What Is SEO and Why Should It Matter to You?

What Is SEO and Why Should It Matter to You?

As a web designer and digital content marketer, I get a lot of questions about search engine optimization.

So, I thought this was the perfect time and space to address the basics of SEO and what it can do for your content and business.

If you want to know about SEO or even if you think you have an idea what it is, take a listen.  You’ll learn:

  • The definition of search engine optimization “on paper”.
  • The translation version of what SEO is
  • Why you should care about your search engine optimization
  • How to start small with practicing
  • SEO strategies within your website and content

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Danielle Towner | Entrepreneur + Digital Creative Resources


0 (0s): Social media may be sexy, but SEO pays the bill that quote from Tom Pick explains it perfectly. Now I’ve talked about how content is King and we all say content is King and I nominated copywriting to be emperor, but as far as it goes online, neither of these would be anything without SEO. You know, that thing that helps you to rank higher in the search engines, search engine optimization, they call it.

0 (31s): So that’s what we’re discussing today. Now, some people have an idea of what this is and others know a little bit about it. And some of you out there are experts on it. But this episode today are for those who either don’t have a clue or who want to know a little bit more about it, so that you can start experiencing and reaping some of the benefits of that fruit so that you can start putting things into practice in your own business.

0 (1m 2s): Because even if you’re not an expert, there are certain things that you can start doing to help improve your SEO. So keep on listening to learn how to reap the benefits of SEO. Welcome back for another episode of Dreamer’s Den Podcast. If you’re here for the first time, thank you for joining us and welcome onto the show with us. I’m your host, Danielle Towner. And I help entrepreneurs build their brand awareness and online presence through website design, content marketing and digital products.

0 (1m 40s): So today, as I said, we’re talking about search engine optimization, AKA S E O. And we want to talk about that and what it is and why you should care because it can be for someone who’s already putting out good quality product services and content, it can be game changing for your business. I gave a brief definition of SEO in the intro. I said, it’s optimizing your website to reach a higher rank in the search engine.

0 (2m 13s): Now, page one of the search engine is where it’s at. And there’s a slif im chance that, you know, you might use on page two or three, if but you don’t make it to page one. But after that, you’r e pretty much done. Nobody’s going to keep looking unless it’s a situation where it’s some type of rare topic or for some reason it’s trash on the first page. And they just got to keep looking. They can’t find specifically what that looks for, but if you’re not found on the first page in that first 10, then you’re not, you know, you shouldn’t expect to be found.

0 (2m 52s): So let’s translate the definition of SEO on what search engine optimization is into regular. So if you want people to serve for what you offer, what you write about what you sell and find your website on page one of Google, Bing, Yahoo, et cetera, then you need to use SEO. Now that is not any type of sneaky tactic or not anything slimy and grimy. Cause I know some people have probably heard of or seen some bad experiences with that.

0 (3m 26s): There’s something called black hat search engine optimization, and there’s also white hat search engine optimization. So you want to stick to the white hat, but we’ll break that down a little bit later. I just wanted to give you more details into what SEO is and just simplify because although the process is detailed and you know, it is a longterm strategy, not something that happens overnight. It’s not as complicated as you may be thinking.

0 (3m 57s): Let’s talk about the factors that play a role in your rank in the search engines. It’s a lot of different factors and people who have been practicing or search, you know, search engine optimization companies, people who have been practicing it for years and enthusiasts about the subject and those who really studied and practiced it on a regular basis, they have a pretty good idea of what it takes. This is something that I’ve taken into account, being a blogger, being a former freelance writer, being someone who does content marketing, and also being an avid Pinterest marketer.

0 (4m 39s): I take search engine optimization into account and I practice it within my business. So I have a pretty good idea of how it works and what it takes and the long term strategy for it. So what factors play a role in your rank? Some of these are your page speed, like the speed of your website and the speed of your pages. And what I mean by that is when someone clicks a link or a type scene to go to your website, how many seconds it takes to load your website?

0 (5m 13s): If it takes more than seconds you’ve got some work to do, but even like now, some people with pages you’ll notice that they just pop up meetings like magic, like in a snap. And some people will take a few seconds and it’ll roll and roll and then it comes up. So there are a few things that can be behind that. Sometimes it could be your host. I’ve had this problem. And like, I’ve talked to you guys before that I’ve worked on clients’ websites and built their websites with their host being Blue Bost and was fascinated and was very impressed with it, considering the affordability of it in comparison to the website host that I have been using for several now.

0 (5m 58s): And so I’m finally in the process of moving over to Blue Host because yeah, I mean, I want a higher, I want my website up, first of all. And I want, I want to take advantage of that speed in those features, but there are other factors that can play a role in, in your site speed. And that could be photos, large photos that you have, and you need to do something to optimize your photos and those revisions, you might need to do something with cache.

0 (6m 30s): And a lot of those things just big content and things taking up space and file space can cause your site to be loading slow. So there are things you can do to evaluate that. So you definitely want to have a fast loading site. The quality of your content plays a role, the length of your content, not just writing a load of fluff just for the sake of having a lengthy article or posts or about page, but actually the quality and quantity of it matters.

0 (7m 6s): And not just stuffing keywords in, in your program. So quality of content, quality and structure of the website, the way your website is structured, whether that is beneficial for your visitors and for your users and visible contact information. And we may have talked about this before, but people need to know that you’re not scammy and you’re not spammy. Scams are one of the things that we’ve been talking about, but you need to have visible contact information. 0 (7m 39s): If you have, everybody has a business address, whether you have a home base business or not, everybody has a business address. You need that visible or, you know, some form of your location, visible, you need contact information. A phone number is even more important. The name of the owners are the officers in your business email. They need some type of way to be able to contact you or have that information visible to contact you. If they have a problem with, with whatever you’re providing.

0 (8m 12s): That’s something that search engine evaluators, that’s something they take into account when they’re looking into where you rank. Also, who you’re linking to and who’s linking to your website. High quality, high ranking, relevant sites. If they’re linking to your web pages, then you know, that triggers something like, okay, if they’re linking to your page, then you must be providing something that’s high quality relevant and of value too.

0 (8m 45s): So the more pages that link to you, the more momentum you build with that. Also, website links on social media, you know, it’s the same concept people linking to and providing your links in your content from your website as a viable source. A little bit like your overall, just your overall activities online. I mean, it’s the same thing as when you’re building a community, you’re building a following, you’re getting repeat customers or people who are supportive of your business.

0 (9m 18s): It’s the same concept when you show up and you’re consistent and you continue showing up, then people trust you and so the same concept. Then if you’re you show yourself as a reliable and consistent source, then the search engines trust you to provide your information as a higher ranking resource. Now we’ve already kind of touched on this, but the user experience, like the type of experience your users have on your website, whether it’s good or poor.

0 (9m 49s): Like if your site – if your pages are loading properly, if they’re able to navigate and maneuver through the site the way that they need to, even down to like the buttons, everything and the links. Are they working properly? Are they functional? Are they good quality? Are they able to see everything clearly? Is he text large enough? Is the text dark enough? I mean, all of these things play a factor. I mean, I guess just look at it as – go to a site that you love or, you know, you have a good experience on, or just think about the experience that you want to have.

0 (10m 29s): Put yourself in the seat of your clients and your customer, your audience, and go from there with providing the best possible user experience. And like I said, before, this isn’t a one and done overnight deal. It’s a continual process and it’s gonna take time. But after a while, you’ll start to see the benefits of it and reap the benefits of it. Like think of it as a collateral effect. Like the more you practice ethical SEO, like I said, white hat, SEO, and the longer you do it, then you’ll start to reap the benefits more and more from it.

0 (11m 10s): Like it’ll start to build. And you’ll become known as a go to resource for your industry and your niche.

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2 (12m 33s): That’s Anchor.com/start. And I can’t wait to hear your podcast.

0 (12m 47s): It can take more time and work if you’re depending on the type of industry you’re in. Like if you’re in an industry that I’m going to use, a word that you know is probably overly used. The word saturated is probably saturated by now, but if you’re, if you’re in an industry that is saturated, it’s a highly competitive industry like meaning that like the competition is high and the requirements to enter the industry are low.

0 (13m 23s): So that makes it higher is because others have already taken like high positions and they built their reputation with SEO and those organic activities. So if you’re just entering, it may take you a little longer, but you know, there are some people who are there temporarily or for the time being or they’re just testing it out. And some people are there for the long haul. So if you’re in it for the long haul and you keep doing things, you know, the right way and keep providing your unique perspective, but you know, keep providing the quality and doing things the right way, then, you know, just stay in it for the long haul.

0 (14m 8s): And you’ll start to see those results too and you’ll start to move higher as time goes along. And to the same view, like the more other people view you as an expert or a resource, you’ll start to build that reputation, you’ll get those link backs because people are going to be linking to this because they liked it. They found it entertaining. They found it interesting. They learned something from it. A combination of both. They were able to solve whatever problem they had from it.

0 (14m 39s): They’ll start to link to you and it’ll improve your rank, it’ll, improve your position. And when people start to flock to the website, whether you’re on that page or not wherever they’re reaching your website from, with those links or searching for your website, then that’s going to help you in the search engine because the algorithms are going to detect that. After going through all of that, I also want to explain like, like the way that the search engines initially work is, they, they they’re able to connect things basically through the, the content and the links so that everything connects through the content and the link.

0 (15m 25s): So those are like some of the most important parts of search engine optimization and when people search, you also have to think about the keywords that you’re using. So that that’s a part of it too. But I think before we get into like keyword, any information about keywords, let’s talk about the difference or some of the differences between white hat search engine optimization and black hat search engine optimization.

0 (15m 58s): Now black hat search engine optimization would be something like keyword stuffing, you know, just overly using keywords for no reason at all. And it doesn’t fit and it sounds crazy in, in your content. It would also be placing keywords in different areas of your content and having, basically having that text show up to match the background of your site so that it’s not visible, but like it’s there, but it’s not visible to your readers or your audience.

0 (16m 38s): And I don’t think that people are still using that. I hope not because that will get you blacklisted. And some of those things will get you blacklisted, but I’m just kind of trying to tell you the difference between black hat and white hat. And also like, if you’ve ever, if you’re a blogger or content marketer or any, basically in any type of online business industry, you may have received emails from people asking you to link to their article.

0 (17m 12s): Now there’s nothing wrong with that. Like I won’t say that that’s black hat, but just trying to fit it in there. And it’s not, it doesn’t work or it doesn’t fit. I don’t think that’s a good idea. And also, if people are trying to pay to get you to link there’s or if you’re paying for links being that may not be a good idea also. And in this in previous years, Google was also penalizing people for overly using do follow links.

0 (17m 45s): Sometimes they were penalizing people for that. And so, yeah, those are some of the things that happen within black hat search engine optimization strategies. White hat would be some of the things that we listen to above. Just having that high quality content, keeping your keywords in mind, like, you know, writing high quality content and maybe and placing the key words where they are fitting, making sure those proper words are, what people are looking for is in this title of your article or your content, making sure they’re in the, making sure it’s in the first paragraph, properly setting up your images by using the alt tags properly.

0 (18m 35s): and that’s something else that people have been getting confused on, but I’ll be publishing a blog later in the week. That explains like some other things you can do for search engine optimization when you’re not an expert on it. So we’ll go into more detail about those things and also about keywords. But you just want to think in, in everything that you do, just make it our quality. Don’t just put out content for the sake of putting out content, make it valuable and put yourself in the mind of those that you are trying to help.

0 (19m 11s): So let’s talk about why you should care about search engine optimization. If you don’t care, if that’s not enough for you, if you don’t care all ready, if you’re selling something and you want people to visit your website and your social media pages and buy from you. And I mean, why wouldn’t you want, you should want to be booked and busy, right? So, that’s one reason that you should care about search engine optimization because it’s going to increase your traffic it’s going to increase your visibility and people’s awareness about your business and your brand.

0 (19m 48s): And it’s going to also increase your reputation and hopefully increase your longevity and the longevity of your business. Another reason is that you should care about it because you want to, as I said earlier, start putting some of these beginner search engine optimization practices, start putting those into your business so that you can boost your search engine optimization over time. Next number three, you should also care because you need to know basic SEO practices to be successful at Pinterest marketing.

0 (20m 29s): And you’re probably like, well, who said, I want to use Pinterest marketing? Well, if you’re using Pinterest marketing, you’re missing out on a ton of traffic and sales. And I can tell you that. And you know, some people still look at pictures as a social media marketing platform. It’s just something where people share recipes and crafts and DIYs. Well, yeah, they do all that, but tons of different types of industries are on there and they’re getting traffic and they’re getting money.

0 (21m 1s): They let you put your shop on there, connect your shop, just like you can on Facebook and Instagram. They just rolled out their stories so that you can start adding stories. They’re testing this out and you get more exposure and bring more awareness to your brand from using their story. So all of these things are going on and happening. And I mean, there’s so many different ways that you can make money online and start an online business, that your niche may fit into one of what, something that people call a hobby or a DIY or a craft.

0 (21m 39s): It may fit into that. And even if it doesn’t then Pinterest is something that you may be able, that you can use to build your traffic. But if you know these proper SEO strategies, then it’ll be easier for you to do it because it’s the same thing, Pinterest is a search engine. So we’re about to get into our content marketing series and search engine optimization is at the foundation of good content online.

0 (22m 9s): You know, like I said, early content is King, copy infuses the audience with like all those good, feel good juices and just motivates them to take action. But SEO is like the magic. It’s how they can find you when you’re nowhere to be found. Now you should be doing all types of marketing, but like, let’s just say you weren’t doing any other type of marketing but you mastered SEO. It’s a way for you to be found and for you to make sales in your business.

0 (22m 42s): It’s one of those types of activities. So if you’re really providing value and high quality products and services, then SEO has the power to give potential clients that “where have you been all my life?” feeling. And you could be exactly what that person is looking for. So those are all the reasons that you should care about SEO. And I think I’ve convinced you by now. So I’m going to hush, but yeah, this is just like kind of laying the foundation for where we’re about to go with our content marketing series.

0 (23m 18s): But also, like I said, check out the blog later in the week because I will be posting a more detailed blog that lets you know, different SEO strategies and how to include SEO in your business and boost your track when you’re not an expert at doing it. So, thank you guys for listening. If you have any questions, press record button and ask your questions if you’re on the anchor platform. If you’re on my website, you can scroll down below this audio and type your question or comment in the comments box, or you can reach out to me.

0 (23m 55s): Be sure to follow me on social media at dreamworkcreatives. I’m at dreamworkcreatives pretty much everywhere. And thank you for listening. And as I always say, Dream Until your Dreams

1 (24m 7s): Come True.

What Is SEO and Why Should It Matter to You?

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