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How to Plan Guest Blogs for More Sales Leads

Guest blogging is a great way to build brand awareness and introduce yourself to a new audience.

It’s a method that works to get leads and sales without getting in front of the camera.

OptinMonster reports that 60% of blogs write 1-5 guest posts per month. AND that 62.96% of readers perceive blogs with multiple authors to be more credible.

With all the benefits and favorable opinions, it’s no wonder people still take advantage of guest blogging.

If you know anything about blogging, you know that it is excellent for search engine optimization. It’s great to get content out there and position yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

And it’s also great for getting traffic to your website, which is one of the foundations of getting leads and sales.

Imagine sharing your expertise on other people’s websites that have established audiences who could use your help. That’s guest blogging. 

If you guest blog enough and do it well, you will create a flowing stream of leads to convert to buyers.

But if you want to get the most from it, you need to have a strategy.

Blogging was my first source of income online, which led to website design and so much more. 

So I’m very familiar with the process of guest blogging. I’ve put together a guide for you that shares 5 Guest Blogging Tips for Endless Leads and Sales. 

Guest Blogging Explained

Guest blogging is someone sharing their platform or inviting you to their platform for you to write a blog post.

Normally, they will offer some form of writer’s credit such as a link to your website, your author’s bio, and a headshot. 

So besides putting yourself in front of their audience, you’re also linking back to your site.

If readers found your content beneficial, they’ll link back to your site and get more information.

From there, they will note you as a resource or even purchase your products or services. To reap those benefits, your blog post must address and help them solve their problem.

My Success Story With Guest Blogging

One success story that I’ve had is a collaboration that I did with Vicki Wallis of The Fashion Business Coach. A lot of people find me on Pinterest and I believe that’s where she found me. 

Vicki reached out to me because she wanted me to come on her platform and talk about marketing. 

For her clients and audience, it was about fashion. But me being a creative marketing consultant, she wanted me to step on her platform and help them understand the marketing that goes behind making their fashion brand a success. 

She specifically wanted to teach them about marketing a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for your business.

Along with her request, Vicki offered an exchange to come on my podcast platform.

This was perfect because I added my podcasts to my blog and she did the same for my interview. 

She structured her interview in a video and a written format. So she added that to her website in the blog section as well. T

hat worked out really well for both of us. Vicki got the information that she needed and added it to a mini course with the transcription in a blog for people to read it. 

I was also able to have her as a guest and share her expertise and journey as an expert in the fashion industry.

That was in mid 2020 and I’m still getting leads and people signing up for consultations.

I book clients from that collaboration and it all started from using the system I’m about to share with you.

Where to Find Guest Blogging Platforms

With billions of bloggers and counting, your options are endless for finding places to guest post.

I will warn you to proceed with cushion, Not all these options are not equal.

Nothing would be worse than giving your all to a guest post on a site that is no longer active the next month.

But there’s a remedy to limit those troubles in the steps below.

For now, here are a few places to find guest posting opportunities.

  • There are guest posting communities and marketplaces, such as Natvisor.  
  • Make a list of mentors in your industry and reach out to them, their peers, or contributors within their community.
  • There are also guest blogging opportunities with larger companies, such as Medium, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., New York Times, Business Insider, Mashable, and TechCrunch. 

This is just like a small list of many of the larger companies that offer guest blogging opportunities, but there’s a way and a format to get into each of those. 

If you’re new to the industry, then it may be better for you to start with guest blogging among your peers. 

Build up your portfolio and build those relationships, and then transition into guest blogging for larger companies.

So let’s talk about the first step to my guest blogging system and how you can collaborate to create a faucet of leads, sales, relationships, and long-term clients.

5 Guest Blogging Tips to Get Endless Leads and Sales

1. Connect with platforms that relate to your niche.

First, let’s solve the mystery around what a niche is. What you specialize in and who you serve with your specialty sums up a niche. 

For example, I specialize in website design and consulting and content marketing. If you want to be more specific about content marketing, my focus is blogging. 

The digital products that I offer are more affordable to support that same goal.

To build a profitable online business and monetize their website and content. 

Women are who I mostly serve, specifically moms. Think about what your niche is, connect with platforms that relate to that and have an audience within that specialty.

How to Connect with Blogging Platforms Within your Niche 

You can do this one of two ways:

  • Connect with directly bloggers or entrepreneurs within a similar niche. 
  • Find entrepreneurs or platforms with a complimentary niche.

Connecting With Bloggers of Entrepreneurs Within the Same Niche 

Back in the day, I was a member of a Facebook group for bloggers. When we would guest blog, someone would post, “that they’re looking for a blogger or guest blogging opportunities. 

Then they would follow with the type of blog they have, such as a travel blog, a mom blog, lifestyle blog, etc.

So anyone who fits those niches, would connect by email, clicking a link to their website, completing a form, or however the instructions stated.

But you can get even more specific. And I’ll tell you how to do that in a minute.

Finding Entrepreneurs or Platforms With a Complimentary Niche

Having a complimentary niche means you may have similar audiences but offer different types of products or services. For example, if I sell plates and you sell spoons or I sell shoes and you sell socks. 

Another example is my collaboration with Chassity of Roadmap2balance4Momz. She’s been on the Dreamer’s Den podcast a couple of times. 

But what led to that was that her business focuses on helping moms to create a roadmap for self-care and a strategy for balance in their lives. She helps them map out a custom strategy to set aside time for themselves. 

Our backgrounds were the perfect combination. Chassity was already working with moms.

I’m a mompreneur who wanted to help moms to find balance within their business.

So I focused on the mompreneur and the entrepreneurial side of it, teaching about business. She had the background of teaching about balance and self care.

And both business and self care are core needs to be successful as a mompreneur.

I reached out to Chassity, first to be a guest on my podcast. And then, eventually we collaborated again to write this book. 

A guest blogging partnership would follow the same steps.

You would reach out to that person or company and ask about their guest blogging opportunities. Or they would reach out to you and invite you to be a guest on their blog. 

Make a list of people you think may be a good fit for your niche to guest blog.

And then, find something that makes the two of you relatable and meets the overall goal that you’re trying to accomplish from guest blogging. 

2. Spend Time on the Company’s Website

We’re trying to use our guest blogging strategy to create this faucet and outpour of leads for your sales funnel. To do that, you must make sure it’s the most fitting place for your content. 

So you want to spend some time learning about their mission, the company or brand’s culture, the style of their website, their content style.

See if all these elements gel well with your good fit for your mission and your style of writing.

Also evaluate their standards and expectations. When someone recently reached out to me with interest in being a guest blogger, she asked me if I have guidelines for my blog expectations. That was an excellent question!

 It’s better to ask before you get started on this project and then you think that based on your standards and how you write on your site that it’s satisfactory or above expectations.

And then when they get it back, it’s not what they’re looking for.

You would either have to start over, make revisions, or lose the shot at getting it on the site.

Save yourself some time and see if you can find out about their expectations upfront.

You can possibly find out from someone else you know who may have written for them. Or try searching for their guidelines or information on their site. 

If you can’t find any details, just ask or look at the blogs that are already published on their site.

Also check to see if they have a page for guest blogging submissions or for guest blogging applicants.

Check the top and footer menus for this or just go to their contact information and email them or submit a contact form.

This is where you will get started once you’re ready to send your pitch.

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3. Have Content for Potential Guest Blogging Sites to Review

You need some type of previous article, blog, or portfolio to show the website you’re trying to blog for. You have several options for where your content would come from:

  • Content on your website or blog
  • Links to previous guest blogs you’ve gotten published
  • Or even e-books or paperback books that you’ve authored 

Just make sure you have something to bring to the table to position yourself as an expert or industry thought leader.

Speaking engagements or videos that position you as a thought leader may work too, but it’s best to show your writing if you want to guest blog.

Having something to bring to the table that they can view will help them decide if they’re interested in you being a guest on they’re platform.

They will also be able to see if your writing style and writing level is a good fit for their company or brand.

Ultimately, the company needs to see what benefit is in it for them besides having extra content for their website.

Will your blog contribution drive more traffic to their website? Does it align with the goals they have for their business?  

Have  your best content and the details about the benefits ready to present. A

nd if you don’t have it, then prepare it before reaching out to guest blog. 

4. Write a Short and Sweet, Killer Pitch

By killer I mean make a good impression.  I get tons of emails. Some spam, some real, and some in between.

Many of those emails, I delete if the subject doesn’t look right or appealing to me.

So the first step should be to make sure the subject line of your email contact form is attractive.

And then, make sure that you’re making the most of the text that you’re putting there. That way you’re not wasting their time or yours. 

So keep it short and sweet. Let them know who you are, what caught your attention on their site, and what you like or appreciate about it.

And then say what you want. Share how your guest blogging content would benefit them.

Really drive it home with the call to action. End the pitch with how they can reach out to you, connect with you, and see an example of the content you’re talking about. 

5. Write a Slamming Guest Blog Post or Article

In the book I co-authored,  The Mompreneur Manual, we like to call this “show up and show out”. Guest blogging opportunities are one of those times you want to overdeliver.

It’s super important that you meet that business, fellow blogger, or brand’s expectations.

You want them to be excited to publish your blog on their site.

It’s also a key step in helping you generate interest, traffic, and sales leads. Remember trash writing gets trash results.

Get in the mindset that you’re writing as if you’re getting paid to do it or as if you’re already guaranteed endless leads and sales.

Leave them wanting more and coming to you to get it.

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Take your time and write an amazing article like only you can.

And don’t forget to include a bio that pulls heartstrings along with a clean and high quality headshot. 

To Sum It Up

When diving into the world of guest blogging, keep a few things in mind: your goals and desires, your niche and skills, and how you will benefit the blog recipient.

Most guest bloggers have a goal to get more exposure that leads to traffic and some form of a transaction eventually.

To meet your goals and the expectations of the brands and their audience, you need to do the work.

The beforehand work is the research and finding the perfect guest blogging match. 

And the after work of producing content that moves the audience to do something about it.

Let me know if this guest blogging guide was helpful for you.

And if you have any questions, and ask them in the comments below.

I always give daily business and content marketing tips and a little bit of entertainment on Instagram @dreamworkcreatives.

Join me there for live training sessions and more!

Danielle Towner | Entrepreneur + Digital Creative Resources

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