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Six Promising Ways to Create Blogging Money Streams

If you want to know if you can still make money from blogging, this is the guide for you. Nothing has changed about the opportunities to monetize your blog except that there are even more now.

And there are ways to monetize your blog whether your visitor traffic size is enormous or moderate. 

All you need is part creativity and part NOT reinventing the wheel. 

Some of the blog monetization options will be extensions of your blog unless you fall within the 14% of bloggers who earn money solely from their blog.

If you’re concerned that blogging doesn’t work anymore, I’m here to shut those myths.

And if you’ve never even thought about it as a marketing tool or as a business, I want to help you get started. 

I’m sharing five ways I have made, and currently make money from my blog.

But first things first…

If you haven’t started blogging, the first thing you’ll want to do is set up your blog, learn the best practices, find some inspiration, and start creating content.

And then you can start reaping the benefits of being a content creator or having a blog as part of your business’s marketing strategy.

Blogging is a long game, but it also carries long-term benefits that outweigh any other source of digital content.

Benefits of Blogging as a Monetization Strategy

Having a blog helps you share your knowledge and experience within your niche as an enthusiast, hobbyist, industry expert, business owner, or professional.

For example, I didn’t have any credentials as a fitness trainer or nutritionist. However, my experience with working out and eating well prompted me to start a fitness and nutrition blog as my first project. 

My food and travel blog started as a hobby and then became something I was enthusiastic about.

This time around, the blog supports my marketing business. I have a Master of Business Administration degree and work experience in finance that supports the tips and advice I give in my blog.

And before your audience even reaches your blog, your content helps them find you through search engines such as Google, Bing, and Pinterest.

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Pinterest is an amazing platform that gives you even more options for search engine marketing using keyword research. But that’s another topic for another day. 

I’ve shared some tips on my podcast for how to monetize your blog, and now I’m telling you exactly how I do it. And you can too!

6 Ways to Make Multiple Streams of Income by Blogging

In addition to being a top resource for search engine optimization, blogging is a tool to make money and more sales in your business.

Let’s talk about the six ways I suggest making money from your blog based on how I’ve done it. 

Offering Blogging Services

If you’re taking your blog seriously, you’re steadily improving. Because you’re learning, experiencing, applying new skills, and testing to see what works.

So you’ll be more than ready to manage blogging for other business owners and submit blogs to marketing companies for a fee.

The way to do this is by reaching out to business owners, brands, or marketing companies to pitch your blogging services. 

Let them know what’s in it for them, the benefits of having blog content and why they should hire you as their blogger.

Send them a link to your best content, but keep the overall pitch short and to the point. You can get to the details of your service when you receive a reply.

Once you have a few happy clients, you can start asking for referrals or they may refer you on their own.

You can also use their feedback as social proof on your website and social media for potential clients.

I also worked with marketing agencies that provided blogging services to their clients. This is an easier way to break into paid blogging services without having to find your own clients.

Just keep in mind that the pay will most likely be lower than blogging for private clients since the marketing company will do the groundwork and take their cut.

So the pro is being able to focus on just blogging and getting paid without hunting for clients. The con is less of a payout on the backend and possibly a slight loss of creative freedom.

My last piece of advice about making money by offering blogging services is to remember this is a hands-on service that will take time.

Charge according to your skill level, the research you will put into it, and the time it will take you to craft high-value, high-quality blog content.

Offer Website Design and Consulting

Many bloggers become good at the tech side of it after working on their website to maintain their blog. 

If you enjoy building or maintaining websites, this may open doors for a new revenue stream.

If you come through for any of my live streams, I sometimes talk about how blogging was my first source of income online. 

It was the first shot at trying any type of online business and it’s still a core part of how I make sales.  

Blogging led to me doing website design and consulting because I stopped relying on website designers learned how to build and update WordPress websites.  

I got really good at WordPress web design after building a couple of websites for myself and people in my circle. 

And then people started asking my peers who did their site. I didn’t plan to become a website designer, but I enjoyed it and I was good at it. 

It also led to consultations because people wanted to know what to do next after getting a website for their business. 

They wanted to know how to get sales conversions. I knew how to make website and blog sales because I had done it to get blog and website design clients. 

That led to the consulting piece and actually walking them through those steps of getting found online, connecting with their audience, incorporating social media, and asking for the sale.

I shared what worked for me. That’s the key for you to help clients find success through your consulting services.

Your role is to guide them by:

  • Identifying and setting goals
  • Sharing your ideas and what worked for you based on your experiences
  • Coming up with an action plan to reach the goals they’ve set
  • Holding them accountable for taking the action to reach those goals

Just like the blogging service, website design and consulting is a time-based service. Think about the work and time you’ll invest as you set your prices.

Now, let’s get into some ways to make passive income from your blog!

Use Affiliate Marketing In Your Content

With affiliate marketing, you can consider it passive income for a couple of reasons. You’re promoting and selling someone else’s product in exchange for a commission.

So every time someone clicks your assigned link and makes a purchase, you will receive a percentage of that sale.

You don’t have to create a product, manage inventory, or maintain a store. All you have to do is post and talk to your audience as you normally do.

Then make suggestions for products or services that you use and like from companies you trust.

You still have to put in the work, but it’s not a service that requires you to be present and hands-on.

Your focus is on creating content that addresses your audience’s challenge and helps your audience solve problems. Then leading quality traffic from your target audience to that content.

There’s a strategy for how you will use affiliate links without just throwing them all over the place in your blog post. 

And it works similar to linking to other references, resources, or content suggestions within your post.

Affiliate marketing has worked out well for me in connecting with the different marketing services that I already use. 

I already use Bluehost as my website hosting provider. I know it’s great and they have the highest percentage of uptime for their customer’s websites.

So I sing their praises and tell people about Bluehost. 

I already use Tailwind, ConvertKit, Canva, etc. So those are opportunities to talk about these products and services, make suggestions about them, and share why I love them. 

And then, I’ll link to them in the blog posts and get a commission from those who give these products and services a shot. 

Affiliate marketing works for any type of industry. There are tons of things out there for travel, beauty, mom bloggers, business bloggers, and any type of niche or industry you can think of.

Many brands have even started their private affiliate programs.

Keep in mind:

The FTC now requires disclosure of affiliate links within your content, so you will need to include a statement that you contain affiliate links in your blog.

No worries. It’s no big deal.

If you have a loyal audience and people who are used to reading blogs, then they understand.

You’re giving a wealth of information for free, it’s not costing them anything extra to click on the link, and you earn money if they sign up.

Start a Podcast

Once you get into the swing of brainstorming topics and creating content, a podcast will be easy to outline and setup.

You can even use your current blog content or eventually use the podcast material to repurpose it into blogs.

And another great thing is that you don’t have to be in front of the camera. You can do an audio-only podcast if you prefer to stay behind the scenes.

My podcast was birthed from my blog and my desire to do something different. Dreamer’s Den Podcast was a way for me to connect with other entrepreneurs.

The podcast was also my platform to offer business and marketing training where I can use my voice instead of writing. 

I was able to funnel a different audience to my blog and increase my visibility in the search engines. 

That got me more traffic and sales leads.

I also monetize the podcast through sponsorships on the platform, but I focus more on promoting those same affiliate links that I mentioned to you earlier. 

When I’m teaching or training on different business and marketing topics from the podcast, I talk about those products and add those affiliate links in the show notes.

And I promote my products and services in the podcast where it makes sense and fulfills my audience’s needs. 

When I add my podcast transcriptions or repurpose them blogs, that gives me another way to make money from my blog. 

Even if you’re an introvert like me, you can use an audio podcast to open more doors and increase your earning opportunities for your blog.

Write and Sell Books from your Blog Content

Writing and selling books is one of the easiest ways to earn money from your blog. You’re naturally a writer and you’re putting out valuable content already.

There’s a way you can repurpose your blogs into books and expand on the information.

You’re already getting to know your audience and building trust with them. So you can use this opportunity to turn your content into currency. 

Review the questions and feedback you get about your tutorials, listicles, and how-tos, or whatever type of blog you write.

Expand on the topics you write about, address those questions and feedback, and talk about the book BEFORE you launch it. 

Then you can rely on your blog again to promote the book. This is the strategy we used to promote our book collaboration, The Mompreneur Manual.

Chassity of RoadMap2Balance4Momz didn’t start as a blogger like I did, but she has a blog as a part of her website and business. She uses it to connect with her audience, which is other moms like us. 

That’s a way for her to get leads by offering free first-time coaching sessions that builds her email list and gets her paid clients. 

Chassity’s email list gets all the details about her free offers, resources, news updates, and sales.

When we launched the book, she already had her blog there and she already was using it to generate leads and build her customer base. 

So we were able to put out our book, which was specifically for moms and mom entrepreneurs in front of a warm target audience immediately. 

Creating and selling books for your blog niche will help you use the same formula as long as you’re building an email list and communicating with them regularly.

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How to Make Six Income Streams from your Blog

Sell Digital Products Based on Your Blog Content

Blogging allows you to identify the needs of your audience firsthand. Your content also helps you brainstorm product ideas that relate to tips and information you share.

The digital products in my online store were inspired by what I teach and share on my blog. 

I offer templates, printables, and planners that help with Pinterest marketing, sales and marketing planning, blog planning, lead generation, and monetizing your website or blog. 

I create the digital products above when I’m giving tips and I see that I can convert my blog content into a digital product that people reading this blog will need. 

And then I turn around and use the same blog platform as a way to promote digital products. 

Digital products are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to earn money from your blog. 

They are one of the cheapest products to make, require no inventory, and you can sell them over and over again without spending any more of your time.

Leverage the Power of SEO to Monetize your Blog

When you blog, the search engines are always going to be working for you. It’s not like a Clubhouse room where it’s going to disappear into thin air when you’re done.

It’s not a social media post that two days from now, nobody’s going to care about. A blog is still going to be there working for you.

The way to get the most from blogging to make money is to use it with social media to build a target audience who wants to read your blog.

You Won’t Get to 6 Streams of Blogging Income Tomorrow

Don’t try to add all of these income streams overnight. Take your time, choose one of these ways to make money from your blog, and work on improving that.

Focus on sharing your knowledge, experiences, and how you can help. And then you can use a couple of the options above without having to chase and beg a sponsor. 

When you use the tips above to create value, the clients and customers will come to you.

Remember, if you have not started your blog yet, and you’re ready now, this guide will walk you through how to start.

If you need help monetizing your blog, schedule a quick call with me.

Danielle Towner | Entrepreneur + Digital Creative Resources

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