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How to Use Tailwind for Pinterest to Explode your Traffic and Sales

If you don’t know about the secret weapon behind a slamming Pinterest marketing strategy, you gone learn today!

Tailwind for Pinterest has worked wonders for solopreneurs and businesses of all types and sizes to get traffic, grow an audience, and make sales.

And they continue to amaze marketers with new innovations and features. But which of the bells and whistles are most important to get you cash-generating results?

That’s exactly what you’ll hear about today. Just in case you didn’t notice, it’s a notebook taking kind of day on Dreamer’s Den Podcast. So get ready to listen, learn, and catch dreams.

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Danielle Towner | Entrepreneur + Digital Creative Resources

Danielle Towner (0s): The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation, will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency. That quote from Bill Gates is the perfect explanation of automation. That automation will help to simplify your process and make it quicker and easier if you set it up in the right way. So that’s what we’re discussing today. But we’re specifically discussing the automation process of your Pinterest marketing and the perfect tool to combine with Pinterest to boost your traffic and you’re following.

(46s): But that is if you do it the right way. So today we’re talking about Tailwind. Now the most recent Pinterest strategy could require less daily and weekly pinning, but more creative, fresh pins based on their new standards of fresh pins and fresh content. So you need to make sure that you put those pins in front of the right audience at the right time. And that’s why you need a scheduler. Now my recommendation is Tailwind, but there are others out there and we’ll discuss those as well. So keep listening to learn more about why I say Tailwind is the perfect tool to combine with Pinterest to boost your traffic and your following.

(1m 32s): Welcome back for another episode of Dreamer Den podcast. I’m your host, Danielle Towner and I help entrepreneurs build their brand awareness and their online presence through content marketing, website design and digital products. And today we are talking about the powerful Pinterest combo to boost your traffic and following. That combo is of course Pinterest and Tailwind. Now, like I told you there are other Pinterest schedulers out there. So there is buffer and Hootsuite, which are two of the more well-named brands.

(2m 14s): There are also others, and those are the only two that I’ve used, Buffer and Hootsuite. So I can’t tell you if Planony, or any of the others that are out there, if they offer Pinterest marketing as a part of the plans. I know Buffer does, but there are limits on what you can do with their Pinterest. To me, they’re more tailored towards traditional social media platforms. There used to be one called BoardBooster. And let me tell you guys about BoardBooster. That is what I started with. It was a lot more affordable than Tailwind, but the platform wasn’t as a state of the art or it wasn’t as technologically advanced as Tailwind.

(2m 60s): But it was affordable and it got the job done. It had these accounts booming. And then they had an affiliate program where if you shared this with other content creators or other marketers or businesses and they signed up, it would basically take care of your fees for the month. So they had these accounts booming and that’s where the looping feature first started. And remember in the last episode, I kind of told you guys about how it used to be with looping you can keep old content fresh and relevant and keep traffic coming to it because you would constantly be repinning it and keeping that at the top, versus it being an old pin.

(3m 48s): That’s where the looping feature first came in. And some marketers were even using a combination. They would use BoardBooster and Tailwind at the same time, I’m not sure why, because you were able to pin enough from either one of these, but they were doing both. But here is the problem that we ran into with that; they were not an official partner of Pinterest. So eventually they were shut down. I guess those who were using that as a solution, they weren’t – well I was using it too. But by that time I had transitioned to a different business. And when I went back to start using it, that’s when I learned that they had shut down.

(4m 30s): And here’s the thing about being an official partner. So Tailwind is an official partner of Pinterest. So they basically work closely with them. So they know the rules. Things change with platforms. You know things change all the time and they may roll out yearly and let you know what’s changed or sometime you just may not notice a difference. You may notice that your engagement it’s different. You may notice things moving more slowly. It’s kind of similar to how, and I don’t want to carry it compared them to Facebook because I’m not the biggest fan of them all the time. But if you notice if you used Facebook pages back in the day, how you were able to get a lot more engagement and they just continued to dwindle down and dwindle down some more, and then dwindle down some more.

(5m 22s): Until, unless you’re doing live video or unless you’re paying for advertisement, then for the most part, you’ve just receive crickets. Or if you don’t look at your insights, it would seem like nobody’s engaging with your page because nobody’s liking it. You just may see in your insights that they are engaging with your posts or clicking on them, but it just kind of dwindled down with the algorithm. I’m just using that kind of explain that things change, the platforms change, and the rules change over time. So the rules change with Pinterest also. It’s not to that extent, but things may change. Like they decided that based on their user interaction or their user actions, that they prefer fresh content.

(6m 6s): And so they want you to be pinning fresh pins. I am saying that because Tailwind being a partner of theirs, they are able to keep up with those rules. They are able to keep up with those changes and they work closely with Pinterest when they are creating these different technologies. And when they are updating their processes and updating their system and the things that they provide to their customers, which are basically us. The marketer, the people using their Pinterest for business. When they are rolling out new things to us, they’re working closely with Pinterest on that to make sure that it’s compliant.

(6m 46s): To make sure that it fits the rules that they have or the goals and the direction that they’re trying to go. That’s another reason why Tailwind, I would say is number one. Tailwind is an all in one resource for Pinterest scheduling. Now, they do have Tailwind for Instagram and I haven’t explored that one yet, but from what I see it’s a pretty good platform also. It’s visual, you can drag things around, they do a lot of things like hashtag research for you, and they help you save different collections of hashtags. They make the process easier and more simple for you to get in front of the right people. But today we’re talking about Pinterest.

(7m 27s): So we won’t go too deep into the Instagram today, but for Pinterest scheduling, it’s the truth. They haven’t let me down. There are different areas within the Tailwind platform. They call it their visual marketing suite, but there’s different areas within there that give you different things. So you have an area that basically lets you know, okay, you have this percentage of your boards are optimized. So they will let you know. If you went in and you created some new boards and for some reason you didn’t have time to add your SEO, your descriptions or titles and things like that. You said you were going to go back and do it later, and maybe you forgot.

(8m 9s): It happens. It happens to me too. So Tailwind will let you know, this board needs a description, or this board needs this or that. It’ll let you know, and it’ll let you know what percentage of it has the things that you need. That’s one of the things. It gives you a summary as soon as you open up the page, and then there’s a page where there are detailed insights. Those are insights within the platform, but if you use Google Analytics, you can connect your analytics. So that can give you even more details into the traffic that is going to your website. That’s another huge feature. Alright, I want to share a little secret with you guys.

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(10m 13s): If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you probably saw a story from me recently, where I shared a photo of me completing my application for my absentee ballot. I’m staying home as much as possible and keeping me and mine safe. But I do understand that my vote and my voice matters, especially at critical times like these. Now, if you share some of the same concerns that I do, just know that voting isn’t just going to the polls on election day anymore. Options like early voting mail-in voting and ballot dropboxes are available to more voters and are growing in popularity. How to Vote, a tool created by Democracy Works, breaks it down the options your state offers for casting a ballot, empowering you to decide when and where to vote.

(11m 3s): With the How to Vote voter tool, you can sign up for election reminders, see what’s on your ballot, get step by step assistance, requesting your mail ballot, explore your options for returning your voted mail ballot, check your voter registration status, find your polling site, and make sure you have the appropriate ID. Decide when and where you’ll vote this year at They also have what they call tribes. I want to get more into the scheduling piece of it, but I’m going to go over these things first. Danielle Towner (11m 43s): So they have what they call the tribes. Now the tribes used to be very useful. I’m not sure how effective they are now with the new rules because they prefer for everyone to be focused on their own content if you’re doing it from a business standpoint. So, with the tribes they’re kind of similar to groups. They are basically collaborations with different people and you share their pins and they share yours. You share your pins and then other people repin your pins and you repin theirs. And most of the groups have specific rules about what you’re able to pin, how many pins you’re able to pin per day.

(12m 27s): Or if you pin one of your pins in the tribe, then you have to share somebody else’s. So it’s like a 1:1 relationship. If you pin three pins for that day, then you have to share three of someone else’s pins. So that’s normally how it works. That used to be very useful, but I haven’t been using it since the new rules came out and it hasn’t affected my engagement. So I’m not sure if things would change in the future and it may be helpful again. It did what it did when it was relevant at that time. Tailwind rolled out a looping feature a couple of years ago.

(13m 10s): And that was at the request of some of the businesses or the bloggers that were using Tailwind. Because they had experienced looping with the other scheduling service BoardBooster that I was telling you about. And people kept requesting it and and they made it happen and they made it happen. They did it even better. But by the time they did it, the rules were Pinterest had changed and they wanted to be in line with that. So most people now if they’re using it, they only use it for seasonal content. So if Halloween is coming up, Christmas, Valentine’s day, different holiday’s or different seasons, different times of the year where a certain recipes, clothing, business services are relevant.

(14m 2s): Where certain content is relevant, they may use looping for that. But again, with the new rules of fresh pins, I’m not sure if it’s even useful or necessary anymore to use the looping at all. So let’s go back to the scheduling piece. For the scheduling, they pretty much have it down to a science. You will connect your Pinterest account to the Tailwind. And then, they will basically give you recommendations on the best times to pin. You can put it in how many times you want to pin per day. 

(14m 42s): And they also have recommendations based on Pinterest rules of how many times you should pin per day. And then you can also add in other times slots if you choose to. But they will make their recommendations on that. And then you add your pins. You can either pin directly from your website, you can upload your designs and then schedule those pins, and then you would add or adjust your title and your description. Makes sure that is optimized for the search engine. And then you can add your boards, whatever board you want to pin it to. 

(15m 23s): And if you have the group boards that I recommended, you would add those group boards and you can add all of those at one time. If it has an interval, where you can schedule the pins to go out at different days and times of weekly. The interval was set up so they know you’re not pinning the same pin back to back. If you’re pinning one pin to different boards or you’re pinning a pin to one of your boards and then some group boards, then you can set it up to do it on different days or at different times.

(16m 4s): So you would decide how you want to say it that up. And then you just click schedule and it adds to the board at optimal times based on the schedule that you collaborate with Tailwind to create. So it’s really simple. You can sit it and forget it and rely on them to pin it to Pinterest at the time that they recommend it. And they also look at different things. If you are scheduling multiple pins or scheduling a lot of pins at one time, they just make sure it’s not too close together. They make sure it’s within Pinterest rules. They make sure that you’re not going to get flagged for spam.

(16m 44s): And they have different things in place just to make sure that you’re staying inline or in compliance with the Pinterest rules. So that’s the good thing about it is that it’s like you have a partner, like a technology partner or an assistant. A helping hand to help you stay on track with your marketing. And it just helps you not to feel alone in that process. Yeah. That’s the scheduling piece of it. And remember last episode when I was telling you about that you have some options to make this happen and your pain’s easier? I said that you had Canva. There are others out there, but Canva, that’s one of the more well known brands and that’s what I use.

(17m 33s): You have Pixelied, but Tailwind recently just rolled out Tailwind Create. And so the same goal is in mind, to make it easier for you to design your pins. You don’t just click a button and it designs a pin for you. You still have to put it together. But based on the goals that you have, the content that you’re putting out, and how you’re trying to help those Pinterest users, it makes certain recommendations for you. I attended the webinar for Tailwind Create, but I haven’t had a chance to go in and test it yet. I want to go in and try to test that soon. 

(18m 14s): So once I do that, hopefully I’ll come back by audio or video and talk to you guys about it and what I thought about and how it works in comparison to some of the other options out there. But it sounds like it’s pretty promising. So hopefully I’ll have the chance to test that out. And maybe I’ll just do a screenshare and walk through it so that you guys can actually see it. But I did want to let you know about that. If you’re new to Pinterest or if you are new to Tailwind, then that may be one of the options that you want to try first before doing anything else is to go in and use their Tailwind Create to start creating your pins. 

(18m 57s): This is a quick overview of the Pinterest combo to boost your traffic and following. And the reason why I say it boosts your traffic and following is because if you do it right. If its search engine optimized, if its a high quality pin, if you are following all of the suggestions from the previous episode about Pinterest marketing strategy and you use this scheduler, then it’s going to increase your engagement. And it’s going to increase your following and put your pin in front of the right audience at the right time. And that’s why I say it’s a powerful combination.

(19m 37s): I hope that you have found this breakdown of Tailwind helpful. And if you want to try it out, I’m going to post a link for you in the comments so that you can head to Tailwind and try it out. Don’t go to because that’s going to take you to a totally different thing. So I’ll send you the correct link. Don’t make the mistake I did. I’ll send you the correct link in the comments. Let me know what you thought about this. If you found it helpful, if you have anything else that you want to add. If you’re already a pinner and you have some suggestions, let me know. You can do that by scrolling down and going to the comment section if you’re on my website, listening to the podcast.

(20m 23s): And if you’re on an Anchor, you can press the record button and you can let me know what you think, what you like, what you want. All of that stuff. Thank you for listening. Follow me at dreamworkcreatives on all platforms to get more business and marketing tips. And as I always say, Dream Until your Dreams Come True.

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How to Use Tailwind for Pinterest to Explode your Traffic & Sales

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