, they design the board covers for those. And the board cover is basically an image, and most of the time it has the title on the image. If they need more board, they add more boards. They manage scheduling their pins at the right times, manage creating those pins and determine the amount of pins they need.

0 (11m 51s): They check their analytics and they basically manage the account and the services needed for that account. Hopefully, if you have a good one, they nurture that account and help to boost the growth. They help to boost your following, your engagement and your clicks and your conversions for that account and a Pinterest virtual assistant, they essentially do the same thing, but the manager kind of does the full spectrum of things. 

And some of them even include setting up your page with ads. The Pinterest VA may only be just handle creating your pins and scheduling them. They may not focus on actually making sure that your account is growing and making sure that all of your boards are optimized and all of the extra things that are going to help to boost your awareness and boost your engagement and traffic.

0 (12m 44s): But like I said, once you have mastered Pinterest, this is an area and option that you can create a lucrative business from. And because Pinterest is growing as a search engine and as an option to advertise, a lot of people use them. I gave the stats in an earlier podcast. 

The demand for a Pinterest manager is growing even more because now you need to create pins more frequently because of the new, fresh pins rule. So that’s creating even more opportunities for that. And I myself have even contracted with a Pinterest manager because I’m a mom for newer and my time is limited, especially now.

0 (13m 29s): So I took my own advice and I looked at all of the tasks that I have. And I looked at what I’m most needed help with and I made a list of that. And I looked at which ones were more important and which ones would bring me turnaround and a return on that investment and which ones would make my life easier. 

And having the Pinterest manager was one of those, so I recently contracted with one. I’m very satisfied with the service that she’s provided so far. Hopefully I will get a chance to bring her on before the close of this series, so that you’ll have a chance to talk to her, to meet her. You might want to use her for your Pinterest service or just get some of the tips that she has.

0 (14m 10s): Or get some things from the perspective that she has about Pinterest Marketing. Those are my recommendations. Set up your shop and your product pins that link to your products, use Pinterest to bring awareness to your website and your services. 

And of course, plug that sales funnels strategy in that I gave you in the previous episode. Use affiliate marketing and use products that are related to your industry to promote those products. You can do that by linking directly to the product or a more effective strategy would be linking to a high value piece of content and including those affiliate marketing links there.

0 (14m 55s): And the last one is to be a Pinterest manager or a Pinterest VA. No matter where you are in the journey of Pinterest or of your business, I hope that these have been helpful in giving you some ideas and some inspiration and some motivation to bring more revenue into your business. Let me know what you think about this or how you feel about these options. 

Follow me at @dreamworkcreatives for more business and marketing tips. Come back next week. Thank you guys for listening. And as I always say. Dream Until your Dreams Come True,

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How to Grow a Wildly Profitable Online Business with Pinterest Marketing

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