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How to Make Six-Figures as a Notary Public

When most people think of a notary, they don’t pair that with someone who makes thousands of dollars per month and six figures or more per year on a flexible schedule AND with the option to work from home.

When Vanessa Terry became a notary public, she was just looking for a flexible way to earn a decent income and be more available to her newborn baby.

Little did she know that just a few years later she would be earning in a month what some people make part-time in a year.

Soon after Vanessa starting making $10,000 per month as a notary signing agent, she started creating courses and resources to help others make money by becoming a notary.

Vanessa has built a growing business by doing one important thing, listening to the wants and needs of her audience.

Listen to the full episode to hear how she did it.

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Danielle Towner | Entrepreneur + Digital Creative Resources

0 (0s): Danielle Towner: Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great. That quote from John D Rockefeller explains exactly what today’s guest did as she started laying the foundation to build a substantial income and leave her full time job for good. Vanessa Terry of Notary2Notary build a six figure income in a short amount of time as a Notary Signing Agent. And now she continues to aggressively build her business to help others do the same. Today you’ll be learning more about her business journey and the opportunities that she’s created and continues to create to teach others how to build a notary business.

0 (40s): So keep listening for more.

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0 (51s): Welcome back for another episode of Dreamer’s Den Podcast I’m your host Danielle Towner and I help entrepreneurs make their dreams work through content marketing, website design, and digital products. And if you guys have been following along with my story, I told you guys about it when I first left the corporate traditional 9 to 5, and I told you that I started off doing like a flexible work from home jobs during my transition to entrepreneurship.

0 (1m 22s): And so I mainly stuck to like freelance things with a marketing agencies and blogging, content marketing, things like that. But I did come across different like opportunities with or information about being a Notary, but I never really explored it. But after learning about Vanessa Terry’s success in that industry, I wanted to get more information about it and have an opportunity to share that with you guys as an option to supplement your income or even make you know a business or a career out of that.

0 (1m 58s): So she’s had some great success with that. She has a YouTube channel where she shares information about this. And one of her videos talks about where she was able to get to a point of making $10,000 per month. And I’m sure it’s probably even passed that by now, but she’s teaching others who make businesses and careers out of becoming a Notary Signing Agent. So I’m bringing her on today to share all about her journey and all about how you guys can get into that if you want that opportunity too.

0 (2m 32s): So thanks for joining us Vanessa Terry of Notary2Notary, welcome. Vanessa Terry: Thank you. Thank you for having me on here. I’m very excited to share all of my information with you. Danielle: Cool. I’m excited to hear about it too. So we are going to get into it. Tell us about your company Notary2otary and all about how you got started. Vanessa: Okay. So I started Notary2Notary last year. I

2 (3m 0s): want to say was it was like August of last year. And it’s a notary training company, so it’s an online platform. Basically you just log in, once you register, you log into the platform. It teaches you everything about how to build a successful Notary Signing Agent business nationwide. There are two programs we do. We offer them Notary Signing Agent program, and then the e-Notary training program. Both programs give you the online platform for you to go through the course. Courses are self-paced.

2 (3m 30s): And then we also have weekly webinars on Saturdays with myself. And that, you just log on and we train on a subject for about an hour or you can watch the replay and you always have support. So if you ever have questions, you can always email us or message on social media or things like that, and will help you build your business that makes you’re successful. And so I started it, well I became a Notary in 2014, just, you know, me looking for something else to do that was more flexible with my time.

2 (4m 5s): I had just had my daughter and I wanted something that was flexible with time and something where I could still make a decent amount of money. And I just did a few Google searches and I found lots of things you could do. You know like Mary Kay or Avon or things like that like ride sharing kind of jobs. And I just didn’t want to do that. Definitely didn’t want to do sales. And so I found being a Notary. I said okay, so I’ll try it. And when I first got into it, I was just doing what they call general Notary work you know, like wills and Power of Attorneys. So smaller in pay sometimes.

2 (4m 35s): And I was at doing that here and there, and I got a call one day to do a loan signing, which I had never heard of before. And the lady who offered me the job, she basically explained the whole business model to me. And he sent me a PowerPoint, she told me how it worked, and I did it. It was really simple and from there I just did more research and I grew my company, my business to making six figures in doing that. And I used to always, you know, have my sisters or my friends or what not asking how to do it and get started.

2 (5m 11s): And I would give them advice on how to build it. And then last year someone said you should do a course on it. Like show people how to do it, but you know show people on a larger scale how to do what you’re doing. Because people were really feel like being a Notary is just like someone working at a bank or a funeral home. You know, someone is not really making any money. So I built Notary2Notary then. It’s funny because it’s grown so much. It was at first, just a series of emails that I would just put together, and you pay for it. I just email you everything you have to do. And from there, we started doing in-person classes, we built the online courses, we have conferences, books and everything.

2 (5m 42s): So it’s grown so much in a short period of time and we’re just teaching people all over the country how to build a successful Notary Signing Agent business. And it came from a Google search I did it in 2014, just wanting to find a way to make more money. Danielle: Wow. You’re right. It has grown in a very short amount of time. That’s amazing. Vanessa: Yeah. that’s what I said.

2 (6m 12s): Danielle: Okay. You shared a little bit about how you built your income up when you were doing the Notary Signing Agent part how you built your income go up to six figures. And so you briefly talked about that in your YouTube video too. So, how long did it take you to accomplish just that piece of your goal? Vanessa: So for me, and like I said, my story is a little bit different from everybody else because I didn’t have someone to teach me. I basically had to teach of myself.

2 (6m 43s): So when I initially started in 2014, I was just doing general notary work. So I wasn’t making that much money, you know $40, $50, $60 here and there. And so when I got the first loan signing, I might’ve been in it for almost a year and so that’s like maybe right before my first year I started doing it. And right after, I started doing – so 2015, I really started to do loan closings full time. I was doing a lot of research, watching a lot of YouTube videos, signing up with a lot of signing companies. Just reading as much content as I can and networking with, as many signing companies as I could.

2 (7m 17s): And by 2016, I was able to quit my full time job and work just the Notary Signing Agent. So it took me two years from start to finish. But like I said, my story is different because I didn’t have anybody to teach me, but I didn’t pay for any trainings. I was just self taught. I didn’t want to – I didn’t have the funds to just put out for hundreds of dollars here and there for trainings. And so I just did a as much as I could reading forums, groups, books, YouTube videos, calling around asking for advice, things like that.

2 (7m 48s): And so now people – I’ve put together the training program in a way that now, there are people who take my course and they’re well on their way to making that six figures in like a month or two months time. It really just depends on how much time you have to devote to building your business. So people always ask me, “how do the numbers add up?” And essentially, a Notary Signing appointment will pay you anywhere between $00 and $200 dollars each one.

2 (8m 21s): And if you’re doing between two and five a day, that’s almost $1,000 a day if you do five. It depends on how much you get paid for each one. And you’re working five days a week. And If you don’t have kids, you can work seven days a week. And if you have kids, you can still work seven days a week if you want to. So you can definitely make that money very easily. At my peak, I was doing between seven and 10 a day. Which if you asked anyone who’s very experienced, that’s very trying to do. It’s a very trying day. But that’s what I was doing. And that would put me at over thousand dollars a day, five days a week. Cause at that point, I stopped working on weekends because if you work that much, you definitely need to take a break.

2 (8m 52s): Danielle: Right. Vanessa: You have to have your break time. Yeah. Danielle: Well that’s amazing to hear. And one thing that I liked that you said was you said that you didn’t, when you didn’t have the funds to put into it, you still found other ways to learn the process and you taught yourself and that’s one of the things I like to emphasize that, you know, you, if you don’t have money or the resources to invest money into like a full like a coach to walk you through every step, there are other options out there.

2 (9m 27s): Like the courses that you have, that’s more affordable than hiring a one on one coach or, you know, even like you did, just finding – doing the research and finding those resources. There’s a way to do it, but there has to be some type of investment. Either it’s going to be your money or is it going to be your time. Yeah. And that’s where I said, people ask me all the time. Why is my course cheaper than my competitors’ courses. And that’s because when I started off, my course was about $400. I was about to raise it to $500 because my competitors change that.

2 (10m 1s): And I had so many people that were just like “I can’t afford this right now” and things like that. “Do you have a payment plan?” Then I realized where I started. I couldn’t afford a $500 program. And I know that this business can change lives. And so I said alright, let’s go half. So instead of doing the $500, I brought it down to $250 and I still do payment plans on it. And I always run promotions. And I feel, I know that if it works, like anyone can do it.

2 (10m 31s): Anyone can be successful. And that’s the thing I like about it because it’s not sales. You’re not selling anything. It’s you’re learning an industry, learning a task skill and then you’re doing it. And people will need it forever. You know, as long as you know, people are always need notaries so as long as you make yourself available to be found, you’ll always have a business, right?

2 (11m 5s): Danielle: Yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely. Put yourself in front of the right people. Vanessa: Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Danielle: Can you share some of the ways that someone can prepare for becoming a mobile notary? Like some of the steps that they need to take, like those initial steps to get started? Vanessa: Okay. Well, there are a few things that I always say. So one, you gotta get your notary license. That you get through your state. Every state, if you just Google, like, uhm, Notary your state. So like we’re in Virginia. Virginia Notary Commissioning office. It will come up. It’s usually a dot gov website. You’ll go on there. The state commissioning office will be on that page. It will tell you what you need to do. Usually there’s a background check.

2 (11m 43s): Some states have you take a short class, and exam. But usually you pay a fee, they do a background check. Most states just say you can’t can have a felony, but it depends also. It depends on every state if you have a felony how long ago it was, what kind of felony it was. So I always say if you have a felony, don’t immediately cancel yourself out. Apply anyway and just see if you can be one, become one. Because usually fees are between $30 to $100. So on average it’s about $50 for most states, about $50 to apply.

2 (12m 14s): You apply with your state, they’ll do a background check on you, they’ll approve you, you pick up your commission. And at that point, you’re a Notary and you can start working. You do want to have a reliable car because this industry does apply a lot of driving, except for I found that if you’re in New York or like another city that has – I’m from New York, so I get that. I don’t think any other state has like that kind of transit system. That’s like, Oh no one drives like everyone, you know. It’s not unheard of for people in New York to not have driver’s licenses like ever. So unless you’re in a state like that, then you definitely need a car because you’re going to do a lot of driving.

2 (12m 47s): Plan for that, a reliable car. You’re gonna do a lot of driving. You’re gonna spend money on gas, but you’ll make that back up. Outside of that. After you get your notary license, you want you to make sure you have a phone. A good phone with a working number. You can start working then. After you get your Notary stamp and everything, you can start working as an Notary public now. And then if you want to go into loan signing, there are a little bit of things that you want to do like certain websites you want to register with. Certain credentials you want to add on. Yeah. It’s a few other steps you have to do to just get those extra credentials to build your business up.

2 (13m 18s): Like I said, when you first get your license, you can start working at that point. Like you’ll get calls. You can start working. But if you really ant to get that influx, like of a lot of work, there are like extra credentials and certifications. There’s just certain stuff that we walk you through and the training that we’ll teach you how to gain those clients and how you’ll have a steady flow. And I always tell my students, like when you’re in the program in the beginning when you first start, you’ll have a low trickle in. Like you might have one or two come in a day. But after you do everything and you stay consistent following the steps, in about two weeks – two to three weeks – I would say as long as you’re doing it right.

2 (13m 56s): At worst case three weeks, you should definitely start seeing an influx in the amount of calls you get for requests for notary services. So that’s why I say, I say it took about a month. And that just depends you have your notary license already because most states, it takes about two weeks to get your license. But due to COVID, there are a lot of delays with the courthouse and things like that. So it depends on what state you’re in. But a lot of them, I think are coming back. I think a lot of the courthouses are opening back up. It just depends on where you, cause it does go through, like I said it goes to the courthouse. Goes through your state commissioning office. So that’s the only real delay. Outside of that, you get that license and you’re ready to rock and roll.

0 (14m 18s): Danielle: Awesome. Sounds like a pretty straightforward process.

2 (14m 22s): Vanessa: Yeah. Yeah. It’s not hard at all. It’s just action steps you have to take and once you do those, you’re ready to rock and roll. Definitely.

0 (14m 31s): Danielle: Now you mentioned earlier that, and obviously there’s a difference between being a Notary and Notary Signing agent. So for those who are interested in being the Notary Signing Agent or getting, establishing a Notary Signing Agent business, what’s the most important piece of advice that you have for them?

2 (14m 52s): Vanessa: Okay, so first I want to dispel – everyone always feels like a Notary versus Notary Signing Agent is two different things. And they’re like “I need a Notary Signing Agent license”. There’s no license to be a Notary Signing Agent. Literally, a Notary Signing Agent is a notary who conducts loan closings.

2 (15m 24s): And so there are people that I know that have their notary license, have done nothing else, got no other credentials but they work full time for closing loans. They’re a Notary Signing Agent. So you don’t have to get the extra certifications people always talk about, but you can. You can. And when you go get those extra certifications, it just just helps you look more appealing to different banks and lenders. It makes you look more appealing, but it’s like I said. It’s not necessary, but I would say the number one thing for Notary Signing Agent definitely getting started is there is power in numbers. So when you first get started, you want to register and network with and connect with as many banks and lenders and signing companies and title companies as possible.

2 (15m 54s): Because when you start doing this and building up those connections, like, I said, you’ll get a few in here and there. But you really wanna reach out to us many as possible so that way you start getting in, like if you only get one from one company one day, you don’t want to be your only source of signing. You want have a lot. And as you see, the more your business grows, the more that you get, you’ll have your regulars. And you’ll start to weed out the ones who only give you one here and there. And you’ll have regular clients that you can fill your schedule with throughout the week.

2 (16m 25s): So definitely its power in numbers. Like I said, sign up with as many as you can when you first get started. And make sure all of your credentials are up to date and all of your profiles are professional and complete. That’s a big one too.

0 (16m 37s): Danielle: Got it. Do they have a preference like when they sign up with certain companies to be on their list, do they have a preference or an order that they go in as to who they contact?

2 (16m 48s): Vanessa: No, so signing companies and title companies, they do have regulars or quote on quote favorites. You can definitely become a favorite and that’s basically just doing your job as well, being available, making sure your work doesn’t have mistakes and things of that nature. And when you become my favorite, they will reach out to you first in a certain area. But at the same time, that doesn’t mean that someone else can’t come in. Because I have favorites, companies that I’m their favorite. However, if they call me and I’m already booked, I can’t do it. So they’re going to reach out to somebody else. Is there enough work?

2 (17m 25s): I always ask them, if you’re in a city. As long as you’re in an area that’s not really rural. Like open road for miles upon miles upon miles. Like the next house is like 15 miles away. You know, if you’re in a city or an area with houses, if you look around and see how many houses are around you, that’s potentially all your potential clients, your potential signers. There’s always real estate being sold, there’s always real estate being bought or purchased. There’s always refinances happening. People can refinance as many times as they want. Especially now, everyone refinances because of the lower rates and everything.

2 (18m 27s): It’s been really busy. People can refinance, people can take out home equity lines of credit on their house, people do reverse mortgages. People do loan modifications. Just think like how much. Every house that’s around you, they’re going to have to or to buy or sell or do something with their house. So there’s always business. There’s always a business. There’s never a not going to be a business. And then that’s just loans. You still have a general, notary work you can do like your will, your power of attorneys. People always need wills, they always need power of attorneys, they always need school forms done, or titles notarized, or DMV forms.

2 (18m 59s): Vanessa: There’s always work. Danielle: Yeah, when you look at it that way, that gives you a totally different perspective as to how much opportunity it is. Vanessa: Definitely. Yeah. There’s more than enough work. That’s never the issue ever. Ever. Danielle: Yeah. Also on your site, I noticed like on your site, you mentioned that there’s a way to do notary work from home. And I’m sure that’s a relief for many people right now with COVID and having to care for children and everything like that. So, how does that work with doing notary work from home?

2 (19m 32s): So that is the e-Notary portion that we train on. On the website, there’s a program that we teach on how to become an electronic notary and the major key I always point out is it’s not available in every state. So most states now are allowing you to do it because of COVID. They have enacted e-notary remote authorizations for their notaries. And basically, what that is is you notarize documents online with – you need certain credentials and you do it on a video conferencing platform.

2 (20m 7s): So similar to like Skype. You can’t use Skype, but it’s a similar platform like Skype or Zoom. And people come on. They log on, you log on, they check the credentials, you notarize their documents. That’s basically how it works. And you and you can do it in a lot of states. I won’t say all of them. I mean pretty closet because most that didn’t allow you to have changed their laws so you can do it in most states. So you simply just apply with your state. Most of them have an application process. You apply with them, make sure you have all your credentials lined up. You have to register with the platforms, then we teach you. We show you how to work on those platforms and then you can work.

2 (20m 42s): And there’s the good thing about e-Notary is most states – and I never say all because some of them have their own little special rules- but most of these allow you to notarize for anyone nationwide. As long as they have a US ID, like a driver’s license or an ID card, you can notarize for them regardless of where they are. Which is really cool because now you’re not limited to only working in your region, in your city or your surrounding areas. You can notarize for anybody nationwide. And a lot of the platform’s that I recommend on a training, they allow you to notarize documents 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

2 (21m 26s): So you can literally just log in and it’s like a call center, essentially. You log in, you do some documents, you log off. You can stay on there all day if you want to, but you just log in when you want to, you log off when you’re done, you can go back on there later if you want to, you log back off. It’s really flexible. I think it’s really works now for people with kids and them doing the virtual schooling and the homeschooling. I have a lot of people in the e-notary program who either were laid off from their job or they’re at home because we they don’t feel safe going out. I have a lot of elderly, a lot of the older crowd were in my training, and they were starting to notary signing agent course, and then when COVID hit they just didn’t feel comfortable going out anymore.

2 (21m 59s): And so that they transitioned into e-notary portion, and they do that now working from home because they just feel safer for doing that. So it works out for the parents that have to stay home with their kids. They’re like, “okay, well how do I work if I can’t leave with my kids? Okay. I can become an e-Notary and I can work when they’re working or I can work different hours of the day”. So everyone is always looking for a work from home job since the beginning of time. And so I would say e-notary is definitely a great option for people to look into for sure.

2 (22m 34s): Danielle: Right. That’s wonderful. That’s a great opportunity. Because like I said, I’m always sharing flexible, work from home things that people can do. So that is really awesome right now, like you said, when people have so much going on at home and they’re just trying to stay safe. And even after the fact, it sounds like you can go on vacation and make a little bit of money, if you want to, you know, in the middle of that. Vanessa: Well, the other little piece about e-notary is that you can go on vacation in your state. You have to stay in the state that you’re licensed in in order to work. So there’s that little piece.

2 (23m 5s): I asked how to do that too. I said it would be so cool if I could on vacation anywhere I want and work and so I called my notary state commission office and they were like no. You can’t do that. And I was like, dang you got me. But you can still work when you’re home or anywhere in your state. So you can definitely still do that. Danielle: So this has been awesome. Now tell us – you told us a little bit about your courses already, but tell us about the resources that you have, your training courses, coaching.

2 (23m 39s): Vanessa: Oh yeah. I do have a lot and we’re always adding on more stuff when people on social media say, “oh, you should do this, oh you should do that”. And I’m like, “oh, that’s a good idea. Yeah. So we have, we have the two training programs online. The notary signing agent training is $250, the e-notary’s $150, and that gives you the online platform and the webinars. And then we have the one-on-one coaching with myself and basically, that’s $149 a month. You can just one month if you want to or you can keep going and you get a direct line to call me or text me with any questions you have throughout that month. You also can schedule video sessions with me throughout that month where we can do – it’s similar to like a zoom call. It’s a software that I use and it allows me to share – we can share our screens. And if you’re having any issues with your Google business page or your website or anything like that, and you just can’t figure it out.

2 (24m 11s): Usually it’s with the e-notary. Getting that set up. People have issues with that, and so I can screen share their screen and get them setup on their end or I could access their side. So the video sessions are a really cool and then so yeah. You can call and text and you can schedule a video session with me throughout that month. That’s the coaching program. That one’s $149. And then we also have the book available on Amazon.

2 (24m 43s): Which is how to make a $1,000 a week as a notary public. You can just search the title or you can search my name, Vanessa Terry. It’ll come up from there. I believe the e-book is like $7.99 and the hard copy is $15.00, I think. I’m not 100% percent off the top of my head, but you can get that book off of Amazon. And then we also have the conferences that we started. We used to have the in person classes before COVID, so now we’re getting back into conferences. And we do one a month, so we just had one in Richmond, Virginia on the 12th. So that just ended where we had people come, 50 people, and we do basically a training conference for about three hours. We discussed everything about notary signing from general notary work to notary signing to e-notary.

2 (25m 18s): Everything there. We also have lots of giveaways of gift cards and books and a printer. So we give away a dual tray laser jet printer, which is what we suggest that notary signing agents have for their business. So we give away one of those as well. So we do one of those once a month. The next one is in Charlotte, North Carolina on October 3rd, and then we are going to Florida. So we have a few states that we’re going to. We’re going to Texas, Maryland, New Jersey, California.

2 (25m 48s): I fell like I’m missing one. So yeah, so the schedule’s on our website too basically, every conference we do giveaways and you don’t have to be there. That’s the really cool part. You could buy a virtual ticket and stream the event that. So we have people that streamed the Virginia conference all of the country. So as you can buy a ticket anywhere and stream it because the training is nationwide. It’s applicable nationwide so it’s not just state specific. Anyone can watch it and learn how to build their business no matter what state you’re in. And they were allowed to win gift cards and stuff as well.

2 (26m 29s): So the next one that we have is October 3rd and we’re actually doing all the giveaways again too. But a lot of the virtual guests said, “I want to win a printer”. So now we’re doing two printers. We give away one printer at the conference and one printer will get shipped to a virtual guest that attends as well. And the conferences are always a hundred dollars for the in-person tickets. And they’re $50 for the virtual tickets. And then we have our YouTube channel. We have lots of social media. We have Instagram, Facebook, we have a Facebook group where they can network with each other.

2 (27m 4s): We have Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter. But the YouTube channel, we just launched membership on there, which allows people to, if you do the membership on there, you get to live stream with me once a week. We do shout outs for notary of the month. We have like extra exclusive content that we release to them as well, so we do quite a bit. And the more that we keep finding out things that we can do. And we’re working on merchandise. So you’ll see that come out in a minute. Like cool Notary2Notary shirts and pens and things of that nature.

2 (27m 37s): So you just gotta stay tuned for what else we add in the mix. but we like to keep it fresh. We just keep on adding more content for all the students and trying to find new ways to help everyone get started. What else can we do to help you be successful? Danielle: Gosh. You guys are busy. So tell everyone your website and how they can best reach out to you for help. Well, you can go to and it’s Notary number two Notary. So it’s and there you can register for everything. So the conferences, the programs the book is also for purchase on there, and off a bit with the first step in there and the coaching. So everything is a one-stop-shop on there. You can also connect with us on social media. We live stream on there quite a bit throughout the week and share more information about any upcoming events or anything we have going on. If you go to the website, you can also sign up for the mailing list where we send out information via mail as well.

2 (28m 40s): Helpful tips, things like that. Or anything going on that we want to make sure you guys know of, we definitely want to make sure that you’re on the mailing list so that way you know. And sometimes we do run promotions. We run discounts. Usually on holidays, we do a promotion for those who want to get started on the program. So there’s definitely a few ways you can connect with us. But definitely going to is the best way to get started. Danielle: Okay. Awesome. Well, thank you for joining me.

2 (29m 11s): I’ve learned a lot about the notary industry and I know my audience will be excited to get this information and to get started. So thank you for coming on and it was a pleasure talking to you. And like you guys heard, if you want to reach out to her, visit her website at If you have any questions for either of us and you’re listening from the anchor platform, you can press the record button and ask your question. Or if you’re listening from my website, You can scroll down to the comments section and put your comments in that area. Thank you guys for listening and as I always say, Dream Until your Dreams Come True.

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How to Make Six Figure as a Notary Public

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